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"Now, if you cross this roundabout in an aware manner, you will be moving your head around at least 10 times. Let’s be generous and say the drivers do the same. That means that at any one instance, one of the ten drivers around you should be looking straight at you. Or to put it in a more scary way, nine out of ten of them aren’t."

Some interesting advice about cycling safe in cities - even if you've seen it all before this might be worth a look?

Recommendations at the ready...

I'm going abroad for the holidays for a relaxing beach break - and will probably have a bit of spare time with the family. Besides a regular set of cards I was wondering if there were any recommendations for any nice, simple games that I could pick up from my local board game shop to take for the trip. 

Criteria - something relatively simple that doesn't take up much room to play (so probably something card based or a small board). probably a short play time too, <30-60 mins, or even something quicker we could have a few plays of in an evening.

So far I can think of Bohnanza (which I'm tempted to pick up) or Citadels (already own), but what would you recommend?

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Athletes parade and World Triathlon Champs

A few great memories - first the athletes parade, where several thousand age groupers from across the world mingled and then ambled across the waterfront to a Maori welcome and official opening on the championships. Second a roadside seat for the elite race where Jonny Brownlee (Olympic bronze) got narrowly outrun by Gomez (Olympic silver), but a good enough performance to give Jonny the overall title for the year.

Third was the age group championship itself. This was a huge event with something like 5,000 people racing for their countries and individual glory. The crowds were awesome and although my race didn't quite go as planned - the energy gels and fluids I took in on the bike caused major stomach cramps on the run, coming in much slower for that leg than I'd hoped - it was great to carry a comically small British flag across the line and acknowledge the great support of volunteers and spectators.

Now for a rest, then a beer! 
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World Aquathlon Championships

As a warm up to the age group triathlon world championships I took part in the aquathlon world champs - just a 1k swim followed by a 5k run - so shorter distances than I'll be racing on Monday and crucially no bike.

The whole set up for all the races is great - nice big carpeted transitions and finish straights, great atmosphere and volunteer staff. Was proud to wear the GB kit for my first race although I was using it more as a taster for conditions of what's to come in the full tri rather than going flat out.

The swim was interesting - I was slow off the mark compared to everyone around me and the rest was a bit of a fight with the waves! Nothing too terrible and I just need to dig deeper on Monday and bring a bit more technical focus.

The run was as flat as a pancake though a bit windy around the Auckland harbour - glad I've got the extra 5k to really get into it next race. 14th in the age group was a reasonable result given how this type of race really favours strong swimmers which is certainly not my style.

Great fun, inspiring to race against other great international amateurs and an absolute privilege to be here.
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So to relieve the down time in between things I'm going to post a few updates about my adventures. I'm representing GB as part of the Age Group team at the ITU triathlon World Championships in Auckland, NZ. Competitors are amateur triathletes who qualify in their home country to represent their team for their particular age group (I'm in the 20-24 year old category). There's a maximum of 16 slots per age group so teams are large - altogether GB has about 240 athletes travelling out to the event! When I checked my bike in I saw a few others so doesn't look like I'm alone on this flight. Not much to report yet, other than that aero helmets make good handbags...

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Picked my team @ - now to hope that no-one else gets injured before it all starts...

Watching someone's Brain Waves at Le Web. Fascinating!

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Students, time to shine. Just a shame +Amiya Bhatia +Amir Hajizamani +Samuel Palin are too old now...
We’re teaming up with Saatchi Gallery, London for the Google Photography Prize, a chance for university students around the world to showcase their photos on Google+ and have their work exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London in 2012.

To enter, pick a category, upload your photos to Google+, share them with the world as a public post, then visit the submission form on the contest website by January 31, 2012.

Don't forget to follow Saatchi Gallery, London's +Google Photography Prize at Saatchi Gallery London page to see ongoing updates on the great work being submitted to the contest!

In Barcelona. Bar/Restaurant recommendations welcome!

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