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Best thing i heard today.

'Not sure that "I dropped mine on the floor and it broke" is a good reason to mark a thing down.'

JTops drops his N4 and it loses a mark for the glass bit cracking. I give it 7 days from getting mine that I need to order a new one ;-) 
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Well Josh dropped it and it broke but +David Pierce  threw it on the floor (he missed the couch) and it's fine. 
I wonder how it hit the floor. If it was on a corner, sure it'll crack. I have seen that happen to phones in a case.
Exactly. I've dropped my HTC desire down stairs, on tarmac and concrete. It still works and other then scuff marks, nothing. Not even a scratch on the display.

+Rachid Otsmane-Elhaou had a desire that fell and basically shattered. 

It depends on how it fell. Still getting the Nexus 4 :).
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