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Helping kids who live under bridges with art and education...
If you’re going to write a book on “Screw Business as Usual,” your business has got to put your money where your mouth is...
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why google or facebook dont help, so much money
dont help??????????
with positive comments they are
do these kids have to come from under bridges? ;)
Art is a part of education that helps develop the creative side of a student. Art is life! Everything is connected to art as science is the base of life. Preparing to go to work art is involved. choosing your cloth, tie shirt, jacket and so on ... your meal ... lifestyle is an art ... 
We live art without knowing it ... 
very well said Allen! it is clear that you are a Leader.
go hard or go home home weak hearted cowards conceal from them selves what they will never possess: the convection and principal of my Closest is
Mark G
This is a good start Richard. Too bad all of those buildings that stand empty cannot be used for something. Just saying!
I'm an artist here in Seychelles. Maybe you can use my help.
Art is special I like people who believe in themselves
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