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Richard Clark Jr
I really wanna BE THE CHANGE!
I really wanna BE THE CHANGE!
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"I start to think, and then I sink/Into the paper like I was ink/When I'm writing, I'm trapped in between the lines/I escape when I finish the rhyme."

Next. Perfection on a court tonight. We did what we were supposed to. Get ready for SA/OKC. #HeatNation #4WINS2GO #3Peat 

These boys on putting on a show tonight. It's a thing of beauty. #HeatNation

Lance Stephenson is a chump. #bushleague

The Heat put it away tonight behind a HUGE game from LeBron. Let's go. #HeatNation

"Crack mothers, crack babies and AIDS patients/Youngbloods can't spell, but they could rock you in PlayStation." Mos Def

Be on the front page or never let them quote you. #word

Seems like a male being a fan of the color pink is the new not being white. Folks always hating on me. 

In Nashville on a shoot. Back tonight. Pumped to see the family and watch the Heat close things out. Have a blessed Wednesday. #HeatNation

I'm sure that wasn't as easy as it looked. Nonetheless, great team win. Let's go. #HeatNation #5WINS2GO
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