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Thinking of investing in a Samsung NX1000 since I never use a DSLR to it's potential and I'm sick of hunking one around. This decision is partly because of the free Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 that comes with it to sell and offset some of the initial outlay.

Anyone had experience with one? Good or bad? Seeing mixed reviews on the interwebs
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I believe the sony nex series cameras might be a better bet if you're going mirrorless. They make the best sensors at the moment and I have heard good things. Also if you're looking to save money a mirrorless camera can take any vintage lens with an adapter, you only get manual focus and aperture (the nex I believe has a special mode to make this easier) but if you stick to fixed focal length lenses you can get the equivalent of top end glass for £50. Seriously the old prime lenses really hold their own. 
The NEX stuff is a bit out of my price range though I think
I think the nex f3k is around the same in price but I'm not really an expert in mirrorless. I'm the kind of weirdo that just bought a Yashica medium format twin lens reflex, not user friendly but you get a sensor(film) 6cm by 6cm big. 
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