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Man I really want to get Bruce smith set fav player of all time
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Hamza K
What Ones Do You Still Need?

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Richard Colón

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Defense up. Picked up Mario and JJ big DE upgrades for me cost me only 1,100,000 for both 
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Ya yesterday they were 80k now they back up to 500 luck I grabed him before there were none left
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these final editions are a joke.....the least they can do for us is to make up a set for us to complete or something. 
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they did
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Richard Colón

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Ok here are a few tips on how to get a lot of coins in Madden mobile.
First you need to at least a big amount of coins already. I say at least 50,000 – 100,000.
You can achieve this by doing live events, season games, and selling current player cards.

(Optional) Buy the max amount of current special player packs. Usually the limit is 3-4. For example the legends pack has a limit of 3.

Ok the next step is to buy a certain amount of pro packs but LIMIT your coin usage. You do not want to go broke buying packs. You always want to have some coins left in your stash. 

Example- I always fill my gas tank up in my car when I am half full of gas. It ensures that I always have gas and always keeps me ahead of the game; you need this mindset when using your coins.

Let’s say you have about 100,000 coins, you want to purchase 50,000 worth of Pro packs and or the optional special packs. 

Now after you open your packs you will hopefully have some good cards. Here are your options with your cards in your packs.

Elite cards – update your team or Sell them in the auction

Gold cards – Update team or sell them in an auction or use them to complete sets

Silver cards- update team or sell them, or use them to complete sets

Collectibles- use them in all sets or sell doubles

If you are going the auction route you must make sure you check every single auction with a search. Gold players will surprise you sometimes with their value. Gold Base Frank Gore card ranges currently for about 250,000 so may be sitting on some sleeper gold mines.
HERE is where I make the most of my money. After opening all my packs if I am not upgrading my team or selling cards I plug then into the Trophy packs. After depleting all my Gold, silver, and bronze players in to the sets and getting trophies, I use the trophies in the large quicksell packs. The bronze trophies I convert into silver trophies in order to complete more Large quicksells. After a few tries in the end you may end up with the same or a lot more than what you started with. This method may not work for all…but it has for me and right now the highest I have ever had was about 16 million coins doing this route. 
Any more questions you can hit me up in hangouts where im constantly on. 

Part 2 coming soon ( Sets)
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+James Master lol my real brother 
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Unlock legends sell em .. Get that profit 
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Jackpot sold for 12 million !
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I was fortunate enough to be able to get a review unit for a +Toast​ Nexus 6 walnut wood skin.

In the past I reviewed this nexus 6 skin and by far this case also has the same eye catching appeal that one had before. These wood skins are by far intricate in its design and durability. It adheres to the phone with super adhesive and 3M quality. The smell of wood is evident as I type this post and just like the previous wood back I had...age will make this thing look even more like work of art it already is. You can purchase these skins at any other questions hit me up
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+,john andrade def an improvement. I thought my white n6 was a little too much slippery for me. This add just the right amount of grip. Also the cutout moto logo is great for resting your finger while in use which adds another benefit of stability. 
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Have him in circles
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Ponoco icons by +Nathaniel Webb​ with a noloc widget and wall 
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Jim G
Dope! Need some Noloc doe. 🙋
Since I open a lot of pro packs daily, i have noticed that the odds of pulling an elite or collectible has changed as of today. 
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Yes I've noticed
No i haven't
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the best player ive got is 95 jacoby jones (KR). best collectible is the william perry syperbowl collectible
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I will do a post soon on how to get coins and legends fast. Its pretty simple.. Takes time...but worth once you have millions of coins to spend on packs and get lucky
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Hamza K
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Got the Vick set
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About 4-5 million. I'm selling the completed 99 Vick for 7 million. That's the average price I've seen
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Trying to break the bank. Steve Smith legend is going around that range surprisingly. Gonna see if I get a bite
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+Stephen Carr unlocking sets and selling elites. Lots of large quick sell sets. 
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