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BREAKSCLUSIVE! courtesy of a British supermarket....:-/
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In the next version of Android we're hoping for features that you already get in the current version of Android!
+Alex Dobie I was looking at that and going "Hmmm.... don't we already have those things on 4.2?"
Yeah there is that. More amused by the ETA of February!
So, here's a noob-ish question. We've had 4.1 and 4.2 released in the past 12 months... 

When (if they actually do it annually) does Google release their annual builds? We got a bunch of new Nexus devices so I'm thinking we're done for a while.... or possibly at MWC or whatever the next big event is in early 2012?
IO at the earliest. More likely Q4 along with a new Nexus
makes sense. So good possibility of 5.0 at IO? or "maybe/likely not"? 
Wow! With that kind of early info I bet they have leaked builds on isle 3 by Christmas! 
What, you gotta be kidding me... Android 4.2 (with so many bugs) still very new. Also, those new features described are all 4.2..
Google have had two nexus releases this year, would it really surprise anyone if they did the same next year? Maybe updated versions of the nexus 4 with more storage or lte versions running a newer version? Can't see klp being released on a slightly updated device mind you.
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