A Method for More Intelligent Touch Event Processing

Here is a link to a PDF slide deck PDF summarizing ideas for reducing the frequency of accidentally invoking unintended UI widgets on touch devices. 

Link to slide deck: http://goo.gl/y4Mx4G

Link to Main.java: http://goo.gl/Mx6bBi  (lines end \n, not \r\n)

Included in the slide deck is the Java source code for a unit test harness which implements and tests the presented algorithm.  The unit test draws an overlay semi-transparent graphic which visualizes which widget is activated for each mockup e-mail app panel pixel.

Any feedback/comments are welcome (2to32minus1@gmail.com).

Note: Below is just a link to a screenshot image of the first page of the presentation.  You must click on the link above to view the PDF file.

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