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“You shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, say it a lot. People forget." Jessica - age 8. Here are more wonderful things that kids say. Keep them coming…
We’d all love to hear more so do share more wonderful things that kids say...
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I wish more wealthy, corporate leaders were more like Mr. Branson. Thanks for sharing.
I wish I had his money, then I could say what I like to to hell with the rest of the world like he is doing. I bet he always has a bed for the night.
I love you has become a joke in our culture but its the most powerful words anyone can use
That's a bit harsh, with that attitude is it any wonder you don't have his kind of money
My older sister, aged around 4 or 5, came home from school one day and stunned my parents by saying, "Black people are dirty." My dad asked her, "What about (the little girl next door who was my sister's playmate) Tamara? She's black." My sister looked at him and said, "She's not dirty. She's my friend." I really like this story because I think it highlights two things: 1) Kids pick things up so easily but at the same time 2) they are inherently colourblind
I always mean it when i say other than that they are just empty meaningless words
I see you a man
Ray Saucedo, are you talking backwards, I haven't got a clue what you are talking about.
Ever wonder why kids say such interesting things, simple they have yet to be programmed by society as what not to say or ask.
nice sir wow you are nice personality
Is good to know that people like you takes a while to stop by Google+
and share with us this great post...Thanks Mr. Richard.
so true! blessings for u always
Trey Dd
I love you and I mean it. You're an inspiration for new ideas and ways to do business ethically and fairly. The way you live your life and the experiences you're willing to take. Life takes many paths, I only hope I can walk a little along the path you've tread...
i dont like it this dude has his fingers in all the cookie jars.
msh 2wi keda bera7a 3alena :D
Grown-up: "What have you got in your mouth?"
Child: "Teeth"
S Dayal
Form a fairy tale: "... The king has no clothes on."
it's easier 2 b mad rather than sad. change how u feel by thinking different thoughts. then u can take a deep breath and u feel better. -m. Kaur age 10
I usually wear t shirts to work, I teach pe, I wore a polo one day and a 2 nd grade student asked, "do you have a date with your wife after school" 
"Mom, you're so automatic." My daughter said this to me. She was right. I wasn't really listening to her. I was just automatically reacting to her. I felt bad. But she taught me a valuable lesson. Take the time to really listen to your kids.
I can remember my son coming to a rehearsal with me and picking out songs he thought I should add to my set list. John would tell me to sing;certain songs that he liked. Every now and then he would tell me sing"Black Velvet" for me you sing that so well! I think about that now and then;he really knew what sited me without even knowing the technicalities of it! Kids are amazing! We learn allot through them;as they grow with us.
i remembering when i was a child
when my mother said LOVE YOU after my mother death her sound reflection in my ear
if your mother is alive you really say to your mother LOVE YOU mother
Even more, to give it more often.
wonderful things that kids say = "You're better than a waffle."
Didn't Richard Branson boat race Stephen Colbert?
"The box says you can't eat them if the seal is broken. I'm looking for the seal." -- boy examining the contents of a box of animal crackers
God Bless!
My son when small and it was snowing down from the trees said:-it's GODS way of giving us SUGAR SWEET TEARS to US..

Aren't the children the GIFTS TO US..bless..

we so often moan about the season and weather given to us..

Love and light to ALL of your days..

pa leeeeeeeeeese explain to your son that snow is frozen rain.
Very well said--no one should trivialize those enduring words and to those who you do love--they should hear it often. Regards.
@ Andrew Fabian, I NEVER HEARD A KID SAY THAT ! ;)
Kids, they are so trusting and adorable, no need for them to say anything, their angelic smiles are sufficient to brighten the world!!
...talking of listening, Richard would you mind to be open my median workshop on Neuro Linguistic for leaders in Nairobi Kenya. They will learn how to listen...your presence could make a difference in the end they will learn how to listen...
My grandson Alfie says to me that he loves me with his heart and soul, now that puts a smile on my face and melts my heart.
I wholeheartedly agree ,love is important but mean it before you say it
I totally agree don't say things that you do not really mean unless you really mean what you say.
I have a grandson, who has mild autism. He never ceases to make you laugh. I was driving along, and he says. " When I grow up. I'm going work there. While pointing to a power & light company. Asking him what he would do there, he replied, " Silly Gigi, I'd make clouds, of course." Asking how, he arrived at such a conclusion, he pointed to the tall pipe where the steam was pouring up toward the heavens. How could I have missed that?
child age five, wanted to know why that tree was crying. I said, sweetheart, it isn't crying, why do you think that? Sincerely concerned he replied, you said it was a Weeping Willow.
Ruth Calahan - Child age 10 wanted to play in a pile of fall leaves, he came runny in the house asking if he could rape the yard
Jack - You don't know what you don't know.
We all want to be loved . To have someone tell you the Love word, does wonders to your heart.
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