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Within 40 years we could face an ocean without fish - a catastrophe for humanity. Join #worldoceansday
Join the celebration and start to do something to save our oceans...
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rudy s
Thanks for supporting World Ocean Day! I remember hearing about it 2 years ago working for a Tahitian tour operator and seeing the work being done on behalf of the flora and fauna down there really inspired me too.
Omg! Your so right, but what are some things we can do? 
and when the ocean dies so goes the world! :-(
Reduce the human population - this will save many species. 
but didn't The Economist just bring up an article about how the US is performing perfectly on that, with no changes needed?
In 40 years humanity should be able to overcome capitalism and turn to a resource based economy or we all well deserve to face those catastrophic events and extinct...
Most of what the news has to say about the usa is a lie
yes but this was by down to earth people dealing with down to earth things
when big business runs the government behind the seens it causes what we have today!! and when 90% of the media is owned by one business we get fed what they want us to know. 
actually Rupert Merdock (I probably spelled his name wrong) owns Most of the Media and he is in league with these other people harming the world
Lets hope as we evolve we can turn this mess around.  We've only been realizing this in the last couple of centuries.  Imagine what we can do now and in the future!  I have hope and I do what I can - do you? <3 Earth <3
part of the problem is not enough law enforcement of the laws we have. Boats from Asian nations fish off the shores of the USA that should not be allowed! 
Not to mention we still have not seen the full impact of the bp oil spill! I live in Michigan and I can tell you ever sense the spill our weather has gotten worse. I believe they are connected! 
I agree about not eating fish thats the best option we have right now. the more people that stop eating it the better
Another great article Mr Branson. This global consumption economy is leading us down a very interesting, and unsustainable path.  "May you live in interesting times" definitely applies here.
+Olivier de Broqueville in any solution its going to boil down to people working together. with boycotting fish or new laws. If places like Japan and china refuse to follow the laws then what? each Idea has issues because every one has to agree. the USA cant force other countries to accept a law forced on other countries. 
+Gerson N. We can do a lot of different things like: 1) Buy only canned tuna labeled as dolphin-safe, which means that the fish has been caught without harming or killing dolphins (to learn more: 2) Buy fish only in supermarkets that had embraced sustainability ( 3) Support Greenpeace's plan to protect 40 percent of the world's oceans as marine reserves by signing here: (the plan: 4) Use reusable shopping bags at the supermarket, reusable water bottles, avoid buying products with excess packaging, commit to recycle, etc.. to avoid increasing ocean pollution.
These plus hundreds of other things, every contribution counts, we are billion, if each person does at least one thing I'm certain that the future of our oceans will be different.
Thank in advance to all of you who commit to help.
there will go the saying 'plenty more fish in the sea' :(
We don't have to wait till our governments do something, we know they are bound by other interests, we have the power to change things, we are the consumers, if we stop buying fish to the bulldozers of the ocean and start buying to those with safe practices, the bulldozers will change, they're where the money is and we have the money.
to save you have to be vegitarian
<opinion>Trying to save the ocean is like trying to save our solar system. It's a nice thought but, there is so much more ocean than people that to even think that it needs saving makes this endeavor a quaint (and profitable) one.</opinion>
We can die along with it, or give a little help, it goes a long way. I believe there is some higher being, that will end all our suffering. No one has god as a co-pilot he demands more. Yes mans greed masses clear to heaven.
Imagine that! We need fish for omega.
I dont get it how could the fish not exist in 40 years how can we help sounds like a job for Viagra
We don't have 40 years to fix this. I recommend the documentary End of the Line to anyone who hasn't seen it.
I wish every country practiced sustainable fishing. I live in Maldives where 99% of the total area comprises ocean and the highest point above sea level is 1.2 meters. Maldivians were subsistence fishers for millennia. Our way of life is already threatened by climate change and human practices. Without fish Maldives will perish, as will so many island nations like us.
keep that organic fish tank clean! Tell BP to back OFF.
So why do the elected continue, and why does business destroy. IT IS NOT THE PEOPLE.
Sad to think that ,this can happen in only 40 years.
to bad it's the fish,..... would be AWESOME if it was Humans that could disappear.....

Am I Right
Am I Right....?

You Know I'm Right.  ;-)
ohno!no more fish means no more tuna sandwiches!!!!   :(
One of the most alarming th ings i have ever heard
I going to be a fish farmer - thanks for the new career idea
Fran H
gotta save the fisheesss!
i went 2 long doggers last nite and i ordered a fish plate thingy and im like "omg its so small!" and then i look at a sign that said servings of fish went from 6oz to 4oz.
Just pour Viagra into the oceans so they all start banging each other then BOOM problem solved (genius)
wut u mean wut problm?im not vegetarn i eat sushi i luv fish!so watcha mean 'what problm'?!
wat duz shark taste like???
i once caught a shark. i had to let it go though. it was only a child.
U haters! sharks r endangered ... lolz
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For Gods sake people- clean up your act!!!
Me included!
Cmon naysayers I'm sure there will be ONE fish left... #sarcasm
if the fish go, we all will go..if the fish perish, we all perish..  the membrane of air, that surrounds the earth, is a breath away from becoming broken.  If we have no air to breath, due to gas, chemicals, etc etc we all die.  the 1% do not care.  When will the people rise up to protect the earth?
If the world TRIED to kill all fish in 40 years, it would fail... Not possible.
The seas are but one potential catastrophe. We have just had the warmest spring on record in the United States. Two degrees above last year and 5 above the average.
As greedy as humans have become I think we have wore out our welcome on earth. We will be exterminated someday. We are only guests here its not ours to do with as we please. We will all suffer for everyones actions.
It is a little amusing at times how likely it is we will, as a species, ensure our own demise, all the while knowing exactly how to fix the problems we created. Thankfully, the planet will survive our foolishness, and repopulate itself with new life when we've gone.
deb C.
Our oceans are us .. the tides work in line with the sun and moon which in turn represents OUR weather Our Light Our Dark... We need to change our lifestyles ..TO SAVE NOT ONLY OUR FISH ... BUT ALL OF HUMANITY...AND ALL THAT REPRESENTS
May God have mercy on us all for we (humans) are more precious to Him than all of His other beautiful creations. May God grant us the wisdom and teach us to love, appreciate, and take care of this planet as it was made for us to inhabit.
What I am scared about are those fish which change gender due to the chemicals in the water.
its crazy how people who knew none of earths surprises can one day maybe kill it. its sad.
it is so bad when u want somthing but u cant have it now that is so angey:{
oceans shall be kept safe thanks for making the change
I fear it will only be the first part of our ecosystem to die, if we don't run out of oxygen first.
But then I'll be long gone in 40 years... maybe I can still get a few interesting dives in sometime.

It's a worry if you have small children today though.
I get what you trying to say Anthony Kelly... Which is one reason I don't
eat that much of fish. Fishes are are part of human resource.
Had a boyfriend once. He was a fish loving maniac. I took him to a seafood resteaunt. Broke up with me becuz o dat!
I suppose my previous post may have sounded selfish. But what can we do? We warn and warn and warn and the world keeps on guzzling.

This is a subject which is dear to my heart (though I do enjoy seafood)  but I have given up shouting about it or any other environmental issue.
Governments don't listen to any environmental concerns.
our song birds are just about gone the fish are being depleted and the ddt killed all the insects,butterflies and honey bees.almost wiped out our national bird the eagle.trees are  disapearing and the jungles are being torn is multiplying  to a point which will be our turn to die. why are we so smart and yet so dumb.
God of the Bible says he will not let this earth be destroyed! Eccl !:4
He will step in before man destroys it completely!
California is implementing CAP and Trade.  So is the EU, Japan, New Zealand, and some others.  So there are a few bright spots.
I'm too young but I'll wish you a happy birthday!
People like fish but the fishermen are feeding the supermarkets/ restaurants desire for profits. So much of the fish that are caught die in vain as they remain unsold & don't even help the starving.
To those who said reduce the human population I would say change the fishing methods & teach respect for the circle of life.
there are too many people fishing for fun without caring for fish, or the consequences. on more than one occasion i have seen people fishing for mackerel, which you can catch by the score very easily without bait, then these idiots, after catching a carrier bag full, try to offer them to other fishermen because they have caught too many for their freezers. Its exactly this kind of greediness that will take the mackerel out of the food chain for mammals like seals and dolphins. This on its own would have catastrophic results. indiscriminate trawling and pollution are two of the biggest problems faced by our oceans too.
sad but we all can do something to prevent it join 
Unfortunately human beings tend to need to be shocked into action. So long as we can go to Red Lobster or the store and buy food, whether fresh or salt water, the illusion of plenty will remain intact.
actually, there is an option that could take some of the pressure off the oceans - aquaponics.  its a integrated system of fish farming and hydroponic agriculture that is massively more productive than traditional farming.  just google it - you'd be amazed at how much aquaponics is being done successfully.

sir richard - there is a significant under supply of protein and produce in the world today. this might be a great idea for a new virgin company :)))
If I had a dime for every gloom-and-doom scenario I've seen come and go..... <sigh>  Yes, let's take care of our Earth. No, we're not going to make all the little fishies disappear in 40 years. Fear tactics. Yes, let's take care of our Earth. No, you won't scare me into doing anything for the sake of doing something and making myself feel good. Yes, let's take care of our Earth - but for the right reasons, not because of scare tactics like these.
and by the end of this year we could all be dead.. all these "we could" stuff - its mad.. what next? lol x
wow. by 2040 all the ice in the world is supposed to melt
stop over-catching & polluting!...
Jellyfish taste nice....
The people commenting on this (save but a few) are as stupid as people come...

I feel sad for the collective idiocy shown above this post.. :'(
Richard we know one another and I fly your airline so I hope you will listen to this. It I'd not the Norwegians or the Africans that are destroying fauna. It is the big corporations and the wealthy. Norwegians utilise what they kill to survive in their little communities. Most indigenous tribes in Africa do the same. What is killing rhino, elephant and whales are a few misguided oriental countries and corporations. There is your enemy.
give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll turn into a greedy bugger and take them all.
give a man a lot of money and he will want more
If any one really wants to know what the Bible the word of God really says about mans greed, and how he will not let the earth be destroyed. Please talk now. I would like to explain. 
But we need to do our part as humans. We live on this planet and we owe our existence to god, and his gift we live on.
This really is the major issue of our time - we all find Global Warming a big issue but when the fish run out, the food chain falls over in a massive way.
Most of our oxygen on earth comes from the ocean not from trees. 
If you destroy the oceans you will destroy most life on Earth. We need a much stronger focus on the Oceans and preserving rather than taking as much as we can as quickly as we can.
Fishing free zones around the world including in international waters. Strong policing of these zones and global agreement on catch limits.
This is all so urgent but nobody seems to be acting strongly on this. Its fine to say stop Global Warming and have huge summits on it- but where are the huge preserve the Ocean summits. Why does the world always wait till we are at the brink before we act - why not act early and maintain the industry and the Oceans through a bit of management, rather than wait till we have to shut it down altogether? ....sorry to Ramble but I feel really strongly about this topic. 
Sorry to ramble on this but one idea is make fishing only legal in your own territorial waters - make it illegal to fish in international waters. You watch how suddenly heaps of countries manage their fishing grounds properly rather than destroy them. Any boats fishing in international waters is confiscated and sunk as a fish sanctuary and dive site.
Sha Man
Kim H
Humans are brillant but also brillantly stupid. The oceans, animals and the world need to be saved from our stupid human hands.
Shut up Branson. Go meditate on your leather couch.
How can that be possible ?? Global warning green house gas ??
Zack Wi
I know the atmosphere is the least of the stupid ppls problems
Simple, get rid of the humans, save the earth.
Blake B
The Population Bomb...
Yeah right, just the same thing they said 40 years ago!!  All that money and still can't think for yourself Richard!!
o man i already heard about this and i wanna do somthin but finals r coming up so planning somthin was kinda too big a task =( but im still gonna try to do the wear blue tell two thing =) i think that its a great thing to hav
oh no!!!! 
As we did not annihilate the human race after the creation of nuclear weapons, I'm pretty sure that we will reach a solution with the fish, Already in Australia massive steps have been created to save the fish, including fish hatcheries and ocean fish farms to ensure the need for supplying our food source. Another is to stop the pollution that is effecting our coastal regions and off shore reefs, We will survive
The Bait Lobbyists will never let this happen.
Could you share only the video +Richard Branson?
It's not mine, but I think it would be interesting for all your followers...
oh yes, how much more can our planet take
@Richard Branson Can you get someone to answer these questions on oceans, global warming and the political crisis involving the lack of trust and credibility for me?

If the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide lags the rise in temperature, how can it be a causal factor?

Can the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide be caused by the out-gassing of dissolved carbon dioxide in warming oceans because the rise in carbon dioxide lags the rise in temperature.

Considering the Sun is the predominant source of energy, wouldn't carbon dioxide simply retard the rate at which the atmosphere cools rather than add additional energy to the system?

If the weather cycle is predominantly controlled by the largest greenhouse gas, water vapor, shouldn't we discount the role of carbon dioxide and methane?

Considering that slightly higher temperatures are beneficial to man, shouldn't efforts be concentrated on improving climate-adaptive mechanisms rather than trying to re-engineer an intractable physical phenomena such as global climate?

Due to the dilution factor of vast oceans and atmosphere, is it likely that the our effort at controlling global warming will be for naught and punish conforming nations rather than citizens of other non-conforming polluting nations?

If increasing acidification and oxygen deprivation is the issue in oceanic decay and death, hasn't this scenario played out before and aren't gross insults to natural systems redressed by long-term feedback loops impervious to man's puny efforts to affect change on a global scale?

How can we trust the scientists who have destroyed much of their global weather data and replaced it with homogenized and manipulated data sets? Or those who use localized "small sample sized" findings to suggest they allow mapping to a global scale?

Why are we not doing more to provide clean water, sanitary conditions, medicine and food to those that need it rather than engage in currently unsolvable problems which diverts money from the truly needy ?

Why should we allow gross polluters to purchase "indulgences" from Wall Street types and continue their polluting?

What is the probability the AGW is more about gaining and maintaining political power and engaging in wealth redistribution for political purposes?

Has the United Nations failed their humanitarian mission in favor of power and funding aggregation -- sometimes using highly suspect statistics?

I have never seen these issues debated or adequately addressed except by political partisans or scientific activists.

Perhaps you have better resources? And it would be nice to have the answers vetted by a straight-shooter such as yourself. 
We are our planets worst enemy. Hi Richard I think you are amazing the way you came from nothing to what you are now, well done you.
hi folks,

we interact with our environment via the culture we design and execute.  if you would like to see one model of culture, just google 'marvin harris', an anthropologist who offered a meta model of culture that provides the elements and their relationships, i.e. an architecture of culture, that are points for change.

have fun
With the number of new medicines being discovered from the creatures of the oceans we have to treat it like a treasure chest. One that possibly holds a cure to every disease we now face.
yeah because your billionaire buddies keep dumping oil and radioactive waste in the water.  Why don't you talk about who is causing this. Then they try to sell carbon taxes its a scam.
The change in water chemistry caused by people living near the sea affects the chain of life from the bottom up. Less food for the fish starting at the bottom of the food chain means fewer fish at the top. No amount of regulation, money or restriction of catches will change that although, like the weather if we just give more of our money to our omnipotent governments, they will take care of it. Yeah right! Without the effect of pollution, the more we catch the more will be produced to make up for the overabundance of food for a particular species, they are self balancing, but not when the food supply at the microscopic level is harmed.
Scientists have made doomsday predictions before, most of them have been 100% wrong. Remember when we were all talking about global cooling?
Yeh Jason, that was just before the global warming prediction, if I remember right. teeth clattering as she draws the thick blanket closer around her shaking freezing body and stares at the heavy rain and gale force winds ravishing the landscape muttering 'June and it's still bloddy freezing' I do think the guy with the microscope is right green taxes are a con.
the planet is in trouble and no one gives a dam. that will be our downfall. greed is the killer. the more they get the more they want. shame
Thx for supporting TheBlu and World Ocean's Day!
I don't know why I have fish about 4 times a year
This blew me a way a couple of weeks a go. Cormorants in the river fishing for trout they did not hit and miss HR69HW UK only ever seen them fishing in the sea before .
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