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Rachel’s gift: how a 9-year-old girl helped 60,000 people get clean drinking water
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I would love to be in a position to help more people like yourself, e waste is another area that needs addressing +Richard Branson the state of parts of Uganda is truly horrifying due to e waste..
Water is one of the most basic needs in human life... Unfortunately many don't have access to it :(  This is an awesome project. Kudos to Rachel for thinking of others in need :)
Anna Za
Ohhh Goood Mr.Branson...#helpandCare
Amen Virgin Galactic. You and I both know that in a court of law agnostics wins. What we cannot prove, cannot be qualified. But the quality of life, that gift given by a 9 year old girl breathes faith into the hearts of the weary. 
A beautiful story....

Age, size or anything else shouldn’t hold any of us back from making a difference in the world. 
Every child that does something great has parents/guardians who nurture the notion that took them there.  So you have to applaud those that fostered and guided her action too :)
Amazing and inspiring
Bravo, too bad it can't last. I've never watered my lawn, or poisoned it. I guess Halliburton will make all the remaining drinking water flammable by fracking for gas ( benzene is a favorite, mellieur pour l'eau flambé). There's only a little bird poop in the water from your roof, best see if you can manage with your rainfall - but don't let anyone steal it. Just multiply annual rainfall in cm x square meters of rootide 10 = collectible liters. Best have a cistern to take you through dry months. 
Absolutely beautiful a lesson of giving n not to be selfish
Too bad we didn't shrink wrap Greenland and all those glaciers before you and I melted them with our CO2 emissions. We could have towed one to Africa. I guess we need solar desalinization of sea water.
Vegetarians have a smaller footprint because they're not causing feed to be raised for animals, I should be one. U.S. domestic use is 7x that of China, 4x overall, twice that of Japan. The acquifers we are now sucking dry have been there for millions of years, and replenish very slowly. So now we're upset Costner got it right in Waterworld? 
Good to know that every time I exhale I will be accused of poisoning the planet
Yes, Charity:Water!  I'm creating a music compilation to raise money for them.  Amazing cause!
Heartwarming.  Just shows a person's dream can make a difference in the lives of all of us.  Thank you for sharing Sir Richard.
Now thats commendable! We could learn a lot from the younger generation...and i am only 35!
Sir Richard, 

We piped oil, we piped the internet, is it possible to pipe water to eradicate famine?
how is it the world has no clean water. that,s sad
Arun S
bless her soul
Sometimes we can be a help to someone, in some small way.  It is imperative that we keep our eyes open and our hearts willing, the smallest donation can make a world of difference in a persons life. Many thanks to Rachel!
Not going to lie. This article made me cry a little. 
Hey stone heart peoples, just look the girl and learn the habit of humanism first!!!!!!!!!!!! 
jesus raises them his blessing
Human sadness but Heavenly happiness for Rachel, her great effort weren't put in vain.
In Africa Water is the best asset. I walked miles and miles. Its our happiness. Well done to the young lady. May the ingenious in you give more of you. Richard branson.
amazing just because were kids doesn't mean we don't want things too happen in the world we want too help too no one listens were "just kids" WE WANT TOO HELP!!!!! 
Rachel you're an inspiration to young and old. Come on Richard Branson and support Rachel's legacy by installing more of these water pumps. 
Fantastic and righteous :-)
I bet that little girl will move mountains when she grows up.
Great pictures, you should really consider a second career, :)
I kept telling people at work that I had something in my eye. I couldn't stop crying.
+David Robertson +Ted Houk Epic Fail for completely missing the point of this post. heartless bastards, for inserting your personal opinions and ideas about how flawed the human condition is, when this was clearly a testament to how incredibly beautiful life can be if we can move away from selfish motives and push personal agenda aside to help my fellow brothers and sisters. if I could -1 you, I would. You will be awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your souls.
Awesome!! My husband is going to Haiti in September to drill a water well for an orphanage!! Water is life!!
I feel stupid. I should't comment before I read the artical. Please for her parents forgive me.  I am sorry for your lose. I am happy your daughter's dream came true.
+Amy Bazan you look to have a super cool family. I bet your husband is an awesome dude! My wife went to India a few years ago to help teach English and american culture in an orphanage. She said it changed her life. I hope the same for your husband. 
+Mary Jonas I don't think there's any need to feel bad. I'm sure that if circumstances were different she very well could have moved mountains.
how are those children, if I may ask ?
I like those simple things, can't go wrong.
I never give up, but can take a lot of time to get realized.
Killing Gadaffi who build artificial rivers in deserts, and now praising so-called philanthropists for poor drops? Truly a face of Western charity.
How the youngest can see and believe..........
please make voice for Burmese muslims as well.
How I wish I can replicate this at my home area where people still have to travel far to fetch water from the river.
Linda B
Wow amazing, brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing girl and what a wonderful family!
What a gal! I hope she gets a good education and move on. The world deserves people like that.
Rachel's gift is invaluable. She gave the source of life for ten thousands though she has lost hers. May God bless her soul. She got a blessed family indeed.   
Grande Homem...grande Partilha
um bom exemplo...
great no one should be deprived of resources that are here for them and us all.
You are a true Boddhisatva. Your trip to the next realm will invite a peaceful group guides.
Proves the planet is still occupied by some caring beings of all shapes, sizes, etc.
This is truly fantastic. Wordpress dot com, carried an article about building a "green" distillation plant from the world's oceans, and cleaning it,and piping it inland, for drought victims, and selling bottled, for lower than currently.  This little girl has done something similar, without all the tech.  But the point is, if this 21st century civilization cannot respond to its needs with green businesses, or as simple solutions, like this person, has done, then tech, does not exist, yet, because compassion and humanity have not evolved yet.
Totaly amazing.. one of the universes Earth angels.. 
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