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The Internet of Things is coming

This is why I love Silicon Valley. I've given dozens of speeches about our book, "Age of Context," and only after speaking at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, which is where Steve Jobs got the ideas for the original Macintosh) did a guy come up to me with a fist full of new small computers. 

These things don't just have their own ARM processor on them, but a radio and some memory as well, along with a couple of sensors. They are coming in 2014 to enable new kinds of "things." What kinds of things? Well, your shirt might have a computer built into it in the future.

"What about battery?" I asked.

Jeremy Walker, CEO of Iota (these are his hands and his computers) says that they already have the ability to generate power by movement or through solar (the generator would be on a separate chip). 

What was really mind blowing is that after he showed me these, he said "and here's our prototypes coming in 2015." Another hand, but these computers were less than half the size of the ones in the photo below. has more on this interesting new startup.

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I'm in a state of WOW!!!
Without doubt this has to be the most powerful, wonderful and emotive video I've ever had the pleasure of watching.

What a dream and a priviledge to be so close to such beautiful animals I'm just left in a state of WOW!!!

What a great start to the day watching this; Mrs will absolutely love this!

GoPro: Lions - The New Endangered Species?

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Whenever I'm feeling sad, worn out, or just meh, this video really turns things around. The nature, the beauty, the epicness. The goosebumps.

(This is worth a re-post from last year.)

Thank you, +GoPro.

#Epic   #GoPro   #BeAHero  

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It's a seat....for a dog.......whoa that's smart!!!
Animated Photo

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We just released a new mobile webapp generator for Yeoman!

* Scaffolds Bootstrap/Pure/TopCoat/Foundation
* Cloud device-testing 
* Cross-device LiveReload
* Auto-generate device screenshots
* Responsive images generated and more.

Huge thanks goes to +Matt Gaunt who was a joy to work with on this.

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This is a pretty awesome prank. via +Evan Skov 
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