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In Romania. Met so many delightful people – and heard one of the most outrageous business pitches ever! Then off to Barcelona tonight on behalf of the Global Drugs Commission to move the war on drugs debate forwards...
Everybody here has got a new entrepreneurial idea...
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Global Drugs Commission push, very smart move Mr. Branson. Glad someone is moving forward.
God speed with moving it forward Richard. You have many supporters here in the UK.
Mr Branson i hope you guys get to a resolution soon, the people of Latin american countries needed one yesterday.
A point of reference if they are legalised does this not take the dark side out of it ? This is a debate point not an opinion ? It has been muted before but surely it can then be controlled ?
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Thank you Sir Branson for this delightful and unforgettable moment! :)
No chance to go to the Europa League final then
Romanian women are quite hard-working and intelligent.
what!! oh richard... you can't leave us like that!! give a small pitch, then move on .. no, no, no ... come on, out with it!! get up off of the whole story about the most outrageous business pitch!! ^^
I do like this aspect of the Branson brand. But I don't buy the virgin bit,
I have plus you everything, GOOGLE jealous to you because you have 300 than 1. Nice to receive a tips from you.....
Hello Sir Richard!
I've been fortunate enough to be in the audience yesterday in Bucharest. A bit short though, and too many local VIPs for my taste. I really wanted to ask you, but I never got the chance, not even at the Hilton lunch, will you please bring Virgin to Romania?, and a personal one...what's your favourite band?
I think you changed clothes im my Alcatraz office a long time said what an unusual book assortment"regarding my bookself Yes..and thank you for picking up after yourself...! :)}}
I had the pleasure to experience the 1.2 million autobiography pitch first hand during our drive to the airport!!! It has definitely been the most outrageous pitch I ever heard as an angel Investor!!! I guess hope dies last...
Note to self, RTFA. Quote from OP:
> He was 22-years-old and had written his autobiography already. He has printed 100 copies of the book and wanted to sell the copies to 100 entrepreneurs around the world. He was planning to charge $1.2 million per copy!
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