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In Washington DC to join Secretary Clinton at Global Impact Economy Forum, watch live from 10.30am EST (3.30pm BST)...
In Washington DC to join Secretary Clinton at the Global Impact Economy Forum...
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I wish you success in the meeting and I am glad you can speak for those who are unable to be heard. Thank you
mani S
Kudos, love u for your generous steps.
Keep fighting the good fight Sir!
The concept economic is strong for all investisment in world onli the project in inovation suport advence is a nice solution for way out of crisis. Take a way and trust in you for change the space bull in you 'r contri i dont pray luck i trust work .....
Yeah well, good luck with that an all... Hilary's not exactly my cup of tea. Still at least you'll be out of town during the latest Mayoral contest. Why doesn't Ken just come out and say he doesn't want the job and save all these miserable show trials?
Was Hillary's boyfriend Vince Foster murdered or simply die? Some unknown woman's hairs were found on his pillow. I suspect foul play. By whom?
pibull you killed it at billboards today keep it up buddy. You need to come to my hometown waterbury ct to palace theater and perform.
slap the bitch for me while you're there
Oh Paddy... irony is a dangerous thing, sometimes!
but it feels good! and what happened to free speech, the ability to speak freely your thoughts?
Sir Richard.........I ask that you consider passing this along, given the Physician shortages throughout the world.

Welcome to Doctors with Dings!
Career assistance for Doctors with blemishes on their record.
Doctors With Dings® Inc. provides support to physicians and other licensed healthcare providers who have suffered a ‘career accident.’ We all know people in our lives that have made misjudgments, which have made unfortunate mistakes and erred in judgment. As you know with physicians these situations create blemishes on important credentials, challenges with licensing authorities and hence these medical professionals may find themselves in a difficult and challenging position from which to position themselves into new career opportunities. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
The leadership behind Doctors With Dings® Inc believes that most all of us make mistakes, but in many cases overcoming those mistakes can be inordinately difficult for medical professionals. We’re here to help. Doctors With Dings® Inc. was formed to provide a platform for Doctors to set their employment record straight and to help get them in front of potential employers who are crying out for qualified medical talent. Just because a mistake was made doesn’t mean in all instances a good professional should have to go it alone in the search for an employer to partner with to supporting both the provider and meet the needs of the patients in their communities.
At Doctors With Dings® Inc. we are a catalyst for change. We are here to make it a better transition through the growing stages of your career, despite the issues that may have hampered you in the past.
How can we do this? Because Doctors With Dings® Inc. is not a normal consulting firm. We don’t shrink from challenges or stigma; we rise above and develop a clear plan and program to help our clients identify and secure employment.
After all those years of medical school, residency, and fellowship (not to mention long hours without sleep) wondering if you would ever have a life of your own you, finally become a Doctor and your career begins to move forward.
Then one day, something happens. Everything changes in one incident. The good news is we are not here to make judgments about what happened. We are here because we understand that you, the Doctor were there and now need guidance through the maze of acquiring new, better or alternative employment. We get it that what might work for the average job search won’t work for yours; however, we do know what it takes and can help you put together all the pieces of the puzzle to move you forward.
Doctors With Dings® Inc. has been called visionary, forward thinking, ahead of it’s time and we are flattered about all the fuss…but we strongly believe that our business model’s time has come. Doctors With Dings® Inc. is right beside of you, the Doctor, through the whole employment process, start to finish.
We are still in our nascent stages of growth, but have a dynamic leadership and support team available to assist those who work with us. If you have a challenging ‘career accident’ and need a career medic – we’re here to help.

Dan R. Friesland, Founder-President
Doctors With Dings® Inc
540-444-2623 Office-Direct Line
540-293-3496 Mobile
"If you have a challenging ‘career accident’ and need a career medic – we’re here to help."
Hi Mr. Branson,

I tried to tweet this to you but had too much info to convey. For the past year, I've been working on a film about the possible health effects from long-term cell phone use. People I've interviewed include Dr. David Katz, Dr. Leeka Kheifets, Dr. Jon Samet, Dr. Mitchel Berger, Dr. Stan Glantz, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Dr. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Lawrence Lessig, Gavin Newsom, State Senators Leland Yee and Mark Leno.

I'd very much like to arrange a 15 minute film interview with you about the recent World Health Organization announcement classifying non-ionizing radiation as "possibly carcinogenic." I have watched your past interviews on 20/20 and Larry King Live but still have numerous questions for you. I hope you will consider my request and raising awareness about precaution. Thank you very much for your time,

Best regards,
Kevin Kunze
203. 331. 5581
R u right or left. I appreciate reproof, but am destined 
commit thy works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established
  for the most part we are all aware of which objects block the road to economic realism and humanitarianism. it is not a conspiracy for that would take cooperation, it is not the Illuminati they are just a seat in the masons it is not a group of fellows of any kind,, those whom decided to act vexatiously do so in there mind which cannot be seen. it is a opportune act built upon another s opportune act, its no longer the control of knowledge it is the output capacity of knowledge being transformed in order to confuse the many who would otherwise know the good way. it is the individual pride making effective objective's knowingly as if being a sociopath and without care. when Bechtel group bought the water rights of a whole city, there was a person or a few persons whom conceived a objective, paid a operative(lobbyist, lt. col. or local corrupt businessman)  watched the step by step process all the way down to  when the bill was paid by a poor person[s]. 
    all the ways in a man are clean but the Lord weigheth the spirits 
      all have fallen short of the glory of our Lord
    the human factor when given free riegn will show to sooner or later profit off the poor(in this case) the greatest revolution we worked for was the american revolution, after the shays rebellion the adverse legal system of our u.s. constitution said all humans are created equal, thus giving the right to petition and argue for the rights to petition to all, it took Frances sales of sir-ship and squashed it, it showed the church its spiritual seclusion and stated that no longer will subjective's be withstanding of a persons objects and led us into the industrial age with many life saving innovations.  
    in 1947 1 usc 5 was created    and in the 60's media was wrangled by profiteers who utilized Freudian psychological facts against humanity like they straight didnt give a f.... when people figured it out that they're consents were being slowly engineered, the pharmaceutical corp. "s stepped to, when the kids of the baby booming pill heads grew up relishing in addicted personality's  and personal prides were instilled, now we  see pretty girls on t.v. screw each other over and many act the same in order to appear pretier etc. etc 
   but truly ...... a fool sayeth there is a lion without i shall be slain in the streets 
   remove the human factor from our legislative and judicial process and all will unravel  do this by creating one thing as universally sacred in price and repeal 1 usc 5 
i was doing just that but a man named timothy bartosch defrauded my bank at the worst possible time 
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