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Anyone else having issues with the YouTube app on 4.2? 
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What kind of issues? YouTube seems to be fine, but I kept having my clock fc, and sometimes when I switch users on my n7 the tablet runs REALLY slowly for a couple of minutes
I was (along with maps and a few other apps). Did a "Clear Data" on all offending apps and they've been great since. 
Widget is acting all wonky on my N7
Fresh install of 4.2 on a Nexus S and YouTube is working great here!
It's completely borked. Won't play anything I'm having to use the browser
Is this on your nexus 4 or nexus 7? Did you manage to get the ota to work on the nexus 7? I had to do a full wipe and reflash and haven't had any problems with YouTube.
I've found that the YouTube app has been a bit iffy in the past when it came to logging in after a wipe and getting all my subscriptions to show, but it always sorted itself out and I was always able to view content. I'd try deleting the YouTube data, clearing my Google account and signing in again after a reboot. 4.2 does seem to have a few annoying little bugs.
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