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First person to find me and shout “we love +Virgin Atlantic can join us at a special launch party! Good luck!
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that's pretty awesome, actually. Any chance you're in South Carolina? haha, didn't think so. Nonetheless, have a great time.
we love +Virgin Atlantic!

Does that count? ;)
we love +Virgin Atlantic!
we love +Virgin Atlantic!
LOL! He didn't specify...

No worries, I'll wait for the Virgin Galactic party.
Check in with latitude make it a tad easier ahah jk. Good luck everyone.
Flying out on Virgin Atlantic on Saturday morning. The flight is the bit I am looking forward to +Richard Branson on the whole trip. :)
Just look for the guy surrounded by hot ladies ;) No - Not me! the Branson guy :p
we love +Virgin Atlantic can join us at a special launch party! Good luck! ^^
I doubt you're in England, but we love Virgin Atlantic!
So you are inviting someone to stalk you +Richard Branson and then shout at you................ really ? lol
I'm flying to England on Virgin Atlantic in 3 weeks and 2 days!! Pretty excited!
Would love to fly on Virgin Atlantic!
i've never flown VA however it is on my to-do list :)
I love Virgin Atlantic and used the service just last month.
Jack B
im related to you!!!!
too far away to shout. maybe someone else will do it for me.
finding you is the key - where are you hiding this time Richard? aha! Found you! at the heart of your/my being in the heart of all being! But oh! we're all there! oh well, can't win or lose then can we? lol!
Even though I might never get a chance to be where you are..."we love +Virgin Atlantic!!!" Take a trip to Idaho!!!
Virgin Atlantic you too much. Wish more success.
ran up to this "dude" on the street and shouted "WE LOVE VIRGIN ATLANTIC"! but it wasn't you. So then, his friend Walter turns around and shouts back at me: " SHUT THE F.. UP DENIS!"
am way far from u so even if i am the first or last, i wouldn't be able to make the party lol... thx for stayin alive.. u are my inspiration and motivation..
Hey! Richard the great - Even when I'm calling you, you don't hear me. I will be a tortoise in your list and sure but surely you will hear my call. I even tried putting a message in a bottle - where the hell in the sea is it now Barbados ? LOL If I win a ticket I'll paint the best picture of you ever I promise and you will sure be the talk of all airlines. Your staff are so nice, when I fly Virgin. God bless you Richard. keep happy.
Oztin Tayshus It's because I feed him too much. LOL.  I call him my Garfield.
Theresa Jenner
Give him some TLC come on - don't loose that lovin feelin.  You'll be in for a surprise when he stops licking and gives you those puppy eye looks, ah! that's when things get cracking.  Be a good girl now and let him wear the skirt a little bit longer. LOL  I think, we have a good friendship here, our 2 fellas would have a lot in common.   When I loose it, I just give him the look, that he never forgets - so then he starts to sing silly and tells me he's gonna tell his mummy.he he  
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