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Early Bird Access! If you're doing design for your job or business, check out #Canva for Work...
I just registered for early access to Canva for Work. Join the waiting list!
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Free: 35 'Bigstock' HD Video Clips, Get up to 35 Royalty-Free Stock Video Clips w/ This 7-Day Trial
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If You Want Success, Put Your Head Down, Tune Out Distractions, And Get To Work! #hustle   | +Richard Bravo 
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A short I made in iMovie... Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones 

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Basic Economics: 💰
"You Get Paid On Your Value To The Marketplace."

I'm often asked "Where do I start? What kind of business should I start?"

The topic of this post is the basic foundation of entrepreneurial economics. Simply said, YOU get paid based on the value that you bring to the marketplace.

Want to get paid more? Get better.

Now this isn't an esoteric conversation about your value as a person. Everyone is valuable as a child of the universe. What we're talking about here is black & white. What are you worth to the market? You've got mad skills or you don't.

Whatever the answer is YOU can be successful.


1. Start by taking inventory of your skills. Now filter through which skills can be used for a simple cash exchange between you and a customer that needs those skills?

2. Take that list and sort it by the things you really enjoy doing in order of what you love the most first.
3. Now that you have your list start doing some basic research online. Start with the skill you most enjoy doing and see if there's a market for that skill.

You may be great at getting rid of clutter, organizing and beautifying your home into a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Do some research on personal organizers and professionals that specialize in that area.

If you find blogs, products on Amazon, Twitter chatter, groups and pages on Facebook, then odds are you could probably break into that market and get paid to provide your services and knowledge to that audience.

4. Repeat that process with your entire list.

Now get to work. You have a functional list of potentially profitable skills that you're good at that someone may pay you for, right now.

The trick is not to procrastinate. Do it. Put one foot in front of another and start building your network and building relationships in the market. Look for job listings, freelance gigs, anywhere you can find work doing what you love and you're good at.

Maybe you built your list and saying to yourself "Well, I know how to do that, but I'm not that good. It's just something I dabble in because I enjoy it." No problem.

Is it something you would LIKE to do and get paid for? The you have another task ahead of you - Get Better.

Remember we're talking about the VALUE you bring to the marketplace. If you enjoy doing something that could generate an income for you, but you need to get better at it, then do that.

Study, do research, build a Twitter list of people doing what you want to do and follow them. Do the same with bloggers. Read books in that field, follow the authors. Create a swipe file, a physical or digital folder in Evernote for example, where you save articles, images, links and other material from the experts you're following. Study their stuff.

The point is, if you aren't quite where you need to be to enter the market, then simply get better. You can control that piece 100%. Practically everything you need to know about just about anything is available on the internet somewhere.

I'm studying quantum mechanics and physics through MIT for FREE! That's one hell of an expensive education, but the internet has made education OPEN to anyone willing to seek the wisdom and knowledge they are looking for.

So get out there. Get better, always get better, even if you're pretty good now. Never stop learning. Never stop seeking true wisdom. And always, always, look for ways to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace.

Do these things and I guarantee you'll be on your way to earning exactly what you're worth in a free & open market.

GOT QUESTIONS? I've got answers... Ask Away!

=> On Facebook? Let's connect:
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Richard Bravo

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How To Create A "profitable" Lead Generation Funnel

This is a conversation that initiated in the Smart Passive Income Blog group on 5/18/15 with a group member named Jasmine.

*Caveat: This is more relevant to a beginner/ intermediate entrepreneur than an advanced marketer who probably already has these things in play.

Let's start with a basic premise… ( this advice assumes you have a couple of things already in play for your business OR are willing to get them in play)

1. You have a premium product or service (whatever you sell that is your most profitable/expensive/valuable product or service)

2. You have an entry level product or service (low cost low barrier of entry to become a new customer)

3. You have a lead magnet {list builder mechanism} (high value item you can give away, preferably something relevant to your entry and premium products that make sense as a sequential path of purchase, in exchange for their contact info)

4. You have a self-hosted website of some sort, preferably using Wordpress, that can be customized to add and tweak a few pages without limitations or worrying about a 3rd party platform shutting your content down.

In Jasmine's case she asked about increasing sales of her ebook and wondering why it wasn’t selling like she expected. I offered this advice after learning a little bit about what she is trying to achieve and what she has in place to work with.

These are the things we talked about to help her achieve her goals, which is to build her list and sell her ebook. Let’s Go!...

My first suggestion, considering she doesn’t have a large existing subscriber/follower base (audience), is to give the book away to the existing list in exchange for testimonials and feedback.

The reason being is this is a perfect way to get direct insight from her audience, even a small audience. Keep in mind I would suggest a slightly different approach with a larger list/audience. But since the existing list is smaller it’s a worthwhile investment to give the book away to acquire social proof which ultimately lends to selling more copies of the book in the long run.

=> Example:
Let's say you have 100 people on your list, and an ebook priced at $13. Here are 2 ways to look at whether to sell or giveaway given similar circumstances:

* 100 subscribers X 10% conversion (10 sales) = $130
* Ask for testimonials @ 25% conversion = maybe 2-3 testimonials.
PROFIT: $130 + a few testimonials + no new list growth or sales

* 100 subscribers X Send them a link to download the book for free X 40% conversion = $0.00
* After they download, email them a link to a free SurveyMonkey survey asking them for feedback and a testimonial X 40% conversion = 16 testimonials and feedback
PROFIT: PRICELESS - You’ve invested good will with your existing list deepening their trust and increased your cool factor in their eyes, you have 5x more testimonials which is plenty to dramatically increase the conversion rate of your ebook sales letter and marketing material for future sales and profitability.

See The Power of Scenario B? 

You have plenty of testimonials now to help promote your book and proof of concept AND/OR enough feedback to see what you may need to fix, add or expand on in the book. This will all help identify conversion issues you may be having and help you optimize how you promote the book. The testimonials can be added to your sales page which also help increase conversions. But you could also use those testimonials to create social media graphics to share, video excerpts, etc.

In Jasmine’s case however, as with a client I am working with right now, the book has too much valuable info for them to feel comfortable giving it away. Which is perfectly cool. I know what its like to work on a project, especially a book. It’s a labor of love, it’s your baby, you didn’t set out to just give it away. No problem.
So like my client, I helped Jasmine go a different route and she is going to create a unique lead magnet and have her ebook available as the entry level upsell purchase.

This is the gameplay Jasmine and I have strategized and she will be working on it this week to complete (the same as my client) )…
Again, the seasoned members in this group probably already know this, but if you’ve plateaued and need some new ideas or you’re just getting started, then this will put you light years ahead of your competition and propel your results on a fast track to success in whatever niche you’re in.

These are the core elements you need to implement this strategy:
* Domain name
* Website (preferably self-hosted wordpress)
* Web hosting account
* Lead Capture Page
* Thank You Page
* Autoresponder (Email Service like MailChimp, etc)
* Social Media Outlets (FB, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc)
* Lead Magnet (free information valuable to your audience)
* Entry Level Product/Service (low cost entry level)
* Premium Product/Service (higher cost)
* Tenacity, Discipline, Dedication, Passion To Succeed
* Capital - This is actually a very low cost method with minimal investment required for anyone to put into play. Of course it can be created faster, possibly with higher quality and promoted using paid traffic if you have the budget. But this works amazingly if you’re bootstrapping your business too.

Content Foundation
* Create a Lead Magnet optin page to capture lead information
* Create a ThankYou/Download page for your lead magnet
* Create 10 videos that address the Top 10 frequently asked questions in your niche. Then create 10 videos that provide your expert insight on the top things your customers should be asking. Each of the 20 videos should be no more than 1-2minutes long max.
* Add a call to action at the end of each of those videos. “For More, Go Here” which directs them to the lead capture page you made to get your FREE lead magnet offer.

**VIDEO EDITING TIP: If you’re savvy with editing videos then I would suggest creating a b-roll clip for this portion of your video that you can then add to any video you create. This saves time so you don’t have to state your call to action repeatedly each time you cut a new video.

* Create a “Enter Your Name & Email” video. This video asks for their contact info to subscribe to your list and explains the lead magnet and the benefits they will get from it. The call to action asks them to give you their BEST email and their name. Use this as the entry video on your lead capture page.

* Create a “Thank You For Subscribing” video, place this on your Thank You page. Thank them for subscribing, recap the material they now have access to and reiterate the benefits of it, and remind them that you’ll be sending periodic emails with super valuable info to them.

* Create a “Buy My Stuff” video. Place this video on your Thank You page below the Lead Magnet content for example, with a link to your Entry Product sales page.

* Create a followup email series. Create one email for each of the 20 videos. Describe what the video is about, with a teaser of what they are going to learn. Include a P.S. message that directs them to your Buy My Stuff video sale page to purchase the entry level product. Make sure you also have a quick burn about staying connected with you socially with a link to your preferred social media outpost, like your Facebook Page.

Publish Videos and Pages

**SEO TIP: Make sure you have done your keyword research and craft your titles and video descriptions to match the topic you are talking about in the video. Also use your keywords to name the video file before you upload, e.g. MyKeywordVideo.mpg - This will help with your SEO.

Post all of your videos as follows. Add one video per day over a 20 Day period, do not post them all at once. This gives you a pre-planned content publishing strategy for 20 days, that’s a scheduled strategy of touching base with your audience for 20 days!

Post the 20 videos to Youtube. Use the SEO tips I mentioned.

Post the 20 videos ‘directly’ to Facebook, using the same SEO tips I just talked about. DO NOT share the video from Youtube on your FB page, you’ll get a higher exposure rate posting directly to FB.

Pin the 20 vids to Pinterest using the Youtube share links. Follow the SEO steps for title and description and make sure you are curating your boards correctly for maximum SEO/Exposure value.

Make your lead capture, thank you and entry product sales page live on your website. Double check that all the linking is correct and goes where it should,.

**Here’s How It Should Flow:
Lead Magnet Page > They Optin > Directs to Thank You Page > All Downloads Work > Buy My Stuff Link > They Click > Directs to Entry Product Sales Page > Buy Link > They Click > Goes To Shopping Cart

Optimize the whole thing.

The point here is to build your list right? Your subscriber/lead list is one of your business’s most valuable assets. You want sales? You need people to talk to. Period.

Each video is now a source of Free traffic to your lead capture page. If you follow the steps precisely as I laid them out, posting to Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter, you now have 80 traffic points in play.

20 Videos x 4 Social Platforms = 80 Traffic Points
*This variable can be multiplied by publishing to other content outposts, THINK BIG!

Remember I said publish one every day… However you’re really publishing 4 per day, one to each social media outpost. Over a 20 day period you’re touching base with your complete audience 4x per day. That’s super powerful!

Implement a basic SEO strategy that includes backlinks to each video, sharing them on your social media outlets, embedding them into blog posts if you’re blogging, add links to them in your outpost published articles, etc.

Done correctly, your videos should begin to appear in search results which will then begin to drive organic traffic to your lead magnet page.

Embed the Youtube videos in posts on your blog, cross link to your other blog posts that you used the other videos in. This bolsters the value of your content with search engines and increases potential exposure of your videos, thus increasing views, which increases popularity of your video on Youtube.

Obviously you're here on G+ reading this, but not everyone uses Google+, but I’m willing to bet a lot of your audience has a Gmail account, which means they are likely to see search results that include your content. If you aren’t using Google+ for your content delivery, and have time to cultivate another social platform for your business, then I would recommend you do so and follow the same steps as I mentioned publishing to your other social outposts. +One your videos when you add them to your profile. If you already use Google+ then obviously you know what to do, so add G+ to your list of places to publish.

Historically the audience here tends to be of a more tech/internet interest, but other niches have done very well, and I'm noticing a diverse field of savvy content marketers making a more aggressive push to G+, so you just need to decide if it’s a good match for your business by creating a page and finding people to add to your circles with similar interests.

20 Videos X 5 Social Platforms = 100 Traffic Points
The added benefit of using G+ is the SEO bump you get bookmarking (+One) your content in G+.

A simple trick to increase the perceived value of your lead magnet if to include All 20 Videos on the download page of your lead magnet page. You’re giving them the thing you promised AND easy access to all the FAQ videos. They may not have seen all 20, they may have only seen one or two and jumped over to get the free stuff. Coupled with the lead magnet this increases the perceived value through the roof and makes it easy for people to review the videos. People love convenience! You can even talk about this in your "Enter Your Name & Email” video as part of the content they will receive for.

Enter you name and email to get instant access to my X Report on How To XYZ, plus 20 Quick Videos where I answer the most pressing questions about X and teach you the expert secrets about X that I’ve learned over the years. Fill out the form on this page for immediate access to learn everything you want to know about X.

By now I’m sure you can see the power in this simple model.
You will generate traffic
You will build your list
You will create goodwill in your community
You will increase your cool factor with your audience
You will make sales
You will know who you’re proven buyers are
You will learn a TON about yourself
You will have a new exciting experience to talk about your business
The list could go and on...


Good intentions won’t make you money, or build your list.
Get started today. Build your business. Stay active everyday.
This will work for you, guaranteed.

If you have questions on any of this just hit me up, I’ll be available to help you where I can.

Have Fun ~ Cheers!

And hey... If you're on Facebook or Twitter, follow me there too for more great tips like this: |

Matrix Extraction Specialist @
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Brand Marketing Like #DonaldTrump : 7 Steps To Kick Ass Branding
New article published in Real Estate Weekly of NYC by yours truly. Give it a read, +1 and share ~
Love him or loathe him, real estate mogul, entrepreneur and reality television star Donald Trump has turned the 2016 Presidential race on its head with his brand of straight talk. In this special issue focused on real estate marketing and public relations, writer Richard Bravo examines the ...
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Stressed Out About How To Start A Business Online?
Get complimentary access to my Niche Marketing video course so you can cut through the bull and get started today:
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Have Faith & A Burning Desire To Just Keep On Going No Matter What Happens | #entrepreneur | #RichardBravo​ |
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Are you creating awesome content but struggling to get your stuff positioned in the search engines? In this post I’m going to walk you through my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe to help you get better rankings, more traffic and more customers...
Are you creating awesome content but struggling to get your stuff positioned in the search engines? In this post I'm going to walk you through my 10 Step Content Optimization Recipe to help you get...
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Steeping a new batch of my WhiteFlagVapors gourmet brewed #ejuice . The flavor profile is a black honey vanilla bourbon. First puff results?... So far so good! | #WhiteFlagVapors  
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"Don't Judge Me By My Past, I Don't Live There Anymore"

Some of the best advice we can ever get is "Don't Live In The Past," and don't let anyone else try to make you live there either. It's gone and you can't go back. If you want to change something for the better, change what you do today. The only thing you can change is 'right now.' You can craft your future. Put your best foot forward today for a better tomorrow. As Walt Disney said... "Keep Moving Forward"
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Basic Information
August 4
Add Me to G+ Here:
If we haven't met yet, my name's Richard.
Welcome to my little slice of Google.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the US in Northwest Wyoming, near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

I'm an artist at heart and living here is an amazing source of creative influence. I'm a photographer, chef, writer, husband and dad to 3 amazing kids.

We love the outdoor life here, from snowboarding and snowmobiling to camping, hunting, fly fishing and jet skiing.

I moved here from California when I was 19 and met my wife the day I got here and we were married 2 years later. It's a long story, ask me about it some time...

Ever since we met we had a common goal to become entrepreneurs and to create something awesome for our kids and family and to live a life free from a typical job.

Our immediate influence was Robert Kiyosaki which we learned about through Amway. The Rich Dad Poor Dad books completely changed our life. We would never think the same or view life the same way again. We knew without a doubt that anything was possible.

Through all sorts of jobs and business ventures, I grew a knowledge base, figured out what I liked and didn't like and acquired some pretty useful skills over the next few years.

The next major influence came through Mike Dillard and his book Magnetic Sponsoring. Again, it was a total mind shift and completely altered the way I looked at business from that point on.

Today, my wife and I are building an empire for our family.

Our modo...
Wellness, Lifestyle and Prosperity by Design.

By teaching people how to create a business of their own and leverage the immense power of the internet, we're on a mission to help as many people as we can create a life of abundance and time freedom and help them escape the rat race once and for all so they can live the authentic life they dream of.
Bragging rights
Raising 3 kids and survived!
Richard Bravo's +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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