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I was hoping the Playstation Moves saviour would be Sorcery but it seems not to be. I honestly feel like ive wasted money on the Playstation Move. Does anyone else feel like this?
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+Rachael Poulson It allways seems that games made for it dont utalise it fully and sometimes games just feel awful using it. Im not the biggest fan of the Wii but at least Nintendo made games that really showcased the WiiMote etc. I would stick with the PS3 Dual Shock when playing LBP2, work much better.
+Alvin McClendon II Did you get rid of your move controllers? I wouldn't re buy them for sorcery, friends who have the game and review sources say its a bit pants.
Nope not yet. I was holding out to see the reviews on Sorcery cause to be honest I wasn't sold again. Glad I didn't I guess. Maybe one day but for now Move has no place in my gaming world.
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