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Here's the latest Ask Richard Q&A with +Sherilynn Macale on social, last suppers, business, branding & more. If you've got a question then ask away below, keep them coming!
All the questions and answers from our latest Ask Richard...
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Sir Richard, if they record thousands of parameters and voice into the "black" boxes on airplanes, what's stopping them recording video?

A few well positioned 30 dollar webcams that stream data onto a solid state hard drive, would save A LOT of man hours of investigation in case of disaster...
I have a "GREAT" Screw Business As Usual Idea!
Sir richard thank you for allowing us to reach you so easily and be connected. My question is I know space exploration is a big part of your ventures but have you considered deep sea construction of aquatic themed cities or stations that can accommodate thousands of people?
Glad you posted the text to the other questions, since it was cut off. Sometimes, it's faster to read the text than to read the interview; do you think you could make a text transcript for every interview?
Will you support our effort to raise awareness and funds for Children's cancer research, treatment, and care? We need corporate support from forward thinking companies and individuals such as you. Will you get involved?
Hi Richard Branson. Is Civilization sustainable with the legal and philosphical fraud, in 1886, of Corporate Personhood, that now allows legal fiction super corporations to issue debt-based fiat money, not worth the paper its digitally not printed on, with synthetic derivatives of collateralized usury, that push the Military Industrial Complex to pursue corporate expansion wars based on false prospectus, while conjuring claims over real wealth generating capacities of the Many and ecologies of the Earth, based on Noble Lie Machiavellian legal and political deception? Will Nature, Evolution, Universe and God not de-select the super organism of MetaHumanity, from continuance, if we now choose to operate with unsustainable philosophical fraud? Thanks Richard!
Hi Richard. I've a question;
Why are you trying to look like the Fonz?
Hi Richard ! Do you really want too explore inner earth ? The last hidden frontier ! I think we should really see whats down there 
Did you ever make it round the world in a hot air balloon? And when is the best media provider this side. Of. The atlantic gona wire in my street?
Why have you not commented on my Blog so far?
Sir, do you manage to post Google+ and other social media by yourself? Then I keep watching. By the way, at a time you were more shy than Sherilynn. :)
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Charlotte Whitton
Sir Richard will you be getting a better fitting jacket for your next interview... And more seriously, what is going to be your next project. Undiscovered waters? Space hotels? You are man who seems limited by imagination only 
How about a serious journey to the center of the earth
This should be called, "Branson stoned out of his brilliant mind."
hi. richard why dont you ask me a question for a change
Hi sir Richard, why doesn't Virgin Australia use G+ like they do Facebook?
Hi richard can u tell me y u can up grade but u cannot down grade with virgin media when on a contract i lost my job so i cant aford to pay 4 all the virgin anymore but when i phone up and say y i need to down grade they want let me so i get into dept can u help me on this
I've just read how you interviewed John Lennon and others whilst still running your Student did you approach doing this?
Are you supporting MIssion Small Business in the US?
Are there plans to launch Virgin Money Giving in South Africa? We also need a cost-effective online fundraising tool too, please.
Mark kusminski...sorry but you sound like such a ass.
What is your view on carbon taxing, and also how does carbon tax affect you and your business?
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