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Invested in +Path a more intimate social network. So many innovative new ways to communicate...
Invested in a fantastic personal network called Path recently...
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I LIKE THIS ;)......█░░█
Great app and a very interesting investment. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats! Path is cool indeed. We are working on the next big thing. Hopefully, we will find great investors like you Mr. Branson for our unique and slightly controversial idea.
Path has great UI, and great Interaction Design.
Talal, stop spreading your fairy stories, you freeking nutjob!
I used Path for a couple of days before I got totally frustrated with it and got rid of it. I hope you make money on this investment. Looks tough though!
Hey +Richard Branson!

So cool to see you investing in things like Path. I downloaded the app, got a little excited but then couldn't really get my head around it or get into it. I'm sure there is more to it and I'm missing something. Is there a video or something that showcases how it all works and how to use it?
I wish more people used it in the UK...
+ Jim Douglas I wondered what that was for, i'll do that as well. Cheers.
Invested time? Or hard currency one wonders?...
Sorry +Richard Branson but i tried Path out and to be honest I don't get it. I don't feel it brings anything to the table in term of another social network. With that in mind I do however wish you every success with your new venture.
+Claire Diss isn't that the idea of Path: to only share with close friends and family?
What makes it better than Google+? Can't be size of network. Can't be impact on Search performance. Can't be ability to communicate with specific groups or people privately (like Google+ Circles). Eager to hear the answer(s).
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Been using path for more than 7 months... 150 maximum friends... And buggy
With FB, Twitter and now Google+, I see no purpose in joining Path. One more thing to keep updated. And not a very positive experience.
Path is great. Is the best way to share anything you like and only very close friends will see it. But always with the options to share it in FB or Twitter as well, in case it's not that private!
Great investment!
I'm struggling to see what Path adds to the mix that can't be done with G+
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch Sonny Boy!
I'm with you +Phil Scarratt - to me, investing in a something that is already done well by a very, very large competitor isn't the smartest move for three reasons:

1. very little motivation for Google to buy Path as Google+ already enables small private groups (as small as two)
2. the universe is significantly smaller than Google+ making it harder to find friends when you have to motivate them to join
3. growth will most likely be generated organically versus being part of a large existing platform (Gmail)
Its a better GUI but the concept of boring people with your life is going stale. Specialist topic sites like Pinterest are the future.
Beautifully put together, already using and loving it!
Let's hope it survives.
I've been using it for several month -- but not for sharing experiences. I use it as a personal diary to remember things I've done and places I've visited. It's like a To Do list in reverse. It's my "It's Done" list.
The reason i dislike path i because they copy your address book without your knowledge or consentment
+Daniel Junior I dislike that, too. However, you can tell it not to. It's just not that obvious from their question, which is something like, "Would you like to be able to share with friends?" or something like that.
I downloaded and tried it..Hated it..
I love it only thing is that they dont have any software for PCs and or MAC's. Would be good for them to make it. I can make it for you...
I live this app. Potentially ground breaking. Just lacking in a few essential facilities like photo storage and the ability to send people messages. 
even the NNapoleon had a short coming...(he was short in length )
Any thoughts on adding the Iphone to your network?
Jm Bob
Mobile fun, Facebook now has over three apps to do stuff on Android, hope Path is less clunky interesting investment tops, is this work best on Virgin tariff perhaps?
Path is a fantastic application that I use from the beginning. I believe that giving people the opportunity to have on hand his personal history every day makes this product moves to the rhythm of the world. We hope soon intergración with Google +.
Investing in the right project at the right time can be life changing.. You can triple your assets over night.
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