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Seems like Sony are releasing more games like what you would expect to see on a Nintendo handheld. I really like the idea of When Vikings Attack When Vikings Attack for PS3 and PS Vita
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How to Properly do Riots Simulator.
+Kevin Chang Agreed bro, its very like something Nintendo would make on a Nintendo handheld, these types of games are fab. :)
Sony and Nintendo are in a hard place on the hand-held front, fighting for a shrinking market.
+Brian Allen People seem to keep saying this but the Nintendo 3DS is selling through the roof and has outsold the Nintendo DS at this point in its lifecycle so I dont really see it. Once the price of the PS Vita drops and more games are announced the same will happen with the Vita. The handheld market is not shrinking, its growing due to people wanting better experiences than playing crappy phone games. Its a fact :)
+Brian Allen The reality is that last year the 3DS started out bad and the media made up things about how the iPhone has eaten into its market etc but it sold bad due to its price and games. Once that was sorted the proof that the handheld market is getting bigger started to become the truth but the press for some reason dont report this. We are sure to see the market get smaller in coming years but for now thats not the case :)
+Richard Dixon The whole "it's outsold the DS" is marketing spin. The truth is in between the people saying that the hand-held market is dead and that is is somehow expanding. The casual audience has been dropping off, leaving Nintendo and Sony to fight over the core market. That core market can definitely be profitable, but the hand-held market isn't the money making machine that it was 5 - 10 years ago.
+Brian Allen Most people I see playing a 3DS are kids, women and older people so im unsure on that to be honest dude. Agreed that the outsold the DS is a marketing spin but its the truth (they also did the same with the Gameboy advance when it was out etc). Some perspective though, when the Nintendo DS first came out it sold badly just like the 3DS and people where saying the handheld market was dead then and most people proffered playing games on home consoles. Im sure that most casual gamers may not pick up a 3DS or they may because they loved the DS? Only time will tell the truth but at the moment Nintendo are not worried im sure. Oh on the money making front, they made a crap load of money on their eShop that brought in more than PSN last year (mental). They are now making money of the 3DS.
I think the 3DS is a strong console for kids (they always sell huge quantities to kids.) I actually see the PS Vita not doing so well for a bit yet, they need to lower the price, advertise it better and get more games out.
+Richard Dixon Again, I'm not saying that the hand-held market is dead, but it's wishful thinking to believe that the smartphone market hasn't had a negative impact on sales to casual gamers and that it won't get worse as smartphones continue to improve.
+Brian Allen Oh yea it deffo has but its not as bad as people make it out to be. Some claim the handheld market is dead but I see what you are saying bro. Yea deffo, Nintendo and Sony will need to think of ideas to pull in more gamers for sure dude :) I think Nintendo are safe though, kids seem to be its main buyer and that is a market they seems to rule :)
+Richard Dixon Keep in mind that kids are not automatically casual gamers. The casual/core distinction is not based on age.
This game looks cool! Also, great to see yet another taking advantage of the cross platform features.
I have enjoyed my Vita from the start, and it seems each month has brought news of more reasons to keep enjoying it. How much more will be announced in a few weeks?
Looks like one to avoid, for me personally.
Call of Duty titles in general are the ones to avoid imo.
Hey guys I have the new resistance on vita and it rocks
I still need to get me a PS Vita.
This looks like a shallow, but entertaining game to play with friends. A good mix of these helps get people aware of the brand. I just wonder how the 4 player adventure mode works if there's also competitive. 
+Kevin Chang I do! Haven't bought one since the original CoD4:MW - not through any particular dislike of the game, just a personal boycott due to a general dislike of Acti/Kotick.
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