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Progress as UK Government introduce Start-Up Loans to invest in young entrepreneurs - great campaigning +Virgin Media Pioneers!
Virgin Media Pioneers Youth Enterprise Loan campaign provokes change...
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New start-ups are the big companies of tomorrow. There are so many good ideas that do not come to light due to lack of funding. Glad to see the investment in our future!
Why is this only for young entrepreneurs? As a middle aged entrepreneur, I find this ageist.
I wish I had this when I started my business
+Peter Jovanovic I don't know what you mean. What ever age you are when you start a business you need investment, in loans or an equity stake, and the terms will be roughly the same. It seems that this program is giving favourable loan terms to younger people, which is skewing things away from older, more experienced people who might be able to manage the funds better.
Shame +Richard Branson posts and leaves, and does not get involved in the conversation.
Sure £2500 is money well needed for startups..but it might not be enough to get over the knee to increase the chance for survival and payback.
And nothing about the deal itself.. guaranteed payback before when..and penalty fees?
Any deamands like 12% of the company or its product?

U feeling old guys?
There might be many reasons for only supporting young entr..
1# the young is undamaged by the old man's view..
2# they are easier too fool. Better to be the first one they make the bad misstace with
3# more fun ;o)
4# they don't have kids that break down the time..
5# they most likely have the extra energy to work the extra-extra overtime.
+Christian Grenfeldt yes I'm feeling old after nearly a year of working two jobs to get my start up off the ground. £2.5K would have helped us a lot in kicking off, whatever the terms, but hey, never mind.
I want to work on something beautiful and helpful. Overflowing with visions of safety, luxury and prosperity!!!
I am 23 we R looking for investment to grow are online retail and market selling company where would we find. More information about this richard thank you very much for your input 
+Nigel Legg Like I said £2.5K is well needed money in a startup.
And it can be the difference of succeed and failure. I can't argue with you about that.
But there is more needed to increase the chance for succeed and payback)
Let's say you need to create something in China to sell. It's not going o be enough to go all the way. (might be wrong, I do hope I am).
Money for the product it self, and then u need money to make people know your product is out there. Yes if its great it might sell itself online. But if its too slow the company might not survive anyway.

At the same time the best thing is to get little support from many different investors.
No, there is no 'whatever term'. I like +Richard Branson alot. So I would like him as a part owner, to get that extra. But to sell all rights and income just to be able to create my unless I have no intention to make any money at all, for the mankind.

My interest is in innovation and green energy and my girlfriend been asking me to contact him about what I created for years now. It might be crazy enough.
I just haven't had time to build the nice prototype yet. Without it I don't think its worth talking to him. So yes £2.5k would be perfect for me to let someone create parts that will make a beautifull prototype to get the big investments.
I would LOVE a LOAN,,and I can make it work .I use to own a consignment shoppe ,Called Pennies from Heaven (Billie Holiday)showing my age/any way they sold the building ,right out from under me..ANYWAY,If you want a good laugh go to the cadbury ad..The one with the dancing clothes,and pictue me in a pale pink glitter gown,and shoes to match of course..It will make you forget your troubles/and the one with the kid eyebrows LOL glitter kissesxxo
What a nightmare what's the problem with the over 50s proven fact those who have been through the mire have more chance of success this is a kick in the guts for the older generation stuff the goverment and stuff virgin don't like branson anymore used to hero worship him.
That is amazing. It seems like a step up from the SBAs loan programs and its great to have the one-year holiday from making payments.
+John Musumeci , +Richard Branson is supporting older people too that have good buisnessplan and products, for sure .
This is just one article with focus on one thing he's been doing! So u can keep worship him.
thet s a good thing for americans , but no terrian to help in 'world aid' , no mission.
i understood is smthg about ,money given to help youth but at what percent returning interest rate be resent to glenn moore willis , and carful at gambler
now can I apply???????????????????????????????????????
i have an idea of how to survive a 10,000 foot drop without a parachute and come out of it without a scratch..anyone interested?

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