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Stand out or stand still:
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I try for to stand up-still fasten
. 😰
But thanks mr Richard
All my projects lately thank you Richard have been solely focused on help works for other countries. I have seen what you have done to now and realized what I always knew.. The power of hope, the power of the solid word makes these projects sing. I do not wish to be as rich as you someday, but I do want to find all the places near your world and flood them with ideas and grassroot resolutions. I am rich because I have friends and things that make me happy
Good afternoon, Mr. Branson: this post-supper!:-D

How do I get my idea to you for your Virgin gyms in South Africa???
My mentor.... Consider him a great man to learn from 
I totally agree. It's necessary to offer a good service/product but at the same time it's very important to believe what we're doing, show that and, first of all, attract attention and curiosity about that. It's a double process. 
Absolutely agree with that. ..
I've seen your fantástic planes in muy last visit to USA. Love The Brand! 
We came across with your catching advertisement in your Virgin Bank while strolling in London .. i was laughing when you knock and telling your customer to come in .. It was a brilliant idea. Cheers ...
You really attract the attention of that advertisement in your Virgin Bank .. 
Dear Sir Richard, If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you, it would be my distinct honor to hug your neck! I simply LOVE the way you think!
I do wish my friend Lisa, the 88 year old Austrian Virgin, had lived long enough to pose for one of your ads. I think you guys would have adored each other.
I need attention.two with wifi on my android phone.two years with wifi you tube,Google,yahoo,weather app,wifi movies.six outdoors parks with wifi.Eight states with wifi on greyhound bus.3g and 4g with wifi.four devices with wifi phones and computer,ipad. Callyjones
Thanks Richard Branson, Thank you to all our Dear Friends in G + and Facebook and Linkedin can I open these large portals for participation, .This is the wealth that feels through these feelings of friendship that accentuate the ways of successes of universality, ultra.
When you know your are in control. It should. Mr. Branson🏄🚡🚠
Shhhh! It's a secret! If everyone finds out.... we'll sell out! 
Xin chào Richard Branson .  Có phải ngài là tỷ phú Branson , thật may mắn cho tôi là vào được trang của ngài .  Branson ông là tỷ phú mà cũng  có lối sống dân dã nhỉ , may mắn cho tôi vào được trang của ngài .
How many products, services and great inventions disappear or never get off the ground due to they never attracted attention or the owners never tried to attract attention? As it states "no matter how good you or your product is, it will only succeed if it attracts attention" so put your ideas out there to see what it can attract and what you can create.
very straight forward..
infuse dramatic publicity and a little hyperbole into your dreams... maverick mr branson, let 'em know!
That can't be disputed. It's the reality though the biggest challenge for every upcoming business as well as existing businesses. Thanks sir for the reminder you are a great mentor. 
Gr8 work MR Branson, I am always glued to your statements and advises, keep it up. ...Thanks a million
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