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Why were ties ever invented? Join me, cut your friend’s tie off! They’ll thank you when the ideas start flowing...
I often have a pair of scissors in my top pocket to go cutting people’s ties off. It is time to say goodbye to the tie...
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Note to Anyone near Richard. Don't wear an expensive tie!
I believe I've seen them stapled to a bar wall somewhere in Texas...
The necktie can be traced back to the Thirty Years' War when mercenaries in French service wore traditional small neckerchiefs. Then it became fashionable, and the rest is history.

Fashion, eh? What is it good for?
+Paul Gunther Yes, I remember visiting a restaurant somewhere in Texas many years ago where a big thing was made of banning ties and consequently a huge collection of them hung on the entrance wall. I think the same restaurant was on two levels and had a slide down to the dance floor.
If the wearer is happy then stand out wear it.
A tie is nothing but an elegant leash. Snip away!
I gave up wearing them to work years ago, always used to tick me off that women could wear what they liked yet men had to wear suit and tie to the office. Seems to be acceptable to to even wear them to weddings these days
Hey not so fast .. I love wearing a tie. When the occasion is right (and the tie of course too) I truly like it. You can make very subtle and yet visible statements by wearing a tie. It is then not only a fashion item, but a message.
Wear the tie if your a messy eater and need a bib!
Cut ties; this is a bold statement I love it.
Since I don't have to wear one for work, I enjoy ties. I only wear them when I choose, when I want to look extra fancy. I wore one on a date recently and it helped make a great impression.

Also, strippers love to work with them...
I've ditched my ties unless it's a funeral / wedding and it's the uniform. However... I do up all the buttons on my tennis shirt because I am confused as to what they are there for, given it's a t-shirt
I don't wear one but a tie is the one way a man gets to be colorful, and covers up the buttons that I always forget to button correctly. Fortunately I sit in my Fortress of Solitude all day so nobody sees what I really look like. (Note: superheroes get to be more colorful than the average man on the street)
In London, very few people I know wear ties... maybe only for Job Interviews and Weddings! However, when I used to live in Madrid, it was much more formal and practically every male wore a tie...
That may be the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard. I don't like ties and don't wear them, but if I did it certainly wouldn't inhibit my creativity. I might start looking for a new job though. Not requiring dress code is a signal that a company puts productivity above all else.
Sorry but I hate the slobs culture of scruffy attire, even casual clothes can look tidy
I'll never wear tie at business purposes. Very rarely for leisure purposes too. I'm with this!
When doing teacher training I had to wear a Tie, painting with 6 year olds with a tie was a recipe for disaster even with a tie clip.

Employers should respect their employees for what they can do, not what they wear. If customer facing it is important to be smart but it also needs to be practical and comfortable.
You don't have to wear a tie to be dressy or classy or make a good impression. A neat and orderly appearance will do all that for you and more. 
I always wondered who invented ties. It's one of life's unwritten rules where we do something without thinking. Now I run my own business, I am not ruled by an uneccessary code.
I'm all for getting rid of business and business casual dress all together. I'm much more productive if I'm wearing something I'm comfortable in which is not dress pants and a button down shirt (which is what I wear now to work).
it's better to look like a thug. so get rid of the tie.
Agree with you, ties make us feel wizened and above others.
People feel uncomfortable to talk when you see a tie.
If you want to wear something distinctive and attract attention to yourself I suggest bringing back the codpiece, at least it doesn't strangle you
won't be long till preachers wear their slacks down around their knees, get rid of the tie.
There is still and will always be a time and place for the tie, weddings, funerals, graduations, christening, etc... Basically any time you wear a tie it's like showing a mark of respect for the event your at or person your seeing. So for important occasions its important.

That does not mean its needed in the work place on a daily bases.
hear hear for the "no tie" Richard. I've felt so strongly about this in the past, that I've secretly held the thought, that if one of my bosses forced me to wear a tie one day, I'd leave. I've always considered it a deal breaker.

Personally I see it as a symbol of submission bordering on slavery.
I loved this blog post and I agree you can look smart without the need for a tie and the casual approach to business creates a far more relaxed working environment in my opinion...although I'm not a businessman so don't take that as fact!
The ties are not to blame. Ties are beautiful. Blame the stupid dress codes.
Makes a handy tourniquet, should you need that sort of thing.
I agree Ties suck and whoever invented them deserves a special place in hell. Whose idea was it to start a man's day by tying a noose around his neck?
I was forced to wear a tie, back when I worked for a financial firm. I'm done. When my grandfather dies, I'll wear one of his bow-ties to the wake and funeral. That's about it.
+Gabriel Walsh I agree, they need to join in hell the guy who invented sticking labels for fruits (especially the ones you eat with skin and all)
Why the hate for a piece of clothing? Why wear button up shirts instead of t-shirts? Same diff!

I like wearing ties. It's dressier, stylish & looks good.

Each to his own...
I'll pass this article out next time I have a job interview...
I am imagining Brett Maverick without the string tie. ............... nah! And in times past ties kept the weather out of your neck hole. And how would the Blues Brothers look like Hasidic Jews without the skinny little ties?

But as a requirement to get you into Corporate HQ or an up-scale restaurant ? I'm with you, Richard.
if you are comfortable with ties why not as for me it depend on how am feeling but Richards' got a point
Don't wear a tie if you don't want to but you can't cut someone's tie.
I like the idea of shaking things up regarding the stilted ideas about workplace fashion, but if you literally cut someones tie, it's a violation of the non-aggression principle, and therefore immoral.
Cut mine off last fall! Best thing I ever did!
I rarely 'have' to wear a tie. On the days I just don't feel like going to work, sometimes a tie or jacket is an internal pledge to put my head down and tough it out. They have their use.
To me a tie is just an overglorified noose...
It's like saying-"Why were shoelaces invented, they're unnecessary because we have slip on shoes." It's just a fashion accessory that got shanghaied into the corporate world. I love my ties, but I never get to wear them because I'm a plebeian wretch.
My workplace abolished ties about 2 years ago. I still wear a tie to work every day. I just don't feel right not wearing a tie to the office! It tells my brain to get into work mode in the morning and it's a great symbol of the end of the working day when I walk through the door & remove it.

No matter where I work or what their dress code is, I will always wear a tie to work*. Yes, even if I become self employed & work from home. In fact, especially that!

* Except on customary 'dress-down Fridays' or when working near machinery where a tie can be dangerous.
shoelaces make wearing the shoes more comfortable because its a shoes with lace holes so you can wear them without the laces but u can wear a shirt or even a suit without a tie
+Eledafemi Mabinuori That's ridiculous. Laced shoes are way less comfortable than slip ons and you know it. You're just trying to get a rise out of me!
+Eledafemi Mabinuori, a shirt's collar is the same as a shoe's lace holes (eyelets). If we lose the ties, we should lose the collar. I think +Richard Branson would be happy with that as well, judging by the comments about facebook staff wearing tee-shirts to wall street...
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It is the most ridiculous garment ever invented - basically a modern day slave collar. I'm sure it has it's roots in something practical, like a scarf, but practicality left the stage long ago! It's time to put an end to this, at least on a mandatory level. If people wear ties because they choose to, great, but forcing people to wear something stupid, uncomfortable, and impractical should come to an end. Except lawyers. They should continue to be forced to wear ties so that we can identify them and for making such a silly career choice.
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Ya its true. That's why the first thing I do when I get home is slip of the collar of oppression.
Invented by Mongolian warriors as a shackle to keep their prisoners tied together, ironic that it is still a symbol of slavery.
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Fabulous initiative! Do you collect the bits and pieces of everyone's ties? That would make a fabulous art piece.
they do look smart... shouldn't have to wear them to work tho, only special occasions like meetings, presentations, weddings etcccccc
I like bows. Never tried. But I think, it will look good on everyone at office !
Everytime i see someone wearing a suit and tie i immediately think that person is full of shit. Its time to do away with those terrible terrible clothes.
Countess Mara will put a bounty on your head, Sir Richard.
(for the sartorially challenged, that's a tie joke)
I have an uncle who, when approaching people for conversation at a dinner, cocktail, etc. would sneak his glass just under the bottom of their tie and slowly move it upward until their tie was submerged. He does stuff like that all the time.
Since I have to wear a tie, I have one my friends got me from thinkgeek thats says I hate ties in binary. Best tie ever! =D
I never use ties to go to work. But when I need to, I enjoy the moment.
Not my Gerry Garcia ties, you don't.
I agree completely, I also think that the corporate structure itself is wrong. If you watch a dog on a lead, at first it will struggle to pull away want to explore the world but over time it will strip trying and just amble on next to it's owner... This is how the workplace has been for many, they get to work and have many great ideas and then they keep being pulled back until they just amble along. Screw that tradition...
It is not the clothes that make the man. Neither can removing an item of clothing (a tie) make one creative. I don't wear a tie to work every day. I largely wear golf shirts. But, putting on a tie from time to time for specific events or meetings does not somehow destroy my ability to come up with creative solutions.

Focusing on the piece of clothing that you think symbolizes the "restrictions" is just naive. You can take all the ties you want from Wall Street ... it won't change the way they work.
+Richard Branson At least I know what not to wear if you ever invite me to your house for dinner. (could happen, one can wish)
...if you really want to do someone a favor, ban pantyhose and underwire bras! Ties can be removed at your desk. It's a tad more of a problem to take those blasted things off while in a public area. And please no more cutting of ties. Some of them are made of nice fabrics that would make really nice crazy quilts.
anyone cutting my tie off would find it difficult to see another tie with the scissors stuck in his eye ................
What I have observed about ties is... boring people wear boring ties, and interesting people wear interesting ties.
Hmmm - each to their own, surely? might be somewhere you want to add the Virgin name, +Richard Branson , but you should be wary of those who think men's hair should be, shall we say, shorter?

Me, I no longer wear a tie for work - but do think it's down to the individual. Incidentally, Freemason's in England wear black ties, in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the First World War. Probably best not to chop theirs ;)
Forget ties, instead cut off the heads of people who believe that the "bottom line" is more important than creating value, and providing it cheerfully and at a reasonable price to the user.
Tell me, will you outlaw ties yet keep putting people in cubicles? Doesn't that seem just a little bit hypocritical?
If everyone who refused to wear a tie had your ideas, I'd be willing to vote to make them illegal.
In India the climate is somewhat always hot. Then people wear those coats and ties...why?
I love this idea! Personally, I refuse to take a job where I would have to wear a tie.
Honestly, no one likes to wear a tie.
i would wear a pretty tie only for you to cut it off and to laugh about it!! *gigglin*
It's just an extension of the clerical collar, anyhow. Here in Paignton people only get them out for weddings and funerals - unless you're a car salesman or sommat...
i like ties but i think they should be an op in a meeting lol and i use ties to express how i feel that day lol
Richard, are u alive to the music, "Inna England we have Olympics coming; China; America ; De Russian dem running; ON DE TRACK; England naa win no Gold; NO; Not even a Bronze; On De Track a Jamaica Run Dat; Run Dat. Seen?
It is necessary for politicians to wear ties ... so that their foreskins do not flop over their heads.
Now that is funny David!!!lol
Please dont do this in wedding ;) after all they tie the knot
+Adam Schemanoff: "There is still and will always be a time and place for the tie, weddings, funerals, graduations, christening, etc... Basically any time you wear a tie it's like showing a mark of respect for the event your at or person your seeing. So for important occasions its important."
- Christening: I'm not baptized. Therefore, I'm not welcome.
- Weddings: I'll never get married.
- Funerals: I didn't go even to my father's funeral.
- Graduations: I also missed that, I had something better to do that day.
Therefore, there's no time and place for the tie for me.
Have I ever worn a tie? Yep, a bow tie to work as a f**ng waiter in a posh hotel or in the Goodwood horseraces. Have you ever seen Fawlty Towers? do you remember Manuel? he also used to wear a bow tie. He was probably marking his respect for every event.
cut my tie i poke you eye lol !! Go ahead cut it off it was CHOCKING me anyway
nice! ... I, who also hate ties, explained your point to my friend ... she cut the tie of her boss and got fired! I
Should I feel guilty?
Did he poke her eye ? She'll get another job just for her sense of humor !!
yes its good to cut the ties,,,,, f
Your sooo naughty! I'd be scared to sit near you incase you cut my skirt short. I love your hair. Send me a curl. I'll paint you as a lion. I can see it as a best seller.
I alway's wear a suit and tie to work! Any man who doesn't is nothing but a lazy slob.
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