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Thrilled to welcome first Volcanauts Tom Hanks Seth Green & onto +Virgin Volcanic...
Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks to join Richard Branson on first Virgin Volcanic expedition...
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LOL!! I think I saw that movie already?
Well played.
Can you bring me back some giant diamonds?
not a very convincing April's fool - we're not exactly contemporaries of Jules Verne...
Lmao if anyone could do this it would be you +Richard Branson !! April Fools!! Oh and maybe Bruce Willis would be better to join crew.
will they be talking any Branson dollars with them?!
Lucky lucky people, yet another adventure only for the rich and famous..
Some people have no sense of humour! raspberries
You can't go to the centre of the Earth without Delroy Lindo.

Just can't be done.
If Baby Jesus was real, he'd make this happen.
Zabi D.
Man they make this kind of shit always first for the rich. The mortals come always as last!!
Balls of 'carbon-carbon materials'!
Happy April fools day, Mr. Branson :-)
So, you just have to beat James Cameron, don't you.

And a happy April 1st to you too!
+Larry Gore funny Baby Jesus sees it the other way what better proof to pagans than to do it :) are we not glad to not have Larry not do Baby Jesus thinking for us :)
When I turn up black Sabbath, I enter the void where the chewy centre is. PS jeues the baby would understand. 
I guess that your best authors of the books was Julius Verne?
And inspired you to run the adventure that you have started and make many people jealous or fascinates us all.
Good One Sir Richard. Happy April Fool's Day (assuming celebrated in UK based on this). If it were real, I would be willing to donate to send Pres. Obama on first trip to core of the earth.
Hilarious! April fools indeed. One of the best troll postings ever!!!!
ทนได้เพราะวงจรการทำงานเหมือนกันเลย 555
good luck with that one, I wouldn't be at the front of the queue put it that way.
I wonder how many people really believe this :-)
must be nice to have that kind of money to piss away.
Say hello to Jules Verne from me :)
Warm greetings to Hotstuff and Natas de Ville
what about english?or american we talk american in this nation at least spanish a lot of people talk spanish today dont you think? dont get mad
Knew it was April fools as soon as I saw the headline!
Well played Virgin, well played...Happy April First.
هذي صفحة م الشيخ محمد العريفي تستحق انشر
صفحة التذكير بالاستغفار تستحق انشر
صفحة اللهم توفني ساجدا بين يديك تستحق انشر
صفحة م الشيخ مشاري بن راشد العفاسي تستحق انشر

احلفك بالله انك تنشرها اذا مانشرتها متاكد ان الشيطان منعك

الدال على الخير كفاعله :)
Hi Richard!
Should we call the "Lion-Heart" or something else?
How much will this trip cost one?
Ha-ha! Very clever April's fool ;)
What happened to the time travel thingy?
I for one am totally f***ing sick of Richard Branson and his arrogant, self important, useless ventures into the unknown for the sake of his EGO. I work and live with poorly educated, hungry, poverty stricken children everyday. Meanwhile this billionaire playboy struts around while the world poor continue to suffer. Its disgusting Richard Branson shame on you!
The Future is out there we are just children in space
Personally I wish he'd tell some of his friends about Luxury Stranger who are currently the best unsigned dark alternative act to play UK, Ireland and parts of Europe...
Wow...there's so much bitterness in your life, isn't there +John Holden!

Even though this is an April Fools joke, I feel compelled to point out to you that the people who "dare to dream" are the ones who do the most good for humanity in the long run. They invent the technologies. They provide the means to access information. They build the roads that connect the communities. They inspire generations with their boldness.

So, get your head out of your arse.
+John Holden Who decides what is useless? You? There are many who believe that space exploration is a complete waste of money because there are hungry mouths to feed down here. Do you place yourself in that category, or is it just Branson that you don't like?

So far as starvation is concerned, exploitation of near-space has fed millions, as satellite-borne weather prediction and advanced communications have improved crop yields worldwide. So, if Branson wants to spend some of his money on research, rather than yet-another yacht or mansion ... I'm all for it.

Research pays off. Oh sure, you cannot predict when a given line of inquiry will return dividends, if ever. We only know that, on average ... we get back a Hell of a lot more than we put in, regardless of the ego size of the person footing the bill.

And I wish this post wasn't a joke. There's much to discover beneath our feet.
I have one big question? who comes to rescue you when you get stuck and how? Like their is no payphones their man and your cellphone won't carry waves underground, hope you have long ropes and big survival supply. By the look of your example what you are going to use you will get stuck in the rockbed with in the first five rotations
before you go can i have a loan of one million dollars repayable in five months
It's almost as funny as the people ranting about it only being for the rich!
I completely forgot it was April fools today, if you only knew how excited I was just 3 minutes ago lol
This has to be an April Fools joke.
you inspire us to dream... dreamer!!! Nice onel
That's great Richard! I have to say, I'm always excited to see how you're putting your creativity and resources to work... You're truly a visionary! ...and very lucky to have the opportunity to see your visions to fruition. Now, if you or someone like you could just quickly get us all of the oil teat. We'd all be styling! CS Martin - B2BGeennow -
best of luck.Your an con to mankind, wish you well Sir Richard and may you live a long and prosperous life ahead and I am just a humble fan among millions. May Allah bless you in this and many more endeavours ahead.
Remember to put your seats back in the upright position and stow your tray tables.
it's april fools you fucking fools.
I think it has something to do with wanting to pop as many cherries as possible.
Ada Ada
Next year on April 1, say that you'll launch a Black Hole Diving - a journey to centre of a Black Hole! ;-)
+ada ada black holes are unrealistic, dark energy stars are now the rave. Black holes don't exist, the math is incomplete, due to quantum mechanics and general relativity ending in singularity. IN YOUR FACE STEVEN HAWKING.
Hi Mr. Branson, I am an unemployed AIRLINE PILOT. Could you help me ge a job so I can feel useful and productive again? Thx. John Parkin
I must admit I believed the story up until 5 minutes after I finished reading it and saw some of the comments. LOL. Nice one, Sir Branson! is selling V.V.E. tickets for one day only. Almost sold out April 1st
Wow, April Fool's humour passes the US by in sarcasm shocker..
Sir Richard this is indeed a very dangerous mission and perhaps not for the reasons imagined.Either you will disprove the existence of Satan and Goddess Pele or they will welcome you home.
You will remember to slow down before you get to the other side?
Enjoyed the prank project Mr. Branson had me laughing!
I actually know someone who thought this was real.
A very good April fools Joke.... Dammm I thought it was real...
Pls. respect the Earth u live on. We take gravity for granite. : )
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