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Might pick one of these up tomorrow too while I'm Google shopping! As soon as I read it can play Gangnam Style in 1080p it was sold ;-) 
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I'd drop the extra $50 to get the Samsung one with a SSD and way prettier build. ;)
Gangnam Style in 1080p for exactly three hours.
I got a pretty laptop. It's called a MacBook Air ;-) not actually used Chrome OS for more than 35 seconds, I'm curious, and this should be £179 over here, almost cheap enough to warrant an impulse buy. Just don't tell my wife lol
Chrome OS is nice. I'd trade screen resolution for less shitty battery life on this one though. (Or pay the extra few quid for the Samsung model)
Screw that then, UK buyers get dicked on pricing again. Not paying 200 for one, i would pay the extra 30 quid if it's that price! 
I'm confused, how is it possible watch Gungnam Style in 1080p when the screen has a resolution of 13xx by 7xx? Thisis the resolution that sites like Engadget and CNet are reporting
+david cassoday you can stream the 1080p version of it from YouTube, it'll scale it to the display. Obviously you won't see all 1080 pixels, but it'll look a little better than 720p. It's more a comment on the processing power than the screen resolution.
Has anyone bought the new Samsung Chromebook? I was reading a review from from an owner and reported heat and sluggish performance while playing Angry Birds. To me the Exynos 5 should be more than capable of handling that. 
+david cassoday I have one - zero heat issues - it's the coolest "laptop" I've ever had.  Angry Birds runs fine ( - not sure what they are talking about there.

If this review was by someone you trust otherwise - what might be happening is that they have loaded up a bunch of Chrome extensions that are running in the background.  They can do a shift-escape and see what is eating CPU/Memory.

But all of this is not to say that the ChromeBook is a perfect substitute for a laptop.  It's a browser with a keyboard.  Which is still really useful and I'm happy to have it - but my ThinkPad is safe.
+Dan Anderson I didn't know the source of the review. It was a user review posted on Amazon.

I wish the the Samsung Chromebook had a higher resolution and perhaps a wider aspect ratio for having multiple windows/apps open side by side. Also wish it had MIMO (not sure why they went with it on the Nexus 10 which has the same chip and not the Chro)ebook)

I tend to have a lot background processes (20+) and on windows I know this to sluggish performance. It is rediculous because when I look at the processes there will be apps or extensions that are running that I didn't open and thus shouldn't be running. 
+david cassoday It works. It's better to keep the number of tabs down anyway . I try to stay <= 6. This is not a powerhouse.

Background tasks for extensions are supposed to get better with some recent new features. 
+Dan Anderson can you detail some of these changes? And will these changes effect both the ChromeOS as well as the windows/Linux browser?

Do you know why some apps show up in the extension list? 
+david cassoday I'll look around - they talked about it in one of the videos at Google I/O. But as I recall they were Chrome changes so I'd expect them to be across the board. 
+Dan Anderson I hope one of the changes will be that extensions and apps load ondemand and not when browser launches as well as terminate when not in use. 
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