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Here are some more Ask Richard answers - video on female entrepreneurs, cupcakes, books & Brazil! If you've got a question then ask away below, keep them coming!
Answers to your questions on female entrepreneurs, cupcakes, books and Brazil!
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Richard, do you ever attend a Premier league match, if so which team do you support ? As an Exeter City fan we need some investment !
Ada Ada
Umm, are we humans "programmed" to look for "aliens"...if so, d'you know WHY?? Answer me!!
after you die, what do you want to be known for?
Do you want a lodger i could do with a lifestyle change lol x in return i would exchange all my positive healing energy and make you smile everyday now theres a offer you can't refuse lol mwah x blessings to you
#askrichard How much artistic license was taken in the book Millionaire Upgrade ? I found the book fascinating and am now reading Think and Grow Rich. Truly inspiring.
Sir Branson, it looks like you're not wearing your seatbelt! I do hope you are restrained in some way!
I did a recent post on how brazil can now look positively at saving the rainforest but you'll never in a million years think how they'll do it
Greetings Sir Richard :) What is your advice to entrepreneurs who have a great mission; wonderful consistent ideas; a good framework; a good business sense; a sound spiritual base and yet have to continue the battle of protecting their ideas from sabotage and negative aggression rather than individuals collaborating in business with each other? I discuss this issue in my female networking groups.~GJB
Mr. Branson, I've always admired who you are and what impact you've made on peoples lives, Question: Do you actually take time to answer yourself and make daily comments? John Oravets
Do you find it funny when people call you 'Mr Branston'?
when are you comming to South africa, Youth from underpriviledge community are in need of interpreneurship
Thx Mr Branson for the motto 'Screw It, Let's Do It' :)

Even though, I feel I need a business partner,so far I’m developing my new business on my own. In your book, I found one regularity – irrespective of the fact that whatever happened with you or in your life, you’ve been always with people who stayed close to you and helped you.

Therefore, I would love to use this opportunity to converse and ask you, if you believe that a single woman is able to grow nowadays a successful business? Could you tell me please, what do you believe is the most important feature apart from hard-working that a person needs to be successful in professional life?
Hi Richard, I wish to open up my own dance school, have you got any advice? Also, there is no funding available the dance teacher training, is there any loans or grants that are available if you want to open a business?
How many toes does you have on your left foot?
I can answer that Rose, the magic words are "Say yes and I'll buy you a sausage roll"
Thanks for Stopping Rory. You're making me want to "un" follow.
awww, bless :( Chin up old chap, I'm sure Mr Branson wouldn't let a buffoon like me get on his nerves.
ah, you're a clown. unfortunately it's not just him. there are thousands following these threads. I'll try to ignore the buffoon ry' :o)
The next time you're in that bar in Walton street in Oxford, let me buy you a drink.
I just wanted to know what Dick Branson thinks of Westlife, and if he uses salted or unsalted butter when baking - but I guess asking those questions will just draw the ire of all the Bob Dylan look-a-likes in the land, so I will get my coat and leave without a fuss.

Remember Bob, don't think twice, it's alright!
Dear Mr Branson.. we currently run a photography business and trade as Photography by Paul and Jacs. We have had someone recommend using a company name that sounds larger to land the bigger projects ... would dealing with us as the name above affect your vision of how capable we are would you be more likely to take a call from CWC Imagery or to call CWC Imagery?
Good evening Mr Branson,,,I am concerned about HYIP's . They advertise investment online, take huge amounts of investments from people all over the world. When they have enough money that they have taken from people they close shop and close their websites. My question is, is there a system that could be made to track these people/scams down in order to make them pay back these moneys? There ae thousands of these scams that you find on the internet. Is there a way that they can be traced and made to pay back the investments that they disappear with.
Dear,Sir Branson,

My Company Halo0ne had a Huge set back in 2011 from 2 individuals that Lied to us in regards to assisting us to get our line Out to major celebrities that in turn would wear our Line both Women & Men so that it would Generate a Major BUZZ over night & the main Cause behind our Company could be Expressed fully! Unfortunately these people convinced us to make all these clothes & ship them out and in the end we where conned! So is their anyway we could get some better connections or assistance on clothing a few celebrities so that Our company can finally launch right! The major Focus of our company is for Cancer Awareness along with better Awareness with New Research & Education to all so that we can create ways to show people that we all need to take a better look at what one can do to live a Healthy CANCER free lifestyle! We plan to both sell our clothes to Women & Men and take Profits from that to put back into our CANCER fund! Any advice upon direction Sir,Branson would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Kenny Herisse
CEO/Marketing & Promotions
Hi Richard here is something that might inspire you and others. This is my product, garments with a 90% Carbon reduction. Please let me know what you think? Also how can we get a company like yours use a product like ours. For more information please have a read at
I would appreciate any feedback on this.
Thank you Richard for doing this :)
I am a 44 year old woman who is into old classic cars, muscle, etc..I also want to be a freelanse photographer....which is the best way and cheapest way to do this...I love what your doing on here by the way...xo
Where do you see commercial/recreational space travel being at in 5, 10, 15... years from now? And what role will you and your company be having in pushing these boundaries of mankind?
I would like to sing and play my guitar in space. It would be so cool to write a song out there in the stars,I expect it will be possible quite soon.
Advice on making first B2B sale for a startup software company?
I show the office talk on bringing romance back to the office it was so grate i do appreciate it so perfect dear i got on Ugandan News paper
Whenever I am on airplanes traveling on business the topic comes up about who you would like to sit next to on an international flight just for the sake of conversation. I always say your name. Wanna sometime?
i believe with your adventures its time to move into filmmaking
Does Richard need a Sound Guy? I am lookin for a gig....
Do you occasionally have time to listen to a used-to-be middle class, used-to-be middle aged guy who's afraid he's dragging his wife down the toilet bowl he seems to be circling?
If you are coffee drinker try a unique blending, can be found only in tagaytay, phillipines. the best tasting coffee, but you dont want to hear the processing steps, not done done by machine, i believe by a bird.
sir richard branson
can u plz say hi bak cuz tht would b cool
Hi Morgan Denker, could you please write in a comprehensible manner, 'cause that sure as hell would be cool too. Thanks.
What would the consequences be to the U.S., if they were to auction a ton of assets, or just print money then pay off all domestically held bonds (except the ones that have matured) in cash at present value? So, conditions are: Cash infusion to domestic holders. Release of investment by holders. Release of interest to Government. Some measure of inflation slated to eat the inheritance debt.
i am from kenya. i have a dream of setting up a nice hospital that gave good services. i have located the area but to go about it is hell.
Richard,Richard, Richard, I Produce & Direct a weekly Political Radio Show on the World Wide Web (aka) Internet..Helping America and the World as to just what is happening..I own and run my own Hair Salon in Long Beach California..with access to many families. My goal is to teach Elementry School, Middle School, High School & College Students and their families and friend along with all those interested just what we were founded upon.
I pray that I may peek your interest in this venture or maybe someone you might know would be interested...Thank you for your time, Victoria Lee Scott Our website will give you a great idea as to what we are up to and where we want to go with this, I am sure there is someone within your forces that could really help make an impact world wide with me. I can be emailed also at WE MUST BE HONEST WITH ALL OF THE FUTURE GENERATIONS YET TO COME INTO THIS WORLD...YOURS, MINE & OURS....
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