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Richard Brunton
Filmstalker owner and writer and Learning and Social Media Consultant
Filmstalker owner and writer and Learning and Social Media Consultant
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One of the joys of being off with time to kill. The West Wing, complete box set, episode one. >f>t

Wow #BBC have NFL coverage. Who knew? Their advertising for games and weekend shows had been pitiful. >ft

At this time, exactly a week ago, I was undergoing Open Heart Surgery. #Survivor #OpenHeartSurgery >f>t

About to leave hospital. Very excited! >f>rt

That's me up and getting ready for the day. Operating in a few hours. #OpenHeartSurgery >f>rt

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Now this is the start of SmartWatches. I mean I like my Sony SmartWatch and love my Garmin VivoSmart, but this is what we need. Real watches that are Smart too.
Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed UTC e-Strap - Fine watchmaking paired with latest wearable technology
Embracing the future has always been at the heart of Montblanc’s ethos, one of the first luxury Maisons to have ventured into the field of connected devices, successfully combining traditional Swiss watchmaking with cutting-edge technology. With the TimeWalker Urban Speed UTC e-Strap watch, Montblanc explores the latest wearable technology by pairing a watchstrap that connects to the owner’s smartphone, with a fine timepiece driven by an automatic calibre. The result is a mechanical timepiece enhanced with digital functionalities. Made of high performance Montblanc Extreme leather, the NATO-type strap seamlessly integrates the technology that connects to selected Android phones as well as iPhones 4s and subsequent models. The e-Strap comes with a 128 x 36 OLED display, intuitive touch controls and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery providing it with five days lifetime. The e-Strap integrates an activity tracker, a Find Me function for smartphone and watch, notifications for incoming communications, and remote controls for the phone’s camera and music player.

The e-Strap offers the following functions:
• An activity tracker counting the number of steps walked per day, indicating the calories burnt and the distance covered, aligning with the owner's personal objectives. In addition to evaluating the progress made it can also be used to encourage the user to remain active during the day through alerts on the e-Strap.

• A haptic feedback of the e-Strapalerts the user of incoming notifications from various apps. The e-Strap displays e-mails, which can be previewed on the e-Strap. The e-Strap also shows text messages, incoming calls and status updates & messages from social networks, as well as reminders about upcoming calendar events and meetings.

• Remote controls enable a user to remotely take pictures by releasing the shutter, to find a misplaced smartphone by making it play a melody, as well as a music control function for playing, pausing & skipping music.
Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed UTC e-Strap
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Lovely Clara in #DoctorWho just said "Don't worry, it'll be fine, the Doctor will save us" - people keep telling me that! #OpenHeartSurgery >f

Right then. So. Heart surgery next week. Not a lot of time to panic. I'll have a good go though. >f>rt

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Loving the look of the Lightning electric sports car. Wonder if the new model will be affordable? >f>rt

#LaFavorita arrived. House very unimpressed. The warm bread chunk with detachable cheese were odd. Numerous slices left. >f>rt
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