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We're reintroducing 3 species to the BVI: Flamingo, Scarlet Ibis & Roseate Spoonbill. Is the Scarlet Ibis the most beautiful bird in the world? #neckeranimals
We are reintroducing three species to the British Virgin Islands...
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geezz... Is that photo taken in Shanri-La?
That is fantastic news, I hope it is a success
Excellent! What a wonderful gift for our global community.
Interesting looking birds.
Cory M
That's amazing to see! Especially dear to me as it is the national bird of my homeland Trinidad 
GM food? For real? Niiiice...
Reintroduction is fine but you have to fully understand why they died out in that area beforehand.  Otherwise you could be sending these introductions down the same doomed path.

Hope it goes well and you did a study on impact - even in reintroduction.
They are very beautiful animals indeed
Very beautiful, but the Bataleur is hard to beat.

A commendable project though. 
I don't know about MOST beautiful, but it's certainly up there!  :)
Do you ever get tired of knowing more about more? Probably not--just another reason to be a fan.
Beautiful! Hope one day to see them in person . . . from a distance and in their natural habitat. :)
all animals are beautiful, including some humans
I love what "you" do with your money- cheers!
Bautiful birds, I didnt know them.  Thanks for this share.
i love everything of you ,i want to you with my physical eyes ,i want to just sit next to you .i saw you on ophra Winfrey's show
I thought the scarlet ibis was native to south America?
Mr. Branson. Your like the greatest billionaire ever. Keep up the good work and God bless.
All the cool kids look at scarlet ibises.
My Goodness! How gorgeous!!! Looks like ornaments on xmas tree!! Well done!
Sir Branson: well-done! My wife and I stayed in Anegada in the BVI near Cow Wreck Bay, and the wild flamingos were an incredibly beautiful sight to see.
ummm.........branson ummm........who r u
Yes it is the most beautiful bird I have ever seen! I love birds but only have two parakeets named Laverne and Shirley. Lots of blue birds and red birds outside my home. 
I have just watching your spacecraft in National Geographic television program...
Hi Richard, my Wife and I are going to visit the BVI in August for the first there a special place you can recommend, since you are  a connoisseur and love the Island so much cheers!!! 
The Scarlet Ibis is indigineous to Trinidad and Tobago thou
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yes it  is one of the grandest  and also  the national bird of my beloved countryThe Federal Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
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