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Any questions? We're doing a live #askrichard Hangout. Watch tomorrow at 5pm GMT (12pm ET, 9am PST)...
Watch tomorrow at 5pm GMT (12pm ET, 9am PST) for a live #askrichard Hangout...
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+Richard Branson Have you any ideas, on how can help increase the visibility of my new charity. Following the deaths of my wife and my eldest daughter, when our car was hit head on by another motorist heading the wrong way along The A1 in August 2010, i have set up a charity in their name to help children. Ive lost everything, but I am trying to turn, grief and pain into something positive and help others, I was hoping you might be able to assist, even with just some basic advice. Many thanks Richard from Ian

on behalf of the Jo and Mya Memorial Fund
lol please want to sell a car em,help with a buyer anyone hun,,,you can all view ot
Question: Would you invest in the Telecom Sector in the Middle East Again after the Qatar experience?

If Yes, There is a place i can tell you about that is Virgin Hungry!!!

If No, I can still convince you in 3 min ;)
Have you every thought about expanding the energy business? Virgin gas/water/electricity? Could make a real difference with a push towards renewable energy.

All the recent water shortages in the UK could easily, and cheaply, be resolved by investing in desalination plants.
Will Virgin, or are you considering within your commercial space ventures, the much talked about mining of asteroids? even if just the cargo side of it??
So tomo at 17:00 BST and 18:00 CET
Just click on the live hangout tomo and bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt
嗯 貌似只有我会中文呢 呵呵 不错 支持你一下!
+Richard Branson Thanks for taking your time to engage via social media with your customers and the general public. It is very much appreciated.

1. Please will you review Virgin Money policy to lend money (credit cards/debit cards linked to overdraft) for gambling transactions?

2. Please will you review Virgin Games policy to accept credit cards for gambling deposits?

Gambling is becoming far more prevalent in society today with 24/7 opportunities to play. It is time for the industry to promote and take action to encourage responsible play including as a minimum threshold ‘PLAY ONLY WITH YOUR OWN MONEY’ and with ‘MONEY THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE’.

You can view more details and my full letter to you here:

Best Regards,

Tony Franklin
I have been looking into the amount of suicide bombers that are always flashing on the TV in news articles, as I'm sure you're aware they are currently developing these new underwear bombs that are practically untraceable, if these things are non detectable with the current Xray arches that are in use at all airports and ferry ports across the world, do you not think that with yourself owning an airline company, you would come to some agreement with lets say a semi conductor manufacturer to manufacture such an arch that will be able to assist in detecting all items including non conductive material, something like a proper xray machine that customs use to detect illegal immigrants in containers, as this will show up as a black mark on the xray, and this way it should save all of the money all governments across the world are spending out trying to track down the Alleged suicide bombers.
Let me know what you think of the idea
First, thank you for this opportunity to ask questions.

1) Do you feel that there is an inherent conflict between a government offering social programs (funding these through higher taxes) and cultivating an entrepreneur-friendly environment? Could the opposite also present a challenge, where the lack of social programs and lower taxes serves as a bar to entrepreneurs? (Reference: asking this question from the US, where this debate is constant.) How do you find these two dynamics play into philanthropy?

2) Can you offer some advice on starting a business, from the point of view of someone who has been largely an employee? (Scenario: an employee from one of your companies, whom you may not have met, comes to you and says, "I want to start a business, an you're the best there is at this. Can you teach me? What advice do you have for me?" What would you tell him/her?) If you were starting today with, say, US$20,000, what would you do?

3) What do you read/listen to? What would you recommend people read/listen to? (Side note: "Losing my Virginity" is one of my favorite books.)

Once more, thank you for your time. 
Neil J
+Richard Branson Question: Given the continual efforts in the enterprise space to drive down costs in IT, do your business use any FOSS (Linux, libre office et al) to achieve this, if so what are you using?
If not; have you been looking at this software sector and if so which products have you been considering?
I won't get to watch live sadly however I wanted to ask, I have an idea for an online business I can design and market the website all ok but have no idea how to start sourcing stock or anything like that. So do you have any tips or suggestions on how I could go about this.

Thank you
Hi Richard,

I'm starting my own "Social Business" consultancy and I want to achieve great things, to help local companies understand and maximize on new media interaction, to achieve an employee focused environment and most importantly I want to give something back in the process (be Socially minded). If you were in my shoes what steps would you take to make this fledgling business a success?

And thanks for allowing the opportunity to ask!!

Given the era in which you grew up and what pertains now, do you think the youth of today are under utilising their opportunities? If yes, assuming you are a teenager, what would you have done differently now for which the opportunity did not exist earlier?

I read your autobiography "Losing My Virgininty" and I must say, its one of the best books I have read. Personally, I have placed it beside Conrad Hilton's "Be My Guest". Another great book by my standards. However, I don't agree with your caption for the picture of you dressed as a Zulu warrior. That I think is rather unfortunate.

You were depicting a culture not a foolishness.
My question is... how can I be in the hangout?? #AskRichard
I'm not going to be able to make the chat but thought I'd leave a question anyhow. I really love marketing and advertising, and would love to work in the business, but don't have a degree, nor am I able to get one at this time, and for quite some time. Is there any way to work in the industry without one?
Do you ever do any work in the 3rd world that exists in the USA (that is, the Native Amer reservations in S Dakota)? I keep waiting for the Gates Foundation to discover they don't need to go to Africa to fight 3rd World poverty and disease, they can find it on their Seattle doorstep, then thought -- perhaps it will be someone from another continent who will discover this poverty as they have "discovered" the poverty in Africa.
Dear Richard Branson have you ever had sex in space? Also, do you know any rock stars?, and erm, have you got any job vacancies?
What do you enjoy the most about your entire career? You seem to be one of the few, or only entrepreneurs that cares so much about the problems of the world on a large scale? Though you charge though and still have fun with ventures like Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Galactic & Virgin Volcanic at the same time? So much bold action really is in-springing and shows it possible to do both business and or stay in business and make a difference at the same time? :) Thank you, for being you!
I would like to ask why it is socially acceptable for big business to have a very poor customer service?
As a small business owner my customers rightly expect and receive excellent service. Large co-operations such as Virgin hide behind call centers and anonymous streams of different people who you can never get through to again. I have to explain the same issue to dozens of different people only to be told, Oh you need sales/installation/broadband.
Its an incredibly poor experience, no body takes any responsibility for Virgins poor service, it is left to your customers to own the problem and struggle through the most viscous treacle I have ever encountered.

MY actual issues is with your "Super fast Broadband" You are pushing people onto a network which is completely unstable. The new network which you migrate people to, under the guise of doubling their is worse than ever I often get a download speed on 0.01mps!!!! I, go through an hours of IVRs to be told, oh there is nothing I can do from here, I will send an engineer, engineer says, "that's fixed now", at about 35mps when its supposed to be 60, I say "fine well as long as its stable then I will live with that", Then 2 minutes later its too slow to even read my mail!
Its is faster to use my mobile as a hotspot than your superfast broadband. And no its not a Virgin one, and no I don't want a Virgin one.
Why is this acceptable form a large business when it is not from a small one?
I'm sorry...why do we need to ask Richard? What am I missing?
I thought this was Richard from Looking For Group... so disappointed.
#askrichard Are you ready to take the baton <giggle> as the next Hugh Hefner?
+Frank Cuenca actually, it was a bit of sarcasm. I was behaving sarcastically at the idea that this man, Mr. Branson, would assume that we need to ask him stuff. It was really quite rude of me. I shall apologize now.
Can I have one of your islands? I'll take real good care of it! Thanks!
Richard, as an aspiring entrepreneur, the biggest problem I've run into is a paralyzing fear of success. The first (in an intended series) of businesses I plan to launch has been ready for about a year, and despite throwing it into soft launch mode several months back, I have been unable to force myself to move forward with the hard launch. I just... I don't understand it... I've climbed on the outside of a plane while flying through a hail storm. No biggie. I've swum with sharks and been bold enough to pet them as they swim past. Fun times. But the idea of success? ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. No clue why. I have no fear of failure... but the thought of becoming... well, big... it's scary as hell to me. What techniques have you used to overcome similar psychological barriers in your various pursuits?

I know in your case, you got in a bit of a trouble for selling albums intended for export, and so you were situationally forced to pursue rapid expansion early on to pay off the fines. Absent getting myself intentionally arrested to self-induce a "situationally forced" incentive for moving forward at full steam (believe it or not, I've tried this several times and I keep getting laughed at by the cops... the Universe apparently won't allow me to get myself arrested), what can you recommend for getting over this sort of psychological nonsense?
• How closely are you involved with the operations of Virgin America? Is it a brand that you just lend your name to all the time and image to some of the time or are you involved in the day to day operations?

• Are there any things you wish you'd done differently with the Virgin brand and/or Virgin America?

• When can we expect Virgin Cruiselines and how can I pre-order tickets? :)
Thank you for this opportunity to be in contact with you! I have been thinking about this opportunity for a long time. My question is:

How can we arrange a meeting to you with a person who is unique in spiritual world to create and do many good things for the world? (He is not connected to any religion.)

Thank you! I appreciate your time answering my question.
Lots of love,
The wife and I just returned from our first ever cruise. I was thinking, it would be awesome if someone recreated the Titanic using the original blueprints, materials, and accessories (better rivets however), and brought back the glamour of cruising. Having a 24/7 party on board is great, but I believe the activity has lost most its luster that once made it so intimate.
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