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Been playing with Windows Phone for a couple days now (7.5 not 8 because I'm not forking out for a 920 or 8X Lol) and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.

But...I miss Google when I'm using it. The UI is really nice, and there's most of the big apps I use over there too or at worst, a decent alternative. But, stepping away from Android makes me realise just how much I rely on everything about it and about Google's services. (Wonder why using a BlackBerry never has the same effect?)

Oh. And Bing still sucks
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Exactly my thoughts.

But I effing love the 8X hardware.
I like the look of the bright yellow 8X but it's like £380 for one. Picked up a Lumia 800 for £130 ;-)
+Richard Devine I think the reason BB didn't have the same effect is that BB (both software and hardware) is a tool. Useful, yes, but not really integrated into people's lives. Android (thanks to Google's services) seems to meld/morph itself into people's lives much easier and it almost becomes and extension, rather then a tool to pick up and put down. 

Thoughts? (Just wrote out a gut reaction. I haven't used BB since 4.5, and my Gnex is my first Android)
I think you got it in one there +Andrew Penner the reason I've always kept a BB around is because it gets stuff done
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