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The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do 
The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world...
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You Mr Branson need to spead more time in front of the camera.. And in the US..  I sometimes loose track of how awsome you are..
I want change my lovely CHINA set her free from the dictatorship and corruptions
Indeed they are working days and nights to explore their brains..
I want to be one of the crazy ones. I love to buck the establishment to make changes that are necessary for the good of the people .... 
yes... a wonderful teacher once said to me...
never wait to be chosen...
the chosen choose themselves....
Thanks for warning us......We are now on guard.
oi querido .muito louco e quem me diz que nao e feliz.beijos.
Once you can embrace 'failure' then you can 'succeed '... What about the first person to try eating frogs legs? They could have failed and we would have laughed at the idea.... But they didn't and we all thought how simple it was!
First through the door gets the arrow in the minds open doors.
You do not have to crazy enough to change the world around and beyond. You need to have a vision, a will power, and start some where.
thats steve jobs brilliance for ya his legend will live forever
Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
What a true statement. Some of our leader have no clue what they are doing? They have the courage and the cash, to make a difference; but they don't have the commpassion, common sense or consideration for other. I look foward to to seeing true pioneers, innovators, like yourself take center stage. Sometines its not the one in the spotlight. This world needs more positive change.
And you sir clearly know what you are talking about!
Then I guess I'm crazy Richard!
+Bart Thate thats exactly the only thing that can hold change back... Dont expect your surroundings to understand your ideas...before afterwards when they took shape and it went well; )
Or fill the nut houses.
Since the world is changing to the wrong direction, now we know who are the ones to blame.
If people stopped and payed attention then we would be better off then we would if the big wigs try and fix what they've done. All they are doing is making it worse.
O But M A person Might not Acknowledge it.
If they do i dont want to live in it!
Your beer taste not so good
Changing the world starts with changing your own world first. Be the change you want to be type of stuff.
Where a lot of us stumble is that we forget even the greatest journey is made out of small steps. Besides, if one individual an have a local influence in his/her community that is already a big accomplishment. The fever of going global hinders the potential to be a force locally.
Quite true indeed the size of the dream equivalent to the size of the creation
This is from the Steve Jobs autobiography, isn't it?
To actually change the world, one needs much more than a willingness to champion a crazy idea. They need opportunity and luck. For every great person there's a thousand almost-great people with equal ability and equally crazy ideas. Not everyone wins the special snowflake award, no matter how deserving.
In times past, this may of been truth. In today's world, like +Gannon Errinta Putra said, the world is changing by itself. So now, it should read," The ones who are crazy enough to think they can bring less misery into the world, are the ones that do."
Just my opinion. 
That,is why,Bush white house called them drug Obama white house calls them drunks.
Ro Roe
agree, but it has to be good crazy!!:)
Life is like a bag if have to dug in and hope its not a rotten one.
awesome motto i know i am this is my pic when i was 9 but i am 14 and this motto is a very good motto it would help me lol
All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.

Have I mentioned I'm running for Emperor?
It's the only way to fix the mess the corrupt, elected Legislative and Executive branches created.
Agreed sir, as always thank you for your inspiration. I look forward to your empire and mine working together for a greater good in the future. 
munju s
where there is a will there is a way
What % of those that are crazy enough to try actually succeed? Of those that succeed what % die broke and alone? Great sound bite but the reality is likely very dismal. (not to say you should try, especially if you live in a nanny state that doesn't force the poor elderly to chose between meds and food)
Changing the world is fine just be sure not to be narrow minded. Listen to others points of view otherwise you are just changing the world to fit you own ideal and others may suffer for it.
How about you start with giving 1 pint of Blood .At a local Blood Drive or whole Blood you can help 3 people every 80 days.That mean's you might save the life of the one who will change the would change the Future for time;s to come by 1 simple act...Dream???i dream of Horrors night  and day you all would run..
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You just have to surpass the boundaries of the mundane thinking process and BAM! there you go
Couldn't be more true. 
+Joseph Griffin  you could save the one who kills the guy who would change the world. but more importantly you are giving opportunity to those who would not have any without your generosity. I would help too but I have a bit of Trypanophobia (Fear of needles)
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Yes, the crazy ones do change the world. That's because somewhere along the way we realise that no one told us we couldn't. They also didn't tell us there was a box, and that most people think Inside of it rather than Outside it.
If you dont like a rule ,just follow it.Reach the top and change the rule.
+Jaye Sudar they didn't tell us there was a box to think in, its just in school you get bad grades if you think outside the box. the people who could not think inside the box usually were forced out of school, very few were able to get noticed and recognized and most lived bad lives. Exceptions include Albert Eisenstein, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.
Define crazy. And crazy to whom? We live in a cynical world, lots of crazies according to me. Those are the people that should be locked up, not allowed to "change the world".
crazy in the sense of thinking that he or she could do it. hellooooooooooooo
+Ryan Vaterlaus I agree. If you don't think inside the box, you don't fit the profile that is the box of standard education. I was lucky that I had my formative educational experiences in the '60's and '70's. I am NOT an in the box thinker. In fact my friends who are educators laugh and tell me I need to go back to school to learn what the box is. Sigh... However, the important part is recognising that we can make a difference. It may not be on a global scale, but we can't give up just because someone doesn't like the way we think.
Totally agree... Normal people don't disrupt the status quo.
it seems to me there is no 'outside the box'...
it seems there are just lots of different boxes...
we are all contained....
but the standard box is nearly exhausted...
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I believe I can change the world... Hopefully I do!
Agree'd. I find the world belongs to me, and I can change any part of my belongings, as I so chose.
You are so right. You did it. So can I
The Becky Mae Tolagsens ( and male counterparts ) of the virtual world have polluted and minimized the potentual of the internet. It's as though they are status-quot fifth columnists. ( perhaps, avatars ? )
We can change the World one person at a time!
I want to change Italy and make it free of corrupt politicians
Great so the people running things are crazy.
that's true just in case you don't realize.
I know I have in some ways. Still not done yet. Sir. Richard hiring any Vets?
I am one of those crazy, look forward to publish a book in a few years :)
The one's who are intelligent enough to change the world, know they're intelligent.
They're just never given much of a chance.
Sorry, you were correct Sir Richard, the ones who 'Think" they can change the world are the ones who are crazy. The ones who rarely get a chance to change the world, probably could. Is what I meant.
By the way Sir R. You have changed the world in a little way for yourself and in a big way for others. You've played your part.

I bet you started to change it before the authorities noticed you though.

That is the 'luck' part that separates us.
Mr. Richard Branson ; While my perceptions of the world most certainly prove That I"m insane (it can't be the world - right?) - even I am not crazy enough to hope mankind's destiny is not at least 500 years past changing. Serious perusal of the histories of Switzerland and anonymous banking begs the question of the chicken and the egg. If you are aware of a lunatic who meets your criteria, I would be over-joyed to feed the flames with ( five single page ) files of my own thoughts.
To change the world, we have to care,we have to dare,we have to have the resources.But,most of all,we have to change the human mentality,that created the world's problems, in the first place.We can only change the world, if we changed ourselves.Small changes are not sufficient,when facing such massive problems.What we need now, is a revolution in human consciousness,for the world to survive.We observe that most humans destroy with their left hand,whatever their right hand creates.Are you part of the problem,or part of the solution?
Danny Blair : I couldn't agree more. :)
+Michael Bruin The ones who are crazy enough don't sit around waiting to be given a chance. They step up and claim it.
Nope Lennart, they study Politics and the rest is easy from there. ;)
+Enaa Zausen Of course there is an "outside" of the box. But you must learn to see that there are bars before you can bust out of the jail. I'll give you a clue: It is something fundamental, hiding in plan sight. So obvious that nobody ever see it or question it or would ever dream that it could be any other way. Nobody. Except a few really crazy ones.
Here's To The Crazy Ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The trouble-makers.
The round pegs in the
square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo.
You can quote them,
disagree with them,
or vilify them.
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who do.
The place needs to be changed but not the way that it is right now. All we need is some big wig making the world worse then it it already is. But hey, we give them a chance and a lot of times we like the change. Sounds kind of contradicting.
+Sussan Javid Very true. Something as small and seemingly insignificant as an idea. What could be more dangerous, infectious and contagious than an idea?
+Lennart Edenfjord  the answer to that question, so I'm told, would be herpes lol (sorry couldn't resist) but you are absolutely right!
The ones that do! They can do what ever they like but not as long as they like!
Sadly rarely for the better though!
the world is constantly changing already - but it may be crazy to think it isn't changing or that our simple species can do much about it :))))
Yep! - take inventors: everyone tells them what they are trying to do will never work and "it's impossible".   But look - we can fly, we've been to the moon, we've imaged and positioned individual atoms, scanned inside the human body, and the list goes on...   
like thinking outside the box
The Human Mentality:
-What will we do, when all the fish in the oceans are gone?
-We'll eat Filet Mignon.
As for myself, I starve three times a day,on a regular basis!
People that are delusive can change the world...its a magical thinking....imposible.....
I paraphrase the true geniuses are the ones "normal" people think are CRAZY
like sex chat   like this
You are right no progress without fantastic-crazy people see Leonardo da Avinci, Albert Einstein and you
Richard Branson has great hair. It's so smooth and shiny. 
Define crazy ?.....everybody tries even me.x
Absolutely! ;) And some have been a bad kind of crazy and some good! Keep up the good craziness!
It's a shame about the face though. 
good point and way of putting it like that
Hmm....i thought once that my dream is too Big or too High.... i guess coming from you +Richard Branson , i don't mind to be called crazy....hopefully i'll get there ASAP :-P
I seen this quote earlier today on my wall. I believe it was phrased a bit differently but, basically the same quote. I have always been concerned by that word "crazy." It has become a tag line to draw the masses to act like paranoid hysterics. When governments and religions do not like the way Crazies are behaving or speaking, they can be brutal in their retaliation... Syria, Egypt, Somalia. The list goes on. It is the Courageous, the ones who are willing to give their lives for a just and truly noble cause. These are the World changers. The ones who are so frightened, so terrified they can hardly breathe, but still walk out that door and fight for all. Fight to create a better World, peacefully. Knowing they may be gunned down. Ran over by a tank. Blown up! These Peaceable, Courage, Noble men and woman are the World changers. When you can give up everything you know. Everything you have for a better World. Well that's unselfishness beyond words! All so you and I can have a better world. We should all be ashamed for not backing these types with everything we got!
Amy Lee
Absolutely right
yep!!! that's true! why woudn't it!   ?............
i totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God owns everything.... Why dont you ask Him to help you get on your feet... bc He loves you enough to give and keep on giving..... you are only going to go as far as you let Him take you.... Anything gained without Him is eventually lost!
This is an interesting topic to me...thank you +Richard Branson .  I very much admire people like yourself, and yet I am someone who in my own life has taken a more inward/introspective journey...I think they can be both rewarding.
Funny that Branson posts this. I'd immediately think of Elon Musk when i read this. That is someone who is changing the world!
though im sure your wright whats your next adventure and when will it take place mark!
This kind of reminds me of a film I saw the other day called 'Man on wire'. A great film.
Richard, thanks for being so "crazy"! Most people are afraid to step out and take a chance at failing...
hehhhhhhhh... i'm not crazy. O_o
Richard, you inspire me daily, also you are totally changing the world, is this an admission? Cheeky I know but I just couldn't resist.
I guess u can call me crazy, but I need someone just as crazy to carry out my ideas and plans. Trying to make it happen.
Oh yes. The world has changed a great deal, thanks to the crazy ones, we have moved on from the atomic to the nuclear era. Sounds strangely Utopian doesn't it?
sy liao
It reminds me of Jobs,a man who has changed the world.
I read that Richard Branson does not use computers.  So how does he Google+ and post his Internet blog?
And what do the people that regurgitate nonsense on the internet change? 
One must first try change and embrace it!
That is so well said. Sir Richard is the main person I always learn from. Thanks for the inspiration!
The formal times the world had been changing by all of crazy. The ones is that now he will has been shaking up the tourist industry of the world. Being pioneering techniques trvels into orbit around the Earth .He 's Sir Richard Branson. They 're really genius.
if u think u can sir i know its difficult to do alone but some one have to do 
"We change the world by changing lives for the better by sharing a vision that becomes a common vision which is shared to others and so on"
Michael Dennis
+Lennart Edenfjord
 as a child we think our house vast enough .... and beyond it is 'out of our box' ....(and of course it is)
as a youth we think our village or town is extensive .... and beyond it is 'out of our box' ...
as a teenager .....
and as we grow older the extent of our 'box' recedes before us ....
'out of the box' is a definition from 'within the box' and in my limited experience is usually a fantasy or a personality crescendo..
so... it looks to me like those out of the usual box or boxes do not comment on it .. they are involved in something entirely beyond such fashionable chit chat ....
You change the world with every breath you take.
i also one of the crazy..,tring to the the world...,but now my world changed....
Crazy people are those that push the RESET button of the World, but it is sad to know that everything will return to "normal" (inhumane) in a small period of time
I need to read the such like, Im crazy, apparently!
Absolutley.  Making the world a better place is something I have been intenet on since I was an adolescent.  There are so many ways that one can do it too. Big and small.  You can make someone's world a better place merely by being kind and demonstraing connectedness.  Start small .. and get better and better at it.
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." - Jim Elliot
It is tough road changing it, lots of people think your nuts along the way. 5 years and still going, and my family surely thinks I am completely crazy now.
we will be calling on your support soon Mr. Branson. Have a great day.
Nah, they end up volunteering in charity shops while salaried civil servants whisper slyly to all and sundry that they're maized...
The more people tell me how crazy I am and how difficult it is, the more determined I am to do it. Thanks, for sharing Richard, an inspiration as ever!
The ones that think they are crazy enough to change the World are in general, crazy.

Those that do what they believe in for the betterment of others and end up changing the World as a side-effect, well those are the ones I have time for.

Example - Hitler wanted to change the World - he was crazy.
The Queen of England, no plans to change the World but has done more than people appreciete.

Be good, be fair, and avoid those who want to change what they want and not what is needed.
I have to appreciate words of Helen...go a head Helen..!!
crazy is simply avoiding the herd at all costs - including your sanity.
I'd just like to add, my idea of changing the world is not forcing my opinion on anyone - if people don't want my help they are free to ignore me (and call me crazy!)

On the other hand, if people want my help to make the world a better place for them AND everyone else, well, here I am!
Lovely quote!!!!!!!! keep pushing till you get there. having zeal and passion makes you achieve your dreams
I agree 100% on this one. You really have to be crazy enough to change the world. 
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