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Nexus 4 fell off the sofa onto a wood floor. Back didn't smash but there's a little rattle coming from within now :/
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Do you think the bumper would have made a difference? fell 2 feet onto a hard wood floor. Most of my phones do sadly. Exterior is fine, just a damn rattle when I shake it. Will stop shaking it lol
yeah you can do that. Hopefully it is just a loose piece of plastic 
Agree, I had a phone with the same issue before. Drove me nuts.
I should be used to it. Every phone I've had in the last 5 years since I moved in has fell on that floor. It killed a Samsung omnia to death!
Would wall-to-wall carpet cost more than all those phones?
Probably not. But my house wouldn't look as nice ;-)
I'm reporting you for abuse. That little guy deserves a safe and loving home, not some abusive situation. I'll give you my address...
Lol. On the other hand, have peace of mind knowing it's quite sturdy
I am fearful and anxiously awaiting the delivery of my pre-ordered +Cruzerlite case.  Keeping my finders crossed for the next month.
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