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Serious Google....let me buy one, it's as if you don't want my money! 
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It's ridiculous. God knows whats going to happen when the US goes online
+Richard Devine It's for sale in Spain too, but when trying to buy it, this error appears "Expected 3 components in jwt:" no more information given. Hmm?

Maybe the Google servers messed up, but I heard stock lasted for 20 minutes in Australia when the N4 was out IIRC
I've been trying for 20mins and it wont let me get to payment
I'm livid - nothing but errors right until out of stock.
yup. I'm looking at a 'receipt' but i haven't got any email or record of it in my wallet account. I don't know whether i've bought one or not. Ridiculous. I would actually take standing in line over this shit
I got to that point it showed up eventually but payment failed because my bank decided it wanted to verify if it was me making the transaction 
At least they're pending.
If all my checkouts had gone through I'd have about 8 lol
One went through apparently. But one that was pending did not
I think google might have slightly underestimated the demand for the nexus! Damn you google now I will have to wait.
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