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More focus on small business & start-ups is the way to get growth in the economy & create more jobs. What do you think are the key initiatives that will help countries get their economies firing again?
What do you think are the key initiatives that will help the UK and other countries get their economies firing again?
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Creating opportunities by making finance available to small businesses (under reasonable rates and where due process has been followed) will help release the gridlock of the current economy. The UK government has no real plan on how to go about this. In the past it has happened mostly organically. This crisis is the deepest we have seen yet. It needs more radical action than ever.
"We need to encourage more entrepreneurship from the next generation - and focus on giving them the basic business and money management skills as part of the schools curriculum."

Couldn't agree with this more. Perhaps even more than this by teaching them to guard good ideas and pay lawyers to look over contracts etc etc. Technical brilliance and ingenuity is only half the battle. The rest involves having to learn (sometimes the hard way) how to survive in the business world.
robotic .. production have to be near consumers
+Richard Branson Throwing good money after bad is rarely, if ever, a good thing. However, the passion of the small business entrepreneur can only get them so far. Capital is needed to at least have a shot at their dreams. More wealthy people should reflect on how they were able to get where they are today, especially those who came from very little. Someone had to have taken a chance on them. They should be willing to take a chance on someone else.
One year of no taxation. A year of freedom for all from government interference.
Small businesses need employees to grow. Use unemployment taxes and benefits to create new jobs and opportunity, everyone benefits.
I'm working for a small start-up that's creating an alternative currency. Everyone who gets an account will get one unit of currency added to their account every 6 minutes, automatically.

If the idea gets big enough, that much alternative currency in circulation will grease the wheels to stimulate demand for more goods & services, thereby providing an incentive for more people to start small businesses.

Unless there are consumers with money to spend, there's not a whole lot of incentive to start businesses to serve everyone's needs.

You can find out more at +Zingwaldo
There is no big deal with Europe economy. Africa is more in trouble. Europeans are just agitating base on forcast. Industries can still be revive there. Africa no industries or small biz
We must return effective corporate tax rates to their levels during more prosperous times. Hiring and production were the original tax shelter, which is the reason corporate "income" taxes are charged against profits instead of receipts. ( Modern tax shelters and corporate rates cost less, causing corporations with record profits to bank and keep them idle after tax, instead of hiring and producing. The macroeconomic effects are disastrous.

Who will step forward to assert that advocacy of higher effective corporate tax rates is a mandatory fiduciary duty owed to shareholders until the risk of expansion falls below the cost of taxes to bank profits?
Yes indeed....deminishing the ego, creating space for more opportunities manifesting our passion to take chances to succeed.
The small businesses are the backbone of this country, without them you not have the big businesses in the country you start small and if you have the right breaks your company will grow.......
A bonus here in Australia is that we have the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme ( NEIS ) which is a Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations self employment program for start up small businesses. The NEIS Program was abolished in the UK years ago, it should be reinstated and FAST !!
Here in the States, we're so focused on VCs and what they do with their money and the dotcom mindset is back with Facebook, good to see this.
An overhaul of economic laws put in place in countries should not be as discriminating and greed-welcome as they are now. Greed has been one of the main reasons that led us to this point and those with power don't want to change this fact. They suffered lots but they want to get back on track whatever way possible. Exploiting workers is one common scenario.
I would (although many would oppose) put into law that a fixed factor between highest and lowest wage in the company should exist. This way good managers could get higher pay-check if they also give raise to those that have the least. So if companies are doing good, everybody benefits instead of low wages and too much work for workers and lots of money to managers.
Research has shown that countries with lower hi-lo wage factor suffered considerably less than those countries where this factor was high.
Free market economy sounds great on paper, but human nature grows negatives on it which eventually influences other people's lives. As it did now. This crisis has been going on for almost 4 years now and it seems that nothing in particular has been done to prevent this from happening again. People are still greedy (because of the reason mentioned above), workers still loosing jobs, governments still living in oblivion and spending more than they earn.

It's always the little people that pay the most. Why? Because it's just so many of them. So little by little it becomes a lot. But human lives are lost and many times dignity as well.
I could not agree more. I employ 40 people and the last fees years have been so tough on our industry. Many companies have folded and plenty more struggling still. Cutting payroll tax would be a great start to helping business seems to be there should be an incentive for employing more people not an extra tax burden. 
Richard, I was just curious if you are offended by some of the daring and somewhat risque posts by some of our prettiest members? Do you care one way or another? I really think you should lighten up and start enjoying life as a near-normal person, although you have accomplished incredible things.
The current economic model is dead in the water. The economic systems that have been relied upon for the past 30 years are no longer relevant and don't work. We need a new paradigm that is sustainable and to the benefit of everyone in society, not just a few. Read 'Growth is a Zombie' here:
But on a different note related to startups. I think we've overfed os with all the possible businesses we'd like to do. Consumer mentality drives startups to think of new things that people would depend/rely on.
Basically many businesses these days have products we never though we'd need. And quote frankly we don't. But marketers led us to believe we do. But do we really?

Supporting startups would create jobs. Mostly in services sector, because this is the only sector that can grow without any particular limits. Services sector is the most fictitious of all. If you'd produce more food than people could consume, you'd hit the wall. For instance. But in services sector you can almost always come up with something and try to sell to people.

Even though I like startups and the mentality around it, I think this very mentality is wrong. Forcibly trying to come up with something to satisfy our greed. Because eventually it come to the fact that people are doing stuff to earn money. 99.9% of time that's the fact. And this mentality fails on the long run.

Should we back startups? Yes of course. But only those that actually bring something valuable to the table. Something that will help people get back their dignity and not something that will break people apart between each other. That we become us and they become them.
I think your right. Goldman &Sach begun the Small Business Initiative for that reason. I believe some think of small business making up the new middle class.
+Micah Dickson Goldman Sachs began that to fill their pockets. And for that reason alone. If there's nothing big to seize (or is too risky) try to get small chunks from many. Goldman Sachs is still driven by the very same thing they were before the crisis. Greed. And that's plain wrong.
Mr. Branson, I couldn't agree more. That said... can I borrow a few $$$ for my start up???!!!
Richard please help us.YOU HAVE THE KNOW HOW
I totally agree. But when have you every seen elitist motivated by anything else. They contributed to the downfall of this country, I know. But the mutual advantage is inevitable. If they have a program that works, an honesty program, lets make something of it.
Set up my business 4 weeks ago, best thing i ever done, truly happy! Hardest thing was believing it would happen. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the banks are being fairly realistic at the moment. I'd want 20% if I was lending. Any business needs to remember that it's first responsibility is to service injected capital, whether borrowed or not, it has to make a profit. Does margin depend on turnover?
It is fundamental to understand that consumer demand for the majority of small business products and services is predominately driven by the largest segment of their customer base which happens to be the middle class. Without addressing rising incomes and buying power for that part of the equation, it is very tough for most small business to succeed. If fact, unfortunately, most do not. One could make a strong case that a growing middle class with increasing expendable income has been the primary driver and common denominator in virtually all mature economies in the world which have experienced sustained small business job growth. As Nick Hanauer recently pointed out during his TED Talk, “In a capitalist economy, the true job creators are consumers, the middle class." So if this is indeed the case, then policies and actions that directly grow the largest consumer segment for small businesses will do more proportionately to help small businesses prosper, grow, and hire than any other single action.
Education - science/technology and the liberal arts alike. In becoming more educated about science and technology, peacefully, it can be good for business. In leaning about the liberal arts domain - and even, perhaps, participating as a fellow artist - it can be good for culture.
The legalization of cannabis that will allow for its full utilization as medicine, food, fuel, fiber, etc, which will also end the burden to economies by removing the criminal penalties for the plant that cost nations billions of dollars in wasted law enforcement time, effort and monies.
Our Goverments help themselfs and made the mess.... I Give Up cos they got no clue how to run it
We don't need credit, we don't need to have advisors parachuted in. We need a place to do business. As a small business owner, I feel we're completely hamstrung by regulation and countless EU Directives. Let's make Britain business friendly. More control over hiring and firing, same rights for small businesses as consumers (distance selling, etc). At the moment, I feel the Government is on the wrong side. Especially Vince Cable and his Liberal Democrat friends. Why does all responsibility end with business?
We've just been shortlisted for New Business of the year in Bristol I would like to think it is about our policy of employing young untrained people and giving them the skills required to have a career in digital media.

More businesses need to understand the advantages of taking on young people and training them in the way you want your business to work. It's this that will help grow our country our of the economic problems we have and the best part of it all is that it costs the country nothing, in fact it saves money from benefits.
It's all about small solutions to big problems funding start-ups is what will make the biggest impact, green projects like personal power production and a wireless Infrastructure could dramatically change how we live,work, and interact as a civilization.
+Ruth Rader Well, all I'm saying is the noises Vince Cable and friends make are worrying. We have a hard enough time in business, and feel like we're fighting the tide of regulation. Vince Cable, as Business Secretary should be our advocate, yet he's just preaching his Liberal views, and in my view, not doing his job.
We just started a office products company and is fully e-commerce and it is nearly impossible to get a small business loan or any type of financing without putting up house for collateral even with banks i have done business with for years. :( This makes it really hard to get started quickly ... moving at a snails pace without financing.
There are several problems keeping the economy from rapid expansion.
One is that we have an employee attitude. Schools teach how to be good employees. The government records focus on employed and unemployed. When the government wants to "fix" the problems, they talk about employment incentives aand taxes, not small business incentives. We need schools to start teaching how to run a business.
Another problem is people who are out of work either need to find a new job or start their own business. To start a business, there are so many regulations, applications, fees and taxes that it is difficult to get started. These things need to be reduced. If more people can open their own businesses, more people can be hired, and it would increase pay scales because employers need to attract good people.
Enacting legislation where politicians must agree to and pass a balanced budget based on existing revenue and linking their compensation to passing it. If the political system is not working in favor of the people, then they should suffer the same as the people.
Key requirements are small business outreach support programs, affordable financing and lending, and assistance for for all business owners on how to create a successful business plan...
Great post and lots of great comments on this one. My addition would be that +Richard Branson is right as to the need to reduce the governmental burdens on the creation and operation of small businesses. I have many clients who are just trying to run their small businesses and get tangled up in webs of regulations that are confusing, oppressive, and antithetical to the operation of a business.
YES your are right small business & start-ups is the way to get growth in the economy & create more jobs. I am at your disposal to organize in UK an organization to help to start-ups small business.
Interested party can contact me at
Dennis your suggestion is perfect. I will appreciate your cooperation and help
In the US, allowing people to quit their corporate jobs and start businesses without dooming their families to death by illness and bankruptcy would be a good start - but that would be socialism. We'd rather stick with the third-world plan, thanks.
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inicjatywy + Plan +Pełna Chata+ pełna Wiedza społeczeństwa + POLITYKA I finansjera odpowiedzialni + cały świat + redukcja wojen = Sukces stopniowy
Somewhere out there, someone is developing the next 'game changer'. In the way that the PC, the cell phone and the Internet changed the way we do business.
Starting over without regulators and bureaucrats would be the greatest boost to the entrepreneur. We have laws to protect and enforcement people to act in our behalf. Removing all those bloodsucking leaches that drain our economies through litigation telling us they know better would be the hard part. If your blaming the banks for not loaning money maybe you have a business plan that obviously sucks. Banks know when your a probable looser.
The first step would be to reduce vat in the UK, then give people job security and also cut the fat cats wages. Elect politians who care about the people and the economy of the UK and then try and get the managers and workers to pull together to make Britain great again.
Entrepreneurship or small businesses require capital and management information/skills to survive. These can be provided by the government and better-placed individuals in the society. In Africa, my home continent, entrepreneurship is not encouraged at all effectively...just sheer rhetorics from corrupt politicians whose major aspirations are wealth aquisition and strict faceless policies. Governments needs to make available Funds and trainings for successful entrepreneurship and community service.
One idea I had over time - is a Wiki of all ideas, which float around ( if they are patented or not ). Does wikipedia exists ? - yes, so why not wiki to push the world forward with already existing approaches?

there are two kinds of ideas - one which are really move whole economies ( say idea of computer of steam engine ), and some lesser ideas.

while there are big ideas, which can move whole world, mostly they are very finance intensive ( say robotic cars or space mining of platinum etc or wide use of efficient blimps to transport goods - no need in new roads, new nuclear reactor technologies both safe and more efficient or replacement of current gasoline with al-air batteries - why it will be comparable at overall cost of ownership and it is possible to get rid on gasoline entirely - still to build al-air supporting system ( which will require to recycle al-air batteries will require huge money - so thee is way to make change but it is too expensive ) but still we should list them - maybe here it is possible to have financial innovation - to move these projects with less finances and some one would offer them in wiki.

there are lesser ideas
say - take an agriculture -there is a low hanging fruit for many countries - to put new 4 satellite systems ( GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Compass ) navigation devices into tractors etc. Now with 1 cm precision - it is possible to sit into the house and control several tractors at once by pressing routes on map ( it can be pre made just by running around a field with the same positioning device) - they will move exactly where they should with 1 cm precision.

So why such a simple idea is still is not implemented? it is not just very well known, until now 1 cm precision was just not possible.

there are other examples such as - while it is clear - this way it is possible to improve education but very few do try.

But if there is an 'innovation' wiki and there there is a list of different approaches there could be more tries and thus more result.

It could be also coupled with some venture capital, to assist those who would wish to start, maybe?
People want jobs and company's typically are looking for people. So, I don't think the real problem is that jobs don't exist. Just that the existing ways to find work and connect people to employers are archaic, repetitive and not at all transparent. They were designed when the job markets were entirely different and they can't solve modern day problems. People have to waste to much time looking for jobs. I think if they made more modern systems for finding jobs it would solve a lot of problems.

The problems with big bank loans is most BIG BANKS DON'T CARE ABOUT LOANS. It's a very romantic idea of the past to think they give loans to benefit society. What they really care about is FEES they want you to bleed money. The complete structure of how banks make money has changed from the days of yore.
Сергей, это здравая идея, но почему Вы публикуете ее здесь и адресуете именно этому человеку?
+Nail Yusupov Hi Nail, I see you question a bit strange, I'm open with my ideas with everybody, but in Russia - though possibly several thousand people read my different blog posts - no one pays attention. So why not to address a successful businessman?
Привет, Сергей! Видимо, я неправильно высказался. Я знаю, что на 1/6 части суши ничего не выстраивается. Спросил Вас рассчитывая на ответ эксперта, бившегося о стену и нашедшего выход из ситуации.
Ваша идея создания базы данных изобретений крута. Но достаточно ли крут для этой идеи т.н. Richard Branson?
Вы сообщили ему о своей идее, прочтет ли он когда-либо Ваш мессэдж?
У меня тоже идея, но она не особо возвышенная, хотя имеет непосредственное отношение к людям, работающим и расслабляющимся в высокогорных территориях. Первое, что мне пришло в голову, это обсудить тему со своим "другом" по G+ уважаемым Ричардом Бренсоном. Но я даже не нахожу в интерфейсе кнопки "отправить мессэдж", а если бы она и была, то кто станет читать эту кучу сообщений?
Вы действительно считаете воздействие на собеседника комментариями эффективной методикой?
+Nail Yusupov OK I will try to clarify. I added Richard because I found him a person somewhat alike myself ( maybe I'm wrong - but this is another story ), and reading through my friends list seen this post and posted a brief reply, so here - no effort been done. It is just how things go in social networks - someone asks, other answers.
Всё предельно ясно, спасибо за ответ. Прости, что отвлек тебя. Regards
Start-Ups are just a beautiful myths and legends for crazy grandparents. Unfortunately, but it's true.
It depends what the New World Order wants in global economics.
I agree with Branson, we have to work with small businesses. They comprise at least 75% of our economy. They are substantially the core economic center of our middle and upper class. They also provide jobs to the poorest among us. Sadly very little is being done in this current political climate to help them out.
The business models need to change, more innovative approaches to a transition from the brown economy to the green need to be considered. The economy & businesses need to focus on natural & human capital. The horizon is wider & it's a fairer world when there is more access to the tools & instruments for people to lift themselves out of poverty and/or dead end jobs & salary scales. It's a blue ocean out there .... the markets aren't limited, it's only the products & accessibility that have always been restricted & restricting.
The only way to get small business going again is to stop big business by making them less competitive.
Quite like the idea of an education system that can actually teach childen how to read and write properly BEFORE they leave school...the failure rates are still ridiculously high and any country thinking of investing in small business needs first to make sure there are educated staff to work in those businesses...too many business owners cannot find suitably educated/qualified young people and have to compromise standards along the way....not good enough!
I have to agree, time to go back to the basics. set down an educational foundation that focuses on the most important pieces of the puzzle. There is no point knowing how to speak in a second or third language if you fail to have a grasp on your first language. The other really big move that needs to occur (and it will sound obscure) is border protection against foreign sellers, many small businesses are struggling to survive as they can not compete with massive on-line entities (for example, try and make 250 business cards for nothing more than postage because vistaprint can)
Help people get out of debt and make drugs legal, so more people are forced to get jobs in which they don't get paid under the table. When people are stressed out, most aren't productive. Help people get healthy. Rebuild Countries foundations, then the foundation can help the country rebuild the house.
I think encouraging entrepreneurialism at a younger age is a fantastic start - I would have loved more education in high school about "how to follow my dreams" or "how to make an impact on the world" instead of "how to get a stable job"!
+Adam Claydon-Platt
I don't think teachers are qualified to teach entrepreneurship. Fortunately, my father owned a business, and had me start working for him at twelve.
I think teachers who also own their own business(es) are very capable of teaching entrepreneurship? I'd personally be very happy to teach a couple of classes once or twice a week at a local school - after the kids are inspired to follow their passion, the government (at least in Australia) already provide some fantastic resources for people starting their own business...
Entrepreneurship should be taught by successful entrepreneurs. It can’t and want be learned from text books however, it can be learned by reading such books as “Think and Grow Rich” “The Richest Man in Babylon” and even such people as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and who started this post anyway Richard Branson. I totally agree that the only way any and all of our countries will be turned around is that more of THE PEOPLE take control of their own destinies and start their own businesses and make their own.
Resources are out there for small businesses but don't think a wise business owner is going to back just anything you & your product need to fill a niche. Now is not a good time for a new bottled water company skin care etc. find a need a there you are the next best thing.
Essay and poems be made part of early education .For immediate results , all banks -small and big should be encouraged to invest in startups -that seem unlikely to be successful .
The rich get wealthy because of hard work by managing lower class citizens, we have to reduce the inherent risk and costs of hiring to create an environment where the rich can invest in innovations.
Give small businesses a 'personal allowance' on their corporation tax. First 100k of retained profits free of corporation tax if three or more employees. Or even a credit for each employee - small business needs profit to grow - doesn't help the business when the gov reduces the best capital a business can have by 20%
There are tons of strategies to weight loss, yet the solution is well known: more exercise, less consumption.

I think this problem is the same. The solution isn't difficult. What drives business? Consumption of products/services. People + money = consumption. Obviously, there are plenty of ppl, so the solution is to get money into ppl's hands. This will drive business, will drive more jobs, more ppl w/money, rinse and repeat.

The true problem is the extreme division of wealth. With more and more wealth concentrated in the hands of a few percent, there is less and less for everyone else. That means less spendable income, which means less consumption, which means less sales for business, which means less jobs, rinse and repeat.

The behavior of business and perversion of gov policies/laws has created the very problem they are getting bludgeoned with. Fix that and you'll fix the problem Otherwise, enjoy the downward spiral.
Being your pardon Sir, but finding something to get the money out of peoples pockets and mistresses would increase the velocity of money and proprery would loom. People are scared of doom and gloom and the "VELOCITY OF MONEY" is missing from the formula.
Richard, you rock, from Toronto, salut. Hey, by the way, if there's an unfilled seat on your flight, my butt would be more than happy to fill it. wink wink nudge nudge hee hee
Governments are dipping too much into small businesses and making too many regulations. Its too hard and too expensive to run one these days, whatever happened to the old KISS principle with all the rules and regulations you can kiss goodbye
The cost of living is too high which makes us noncompetitive in a global economy , it costs too much to produce goods in the U.S.
David J
Any tips on how to give up a really good job to start your own business. Mind is willing ... 
Reduced high-street rentals ... faster broadband ... better business support from Government.
By acknowledging that consumption cannot continue exponentially one would also realise that job creation and growth in the economy are actually impossible. We have reached a plateau where the only thing that happens is that one new firm takes business from an old firm which then either ceases trading or is taken over as you know has happened in the airline industry. The cycle of commerce.
Whilst money exists as debt then there is no incentive as we are all slaves to the corrupt fractional reserve banking system.
Support systems such as business incubators where people with ideas and dreams of starting a business can get access to funding, mentorship to help through the process of getting started, and help with marketing their services or products. Successful business owners offering a hand up to those starting out can create a platform for growth.
Businesses are killing their own domestic sales by outsourcing jobs. It's a simple formula, you pay people, and they spend that money, and those companies take a profit margin and use the rest to pay their employees, and the cycle continues. But, you export jobs overseas, and that cycle ends. If we have no money, we can't spend money.
This is a good idea but choosing what business to help would be the difficult part as there are many small business just keeping their head above water at this stage in the economy in South Africa for example.
Being a small business owner its hard but support from bigger companies are even harder in our country. Unless you get that one in a million opportunities coming your way you are stuck to make your own plans and take initiative to make your business grow. Its hard but you appreciate it more and work harder towards your goals in life.
The solution is simple in its conception, complex in its execution.

You cause your actions and own your effects, so if a property is of your causing it is an effect owned by you. A common compact of such would bind one to their actions, both good and bad, for disowning one's effects would be disowning one's self. We could do away with much of our efforts if such an accord could be drawn amongst men, and thereby be relieved of much time with which we could relax and figure out what to do with the rest of it.

To answer your question, Sir Branson, there is no "Silver Bullet" to take down the werewolf of this collective condition. The metephorical werewolf doesn't exist, you see, for it is a spector of statisticians that haunts our television screens. There are many out there who are being paid to slay the fantastic creature...

The slayers make use of common ideas, called "Meems" by Richard Dawkins, to justify their efforts and demand payment from those who are without a choice of whether to pay the sum. Two of these Meems have been brought up here: "Create Jobs" and "Rich People Save".

First of all, the point of this whole "Human Collaboration" thing is to REDUCE the number of jobs. The ideal scenario would be 100% unemployment- we're not quite there yet. So, what is it that we really want to create?

Value. Creating value requires doing work. Capital requires saving, and it makes work more effective. One man fishes with a spear while another makes a net. The man with the spear feeds the one making the net until it's made, and then they can both go on with other activities while the net catches fish for them.

We need to build more nets, which brings up the second point.

Saving is the driver of a strong economy. When people spend, usually the spending is consumption. Consuming things does not produce anything but data about what has been consumed, and that data is used by producers to structure their future activities. Savings is used to create new businesses, fund research, and ultimately build new technologies that make life easier (like the net vs. the spear).

In my opinon, our current condition is a function of 3 things:

1. Rapid Technological Change. The last 20 years has seen a pace of change that makes doing business incredibly difficult for many people in charge (older people who can't adapt to changing conditions- +Richard Branson happens to be an exception to this).

2. Attitude. We are in a global drought and yet people around the world are rain dancing. The rain dance is the "Job Dance", and if you aren't dancing (voting, paying taxes), then you are an enemy of the tribe. This needs to change. Class conflict is a nonsense object- ask yourself who benefits from its existence.

3. Wasted Time. The EU is demanding Google to change its search algorithm to be "Fair"- what a waste of time. IP lawyers abound- what a waste of time. People spend Millions of hours per year calculating their taxes- what a waste of time. Simply put, forced activities are usually just a waste of time. Systems of force in our world are not subject to the forces necessary for evolution to take place. These systems need to evolve so we can stop wasting time maintaining their out-dated ways.

The first item is under noone's control. The second is under yours completely, while the third is ours to change in time. If you continue to chase rainbows and dance around the fire for rain, you will continue to be dissapointed.

First, we must accept that growing is painful and out of our control, but will take us to a better condition.

Second, keep your spirits up and your fellows' too, because there is land on the horizon from some points of view.

Third, choose your leaders and be ruled by none. Your time here is limited, so only be told what to do with it by those completely of your choosing.

There is no silver bullet because there is no monster to slay. What we need in every country is a New Common Sense, a change in attitude that drives us to act in a new way. There are times when the maps to our futures are plentiful, and now is not one of those times.

When traveling in uncharted space, one must make use of their compass. For too long, mankind has neglected its compass and so has lost its direction. Many reject that such a thing exists, and will dismiss this at their dismay. I urge you all, Sir Branson especially, to think about what it means to set aside discussing the 'what' so that we can discover a new 'way'.
What would be a good place to invest $1000 to make more money quick. Anyone with ideas if welcome to comment. I'm new to all this investing stuff. I need lots of help!!!!! Thanks
Provide support groups like SCORE and SBC (Small Business Development) Groups in the US and cut all the red-tape needed to get businesses started. Tax incentives to those employing folks within the first year or so of start-up. Free night-school classes teaching folks the ins and out of business -like bookkeeping, taxes, legalities etc .Keep jobs at home. Start initiating apprenticeship programs to really teach folks on the job rather than having idiots come out of University with no practical experience. Cite one example - mini-roundabouts in small towns built on College experiences - Guess how big trucks get around them? They don't they drive right over them. Had you worked your way up on the job you would have known better!
An inventor is a small biz just waiting to happen, so to help them is the best jump start for all economies world wide, but funny thing no one is doing it seriously,WHY. and why not create VIRGIN INVENTS a new division , and share 50/50 with great ideas to patten ?
I think that we need to start making products that last . To where people will want to tell others about the product .wasn't business done with a hand shake. I remember you could walk on to a construction site talk to the formen,them you went to work that doe's not happen anymore .people do not have the time to talk to each other any more.
Increase small business loans. Subsidie, tax credits and tax reductions to stimulate hiring and investments. Only government can do some these things.
Dave West - yes I agree. We need to cultivate more trust in each other again. We get so insular and compartmentalized and full of ourselves with mistrust in others. We need to cultivate honesty and that hand-shake deals are better than reams of legal signed paperwork. Bureaucracy is what is killing the system (all systems). Lets get back to a time where we can leave our doors open and be safe! Look what happens when an open door policy (the US and Britain for example) suddenly shuts down and when ghetto's are allowed to form - mistrust and a need for more policing and government control.Let uis learn to know and love our neighbors and promote a safer society through mutual trust and understanding and agree to differ in our opinions - not herded by shephards.
Dear Richard, one more recent subject brought by you. we are a small organisation in an even smaller country. cyprus not even a million on the whole. imagine 99.9% of the businesses are 1 - 4 persons. due to this fact they are forced to close their businesses. where as bigger organisations even if they make redundancy they will still survive. whole heartedly agree with you. thanks regards from cyprus
When everyone realises its much better if everyone settles for a little bit there's plenty to go around. Only works if everyone puts in the effort though carrying the lazy is much heavier a burden than caring for the weaker.
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Social entrepreneurship - Ashoka, Schwab Foundation, Social Innovation Conversations , those come to mind.
Japan has a good system, with their advertisement of local and sometimes out of town workshops where networking takes place and people can meet with potential investors.
Seriously I dont know whether this is the right platform or a good opportunity but am currently in need of £300 to buy an internet business that could propel me to greater heights ...any benefactors??
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