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Drew M
Why not ;)
I'll have it... my son loves green... Wouldn't get him off of me again... ever :-)
Seriously this would be funny to see someone open.....then take a picture :)
It would be one of those "What the..." - I think my daughter would like it... my oldest one.. not so much  lol
I'd rather have a free flight....
Hmm, I'll take a pass too friend, but thanks ;))
It's good, but I already have an x-mas jumper lined up for this year thanks to +Emma Goudie 
King Julian hmmmm Is da King Julian nice and sweet and sexy.....yaaH. Wid da Santa hat, widda Santa hat....uuuh yah.

Awesome jumper.
Sir I know a guy who is very fond of u he will definitely like it if u give me I wil send it to him he is my cousin...
I wish, I don't own any to send a pic in :(
I put mine up last week using the hashtag, but I'm guessing g+ doesn't count? Booooo.
Good luck everybody (else)! I think I'll sit this one out and watch the fun...
I wish I had one! But.. to warm in Hawaii. I dont think there are bikini jumpers. Not yet anyways. But..I would love one of yours Richard. It does get a bit chilly coming out of the water! I love the Lemur jumper ! O:-)
noel edmonds Christmas jumper nice !! time for swap shop lol !!
Richard : ) Fair trade. Lemur jumper for Hawaiian Host chocolates w/Obama bobble head w/surf board. ? What do you think eh?? Come on! Its a good trade! : )
Ohh! Thank you ! Your still here. I can breathe!! : )
I am feeling lucky, come on lemur xmas jumpers, yea!
Tom H
Lemur jumper... I will wear it proudly while listening to Human League. Just need to find a working #turntable.
No shoot!! Not any creatures! Lemurs are very special❤❤
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