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Supporting youth entrepreneurialism in Chile. There is a real passionate, entrepreneurial streak here. If you have an idea for starting a business, then my advice is to go for it!
If you have an idea for starting a business, then my advice is to go for it!
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Simon Black of soveriegn man confidential has been singing the praises of Chile for over 3 years now. Welcome to the party Sir Richard.
what type of business ?
what about healthcare ?
This is a great opportunity to broaden the reach and impact of microfinance.
I did forty years ago in Jho'burg South Africa. Had a lot of tough times,but it was all worth it. Finished up owning two businesses. After ten years of retirement back in the UK am still catching up on my sleep. You are right Richard, to hell with the torpedos. Go for it both hands.
thank you, i'm going for it, scraping it together for my first go at it
How is Internet access there? Because in Dominican Republic is terrible! You have got to be in the top 1% to get access to the Internet. I can't open an eCommerce business in most Hispanic countries because of this...

Anything you can do about this? We can do a lot if there is affordable/available Internet infrastructure in place!
The only thing I know about Chile is the coup in the 1970s.
Richard Branson is right about Chile, great country today in 2012. The people that came after the war are now dead, that was in 1944, 68 years ago!
Hey Richard, well I am from a tiny Himalayan country called Nepal. Its one of the most desired adventure tourist destinations in the world and its one of the most beautiful countries by nature. As you being involved in to the lime light of international arena with your success and courage; would appreciate your help to market this country world wide. Though it sounding weird but would seek your help and guidance on it. I am also an enterprising person of my level but would like to take this country well into the world. Can you please give a lit attention on it so that we can work out something. I do have plans, projects and passion to work internationally but developing the country as well. thank you,
That's awesome you chose Chile to launch your Latin American empire!
This is awesome! There's nothing I love more than budding entrepreneurs.
Hi Richard, Chile' government has embraced the economic principles we have abandoned (US) and is now prospering as a result. Supporting the entrepreneurs in this country and investing in her is a stellar move!
Probably it would be useful to establish a network of youth entrepreneurs around the world!
Why didn't you just buy a local phone company (e.g: C.M.E.T. chile) instead of renting the movistar network? It might've cheaper in the long run, don't you think?
Señor Richard Branson
Buenas tardes,
Busco un socio capitalista para mi canal de televisión en el sur de chile, Rio bueno, Región de Los Ríos, Chile
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