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How entrepreneurship can change the world...
I think it’s fair to see these few days will be with us for a lifetime...
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Rich, I would be interested in the recently founded Maiyet, "a luxury fashion brand rooted in a new model that builds economic growth in communities of conflict." - It really got me thinking... What does that model look like?
Do you want google promotion for your website?
That's the point! have an objetive! create your little company (or just be good in your work, in any work), make it grown, and if everything goes well (not always) go beyond, and help others to grown! You don't need a fundation, you just need all your will. And if you fail, all your strong to try it again. Give an oportunity to somebody is a great gift (the best one). EMPATHY is the key word that may move the world, if you think that would be good for your own, you can hardly get wrong. Go ahead!
.. and those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane .... by those who could not hear the music - nietzsche
Mr Branson as a serial entrepeneur who has recently taken a product like Sir Charles Dyson did and one which is used widely world wide in every business and made it more efficient and also cheaper why am I caught in a rock and a hard place to try to get this into markets. Our predicted growth on 100 per month makes gross margins of £150000 per month but no banks will support this in the current markets.
Any advice ?
PS the product is actually a service industry so no manufacturing costs as it already exists and is widely available but not in this format
early tests have given clients reduction of 22 to 27% reductions on there existing costs !
Hope I get your attention Mr Branson as you are in this market alraedy!
I only wish we had such forward thinking in my own country. Investing for the short term is a good step to self sufficency, but to buy and sell and sustain even if you make things you still have to have someone with the resources to buy the goods these people produce. You can shift resources only so far. Education as well as good steward ship must be learned and passed on and if you can teach a people how to be independant and provide for themselves then I think all of these countries would be better off for it.
Entrepreneurship is tough, but if you make it, it's worth everything.
Watching the Apprentice is enough business for me.
The Seven Es, A new Ethos for Enterprise, Engineering, Education to solve shared Energy-Economy-Environment problems, But learned and protected Noble Lie fallacies of the past must go. Like the legal fiction fraud of Coroprate Personhood. And, the very nature of The Corporation itself must change, from robotic fixation of maximizing Class A Shareholder interests, of the Few, at the disregard and economic externalization of negatives, RAND Corporation and Hudson Institute has said that the corporation must change, when back in the 70s he understood corporations would once again become of scale approaching that of the East India Company monopoly - of drug pushing, slave oppressing and arms dealing, We will a new Ethos for Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and all isms now, especially what Mussolini called "corporatism" if our Civilizations are not to collapse into a new Dark Ages. The issues are complex. But the solutions will now have to derive from an informed public without corporate, government of religious intervening propaganda, Edward Bernays has helped make the Humanity stupid with corporatized idiocy, Nature will de-select and super species that tries to thrive on willful ignorance. We must an Open Source Discourse and Online Networked Enlightenment allows global collaborative intelligence to conceive of a new way for Civilization to enterprise without manufactured consent to legal fiction Noble Lie deceptions, A new Ethos for capitalism, socialism, corporatism can and must emerge, This will probably have to start with a forensic analysis of the negatives of Central Bankism, in Capitalist and Communist theoclassical ideologies before honest progress can begin towares Civilization 2.0 - the upgrade less doomed to Energy-Economy-Environment systems meltdown, Brzezinski suggests there is a "global awakening" of global problems and their cause. The Many now realize super private banking cartels globalized around a crony capitalism of central banks - is part of the crisis - driving our networked civilizations towards the other crises - as much or more than so called Overpopulation, Can we enterprise differently with a different Ethos?
Entrepreneurship can change the world but money can also help!
Love the idea of environmental profit and loss. Not heard of that before but would love begin tracking that in the company I work for. How does it work?
Interesting idea! I presume positive and negative effects on the environment should either balance out or the positive should far outweigh the negative. The environmental profit can then be ploughed back to do more good! Thanks for sharing!
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