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Richard Dansky
Writer, Game Designer, Cad. That about covers it.
Writer, Game Designer, Cad. That about covers it.

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Thoughts On Spring Training, Part II
Teams and their spring training stadiums tend to match personalities. George M. Steinbrenner Field, the home of the Yankees, rises majestically from a sea of greenery even though it's in the heart of Tampa. The Blue Jays' stadium is across the street from a...

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Thoughts On Spring Training, Part I
I took my father to Florida for a week to experience the wonders of spring training. What we were hoping for, I'm not exactly sure; we'd been talking about the trip for a while, since well before my mother passed away, and it was always going to be some tim...

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On Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell Making It To the Hall of Fame
The blog's official position: About damn time. Bagwell had been kept out of the Hall by innuendo and hearsay. Raines, by the inability of many of the voters to comprehend just how good he was at the things that actually win ballgames. The addition of Bud Se...

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Ten Things I Think About Grayson Allen
In no particular order: My one interaction-at-a-remove with Grayson Allen was off the court. He was incredibly friendly and generous to my twelve year old Duke fan of a nephew, and spent a good chunk of time talking to him.  The fact that he was nice and ge...

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On Tomlin-Bradshaw
There are few things dumber in sports right now than the Terry Bradshaw-Mike Tomlin "feud". If you've been living under a rock, or simply paying more attention to your relatives than to sports fluff, it's very simple. Bradshaw opened his yap and declared th...

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Things sports fans need to be reminded of... Dallas was never going to bench Dak Prescott for Tony Romo. Ever. The whole flap was deliberately cooked up to keep the Cowboys in the news and keep Romo's trade value up. Bowl season record doesn't mean diddly. ...

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How To Beat Wake Forest
Wake Forest has taken the unusual step of firing a radio announcer for leaking game plans to opponents. The perfidy came to light when a member of the Wake Forest staff found a copy of their game plan in the bowels of Louisville's stadium, a day before the ...

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On Not Doing Anything
It's natural to want your team to make a move. Moves are exciting. Moves are fun. Moves give you something to dream on, especially in the offseason.  Even better is the lead-in to a move, where the rumors are swirling and there's energy around your team and...

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Winter Meetings
Some day I'll go to the winter meetings. Not to look for a job - I have no interest in working in baseball. Working in video games has made me acutely aware of the difference between people's perception of what is supposedly your magical elfilicious  dream ...

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Understanding the College Football Playoff Selection Process
This just in: The key to getting picked for the college football playoff is to win all your games. Unless you're from Michigan but aren't Michigan. Failing that, the key is to win your conference. Unless your conference doesn't have a championship game, or ...
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