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I just got my tracking number.  I'm so excited :-D
I don't wanna know the trail of bodies you left to track it down.
I have never gone through such an ordeal for a phone! But damn its nice
Collateral damage in the pursuit of a Nexus device is acceptable this week. 
Glad to see some people are getting theirs.  Google's really tested my patience with this.  No only am I on the 'we've got your money and we'll get to you later' list for the N4, I ordered an N7 (which they've also been paid for) and received no information for it.  Calls and emails to Google yield no information.
Congrats! Very jealous. Damn you, Google. I had pre-ordered a Nexus 7 when they were first announced and ended up buying one at Staples before Google shipped mine out. They are trying my patience. Enjoy it!
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