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Can't manually or ota my n7 to 4.2. Totally stock not even rooted anymore. Last thing I did was flash factory image of 4.1.2 few weeks back. Ota won't install though. What did I break? Any suggestions?
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Nope ota. But it won't take. Keep getting little android with red ! On him
Have you rooted or flashed a custom recovery since flashing the factory images? 
I had rooted but that's gone now. Totally stock everything
When you rooted did you delete any system apps? You may need to just flash the 4.2 factory images.
i'm watching with interest because i'm having the same problem (although i'm rooted and attempting to use ota rootkeeper to preserve root)
if i flash the factory images will it do a full wipe, including data?
+William Martin Everything. If you have Google backup enabled it will automatically re download all your apps once you sign back in to your account. If you have a lot of apps and data, it may not be the easiest way:)
well +Keith Mathews  i've got quite a few large games, but to be honest i'm stil suffering the "less than 3gb storage slowdown" bug so i've been thinking of doing a factory reset anyway. plus i just got fibre optic installed on monday so i might just give that baby a workout. thanks.
+William Martin No problem, setting everything back up is a breeze, as long as you don't use 2-step verification:) I have flashed the factory images on my Nexus 7 a few times and I'm up and running in 5-10 minutes. Good luck. 
i do use two step verification but it's actually got much simpler now, instead of having to make an application specific password it just takes me to the google website when i put my password into one of my android devices, then just put my authentication code from my phone in there, easy.
It'll be a last resort. I'm too far through Max Payne to lose it!
+William Martin That's good. The last time I flashed the factory images I had to remove 2-step from my phone in order to put it back on my Nexus 7. 
+Richard Devine I think the problem is coming from when you rooted, I have read in a few places that people who have rooted or have attempted to keep root are having the same issue. 
I'd try using a 4.2 factory image, but removing the -w switch so you keep all your stuff. 
I've got the update. It just won't install
ohh damn mine had some heavy FC with some apps.. I uninstalled a lot and now it runs smooth.
Maybe some of  your apps are crap?
I ended up just using the factory image for 4.2. I would root first and save your game data if you can.
if you do manage to update to 4.2, beware that the developer menu is hidden. you need to tap your build number 7 times to make it visible in the about tablet menu
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