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Challenge for a young entrepreneur, with +Virgin Galactic & +Virgin Oceanic in mind...
A young entrepreneur called Josh Taylor asked me on Twitter recently to set him a challenge...
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Thanks for sharing. This was awsome and a great challenge. I wish I could have actually been up that high and got to see the view. I think astronauts have the greatest job in the world. It was once my dream. I love to see and study things like this. Again thanks for sharing. as we say here in Hawaii Mahalo (Thank You).
Going deep is harder than going high. Good luck Josh.
Why don`t we send William to the space centre
Sir +Richard Branson , would you be willing to help finance his next project for going under water? Because I don't think simply going to the hardware and electronic stores (or maybe even the party store) will cut it for that one.
If you are interested in connection with second chance +
What about travelling overseas, not in a plain or a boat, but in a ultra highspeed submarine! Crazy :-)
For undersea... How about lowering two fiber-optic lines down- one for the footage and one for the lighting, and then just driving around with them.
I'd probably go with bio-mimicry to resolve the challenge, almost everything must be liquid to survive and stay a while down there, but then come other interesting challenges as light and camera controls... Bioluminescence and bacteria cameras perhaps?
im sorry-can't receive any google + stuff from you, richard--i'm not rich enough (ha!)
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