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An Apple store guy just asked me if I liked the iPhone 5. Showed him the Nexus 4 and left lol
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I was thinking of getting the wife an iPad mini for Christmas but its weird. How the hell do you hold it without touching the screen
+Richard Devine you can't.. but it's said they have the new "touch" pattern that you can still scroll smoothly even with one finger touching the screen while holding  
Apple does have some delicate thoughts...
though i am still not a fan of the whole iOS itself..
Any report I've read of the mini says that it's quite good at ignoring unintentional touches around the edge of the screen. Seems counter intuitive to me that in the situations where the extra screen width would help most - reading ebooks and online content - you'd have to keep moving your thumbs, but I suppose you'd soon get used to it
Way to go, Richard. It's kinda like walking out of a shop empty-handed, and having a clerk ask, "Did you find everything OK?"
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