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"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein
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It's often hard for people to recognize their own specialized skills.
So true....

In that spirit I joined as a charity organisation...

We are looking for endorsements...
Is possible that the enthusiasm for something important to the point of inspiration
Good Morning Richard , All the best to you from Covington , Georgia.Take Care Friend.
Talent comes from doing what you love and loving what you are doing.
It is very my real life...
All of the true geniuses are born with an insatiable amount of curiosity. That's what makes them so incredible!
Curiosity brings truth. Passion dictates life.... its a wondeful thing.
I am glad to find so many enthusiastic congratulations for what they do.
Yay! Someone's not afraid of plain text. Thank you for recognizing that we don't need an image file to share words with each other.
I'm more intelligent than Einstein, still her (!), approachable, a brilliantly-talented musician/composer and hardly eccentric at all. Merely CONCENTRIC!!! Straight down the middle and up the swanee whistle, even! To The Point!!! Rich Miner, 22/5/2012, York, UK.
Still here (1), I meant and still mean and will continue into the future to stand by!!!
I wish I had your talents Richard ;)
We often don't see our special talents as something special, as we are so used to them.

(edit: I noticed that I had written "Now I didn't sleep night time" but it should be "Now I didn't sleep office time")
I can relate to (maybe not really a talent...) my narcolepsy. When I was younger I often fell asleep at in school (I thought this was fully normal). In my office cubicle later I used to build myself in, to feel more comfortable (to avoid comments (which I considered fully normal) about naps, which I considered fully normal).
When I met the girlfriend I'm living with now, we were often working in the evening in the same room, but I was amazed when I saw her, she seemed to never fall asleep, this was something I considered abnormal. Doesn't everyone fall asleep now and then when working at the desk.
When I attended concerts, I usually fell asleep, but this was also completely normal, but a friend mentioned, that he had never fallen asleep at a concert. Hmm strange.

I had a lot of problem with this though, especially when having project workers in the same room which was kind of embarrasing. I found a drug that actually worked, a french prescription free drug Adrafinil that I could buy through internet, which helped. Now I didn't sleep during office time. I also contacted my doctor, they insisted that I would have apne, no no I said. It was first after one year later (a friend said go there again) they sent me to an MSLT test, and... from the result from there the neurologist said "APNE is NOT your problem!" I had fallen asleep within 1 minute in four of the five tests. I could read "extreme" on the report.

I think it is the same with our talents, we are so used to them, our friends and family are so used to them, that we may not see them,
but in Einstein's case he was obviously fully aware of them.
ilove that quote my teacher has it posted on her wall
Get some lessons booked, go to them and practise!!! One has to start somewhere!
Jack B
were related
Lucky Albert. My stupid talent is "to have great ideas for doing great things but not to have great money to start doing them". :-))))
Being curious is better than special talents. Special talents apply to one desire Curiosity apply's to all things
Another awesome quote by Mr. Albert Einstein:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research."
Guilty as well... and happy with it.
I want to be Richard Branson's hernch man...... This guy is off the wall, crazy smart.
Great quote! but your are looking to space that is the right direction to take the challenge of a life time. being on the edge and seeing the future and making it happen! i too a dreamer and believe new ideas for the future. we have developed a new cross platform OS for he mobile devices. to help out the transportation industry. have a great day!
Only few gifted ones are passionately curious and sometimes for their curiosity ,they covered a distance more than usual fellows in their lifetime and without acknowledging changes the entire course of history ,few hundred years ago a simple easy going curious fellow sitting in a garden and while by just watching a falling apple explain gravity and opened a gateway to endless horizons
Boy you are right, great men with great ideas and to be curious and to take the chance to make a great leap forward by letting nothing stop them from there ideas and the curiosity to make it happen. ...
I find that people who type in ALL CAPS usually leave a hot mess of typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors as well. Well done.
very true Branson-----------------------------
"I have no passionately. I'm only have special talents". Quang Trung
Well that's a talent! Sometimes, I couldn't care less :-)
Not lucky, just curios?
Einstein's brain was also smaller than average.
+Anthony Mallgren was that comment of you meant to be a joke, or did you really mean that? when you said:
"Maybe that is why he failed to do anything useful during his lifetime, besides muck shit up."

If you were serious, can you then please define "useful"?
I got some IBM training tapes many years ago. Most of it was pretty standard stuff, except they talked about about becoming more curious instead of concentrating. I thought about it for a bit and realized that when I'm curious about something I usually learn more and retain it. Then I recalled Napoleon Hill saying that you should become interested in everything or find something interesting about everything. He did not qualify it; Everything. I am practicing it as often as I do.
+kim booth we all have special talents, but most often do not explore them or we get stuck in dogma. In Einstein's case, curiousity was of course not his only talent, but maybe the only talent he was aware about, as he could se that people around, wasn't curious.
However, from the day we are born, we are curious we are geniouses, and we ask questions, we explore, unfortunately we learn to become less curious, we learn that we shouldn't explore this or that because it can be dangerous or unnecessary or even wrong... The trick is to not get old, to leave your mind open all the time, do not take anything for granted (I'm solipsist for instance, which implies that I do not even take the world for granted).
I said to a friend yesterday, who didn't know what to do with life studies and such.
Look around you, try to ignore your own desires for a while, as your own condition will improve.When you look around you'll see things that need fixing, people that need help, unfairness that can be turned into fairness.Consider what you are really good at, we all have certain skills, one self may not see them as anything special, but every person is special, a unique combination of potentials and talents.When you look around, what is the most painful for your heart, what is it that really makes you sorrow? Your own special talents with the help of others with other unique talents, can change this. Everyone of us, can improve the world, everyone can make someone happy.When you have realized how you can do this, how your talents and abilities can change the world, make people suffer less, then all your worries about yourself, will be gone. It doesn't matter so much what school you choose, the important is that there are good people around to whom you can be a good person.
Can't people be original and come up with their own quote anymore? Everyone is steal from Einstein.
Einstein was a smoker; Hitler was a vegetarian... And ARIANvegetarian.
Perhaps if curiosity wasn't enshrined in folklore as being a fatal feline failing, we might all be as clever as Albert - just think!
al crow
same here albert, same here.
+Natoya Rose just exactly of that reason you mention I consider it both highly possible and highly desireable. We are all different, despite all the similarities and all universal "truths" which implies we may not percieve things in the same way. This Einstein quote above is for my own more or less equivalent to:
* Be a child❣
* Be young in your mind❣
* Get rid of your prejudicies❣
* Do you know how much of what you know, you don't really know, but you have been persuaded to believe in?
* When you reason, don't reason by repeating dogma, but from experience, insight and sanity❣
* Don't believe in what people say, find out yourself❣

etc. for my own consider these sentences essentially similar, but there is certainly a manifold of ways to say the same thing.
Maybe you +Mafer Yu can find a way to say something like this (or something you consider important or related to your gifts) outgoing from your experiences.
Richard we know you when you were Virgin Front Line Music, we know your special talents, we wish u well with ur Virgin money business, reggae music can, Mek de people tek out de money out de Barclays Bank, an big up de Virgin money bank, u want some Jamaican advertising DUBPLATES?
Curiosity is one of the reasons why I would like to find out how one goes about contacting Richard Branson with a real business idea, already developed at this point. Any answers?
very correct.. curiosity is the drive for inventing.................
I copy that, thank you for the quote.
all dreams can't be true! do you agree, and why you agree?
Interesting - that's the quote I use at the top of my main blog page.
If only Einstein had Tesla's brains and Tesla had Edison's marketing genius, the world would be a totally free energy world..
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