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In time for the #Jubilee, dug out this old photo of our +Virgin Records store. Never Mind The...?
In time for Jubilee, dug out this old photo of our Virgin Records store...
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that is cool  it makes you think of how you started.
"Virgin Records and Tapas" ?!?! ;)
Truly a great man. You wouldn't find +Richard Branson at the likes of the bilderberg meeting. I'm also pretty sure he wouldn't involve himself in evil masonic practises. Branson for PM!
+Ross Thomas No doubt. Extra virgin tapas all the way. I wonder if they also sold cassettes, or paella.
We really need a "God Save The Queen" right now for us anti-monarchists. Got a boat we can borrow for the weekend Sir Richard?  #Punkbritannia
+Guy Bailey's right. Can we borrow your Gibbs Aquada for the day please. There won't be many of us and I promise we'll look after it. 7:00am at Embankment? Sounds great, see you there. Many thanks. Bye.
+Guy Bailey on the bright side, if the U.K.'s biggest problem is that it's got a non functioning monarchy that costs it money, that's a problem that an awful lot of the world would like to have.

You have a functional democracy that can put things like cheap (per capita) and working healthcare in place. That puts you in a better spot than the U.S. and we don't even have a monarchy to blame.
good day Richard, it's Vuksan(Dr.V) from Chicago. How are you and your family? hope all is well. i am writing this letter to you for help/guidance on a very sensitive matter, which i believe would benefit and help humankind. my Godfather John Ioakimidis,esq. proposed an idea to me which seemed plausible, but controversial. it involves human transplants. we felt why is it that people like DarthDickCheney who have money can find? buy? a new heart. while millions of other people world wide especially poverty stricken countries can't. John and I were wondering how could we or anyone setup a program where people who were poverty stricken would have a choice or opportunity to sell there organs in order to financially help lift their families or village out of poverty. if  i wanted to sell a body part or give up my life in order to save  my family or my village from poverty, i would in a heartbeat. Like i said.controversial, but it would really help a lot of people, maybe even millions. Thank You for Your time and help in advance. best wishes.

ps- God Save the Queen
Disgusting this filth is ruining our country. Isn't that what they said back then!!
Were they right or wrong?
+Aaron Sherman The 1911 parliament act means we essentially have a dictatorship. True democracy never has and never will exist.
now i am feeling really old :(  "tapes"   dare i say " 33 and a 3rd " and "78's"  , anyway lets hope we all have a fantastic Jubilee whatever the weather throws at us.Its all about coming together ,street parties,and saying  hi to complete strangers .hope you all have a great weekend ..and thanks for the extra day off yipppeee .
From very humble beginnings to outer space flights! Living proof that anything is possible. I love it!
how about 8 track tapes and 8mm or TV with dials?
Very cool pic!
A journey begins with a single step.
greetings Markus
Rock n roll!!!
Records and Tapes? Bwahahahahahaahaaaa.... 
Seems like a lifetime ago.
It's quite interesting how I use to peruse the records stores in my somewhat younger days only to see the changes with it as a business model to what it is today!  By the way, love Virgin records.
Yes, Sir Richard, with the Queen Jubillee, you should fly every one of this circle to  fly in your airlines free! mmmmm what do you think? any comment about this everyone?
... What is the zip code?... Don't tell me the store at Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd ,LA... I doesn't look like it and that was a 'superstore' which at the time it was...-:) 
Daniel, that's the original shop in Notting Hill Gate in London. The postcode would have been W10 or W11 something.
From Virgin in the 70's and 80's Facebook page:
"Virgin Records original offices were in Vernon Yard just off Portobello Road in the Notting Hill area of London."
I personally prefer Virgin Records and Tapes. Though in this day and age it would read... Virgins records, flights, money, trains, CDs, digital audio, insurance and intergalactic. Too much for a sign board but I think it has a certain ring :)
I used to design the content for the instore tv screen network for VShop now theres a blast from the past ;0) 
This is important for people to see, such beginings can evolve into space travel if you have the guts and determination and, most importantly, the hunger for growth.
you were a reble and hero to many and actualy its nice to see that a good person can be without affence!
many a hard battle fort i bet and won by rebles you were a pirate dont chainge the creative mind is nice to see you can succeed a pirate with his own island not many !
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