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Received a wonderful letter from 11-year-old +Virgin Trains fan Jay. His auntie even cuts one of our driver’s hair! It’s always great to hear new ideas from young, enquiring minds.
It’s always great to hear new ideas from young, enquiring minds...
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ice to that they are still searching.
That is awesome.    
wat's up with auntie cuts driver's hair.
wow! then defnately great ideas are needed.
... Sometime's I wish you would somehow be able to run for prez of the US... A job you would never want nor love ...but one can dream, can't they?
...No I miss you this time... RE-Appear I'm waiting...-:)
Well done, show other companies how it should be done
.... don't ask me... regarding US companies... they don't manufacture anything... just suffle paper and debt with a little 'assembly' here and
You shouldn't get a haircut while driving a train...
if we have more people like you business will be interesting
Client relationships Mr Branson wonderful, it is a shame that isn't apparent in your virgin mobile teams. After giving 4 months to resolve a problem I am told u can't cancel my contract as I have had it for 4 months. Just how long does ofcom deem reasonable to resolve a problem?
 i couldn't guess you tell me.
Just another reason why I use Sir Richard's life story as an inspiration to the creative mind, think, do, achieve, succeed, fail - as long as there is some action you give yourself the opportunity to learn and make your life and others a more creative and active place
Yes we can learn much from failure and rejection. The strong get
smart, there is hope for the future!!
mani S
nice to all creative and aspiring biggies rolling out their brain.
children are great and some times the best for new ideas.
nice love how you still keep in touch and read children's letters! keep it up!!
He's gonna grow up to b a train spotting loser 
I really don't like where this is going and I'm really tired of this train business +Stu Porley and +Evangeline Mila De La Roca why can't you use less was derivative and hard to get the point across. :/ you sound like the old me in written word and Richard Branson added into the mix -- nice. Can karma slap me again please, I forgot my passwords.
Hi Richard Sir. It's nice to see you on Google+ as it's a change from Twitter or Facebook :-)
Mike W
I recently took a trip from London to Manchester and back on a Virgin train and I must say it was a very pleasant experience.  The free wifi in first class was nice bonus.
wow! i wish i could have that luxurry here in ug.
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