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Crested Anole reptiles on Necker Island perform push-ups to show off to females. Not all that different to men then!
The Crested Anole is not all that different to men!
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If anything, they stay in shape.
Richard Branson's comment stream isn't a chat room...
@Lisa: I am good at pushups... I love doing pushups... I wish if
i could show u...
But the rare Jack Palance Anole routinely does one-limbed push ups, much to the consternation of the frustrated male Crested Anole species who've voted them off Necker Island.
Okay, Daniel, you earn the coveted +1 for that comment. :)
I would say vice versa...humans are not different than animals when we talk about mating...
You see... already the females are trying to show off what they have best in order catch your attention...:o) No offense Lisa...
I admire your determination and I wish you good luck. Sir Richard Branson is a down to earth person and for sure anyone should be proud to be within his "Virgin" territories...
I always I mean ALWAYS channel my inner Crested Anole when performing my push-ups. It worked for my wife because when we first met it was my amphibias reptile qualities that attracted my wife. Shes Dominican and probally has some Puerto Rican in her too,.
Actually there is a very good book that is called "Life of Insects", but a writer named Viktor Pelevin. It shows how the smallest creatures have their total complete world that we cannot even imagine :)
Is the Animal doning the human thing or are we doing the Animal
thing ? So in the world of life there is nature .
The female of the species have also learned that if the only thing they base their attraction on is push ups, they usually end up with a Crested A-hole.
Katherine have u seen this one: Life in the Undergrowth done by BBC?
For sure we are doing the animal thing...we evolved on other areas but still have that animal instinct even if we don't admit it...
Am I the only one who finds it attractive for a woman to do push ups also?
It was a rhetorical question. Don't worry you manliness is safe lol.
Are you sure my manliness is safe? Should i go do some push-ups? rhetorical, thanks for the laugh!
it's kinda weird to see man doing push up to get women's attention in public places..:]
Lizards in Cali do this as well. I've seen a stick bug and a lizard doing push ups in front of each other. So macho!
There must be some necking going on Necker Island.
How are the Necker Island Flamingos doing?
I could use a personal
I haven't heard of these lizards before, so I found this interesting. I had to chuckle at similarity to human behavior.
LOL Oh my God that was so funny you should mention lizard. Yea ! I call my husband that, because he takes time to do anything I ask him to do. I'm a hard task master in a sweet way. He's lovely really. Just don't mention push-ups !!!! . Tell you what Richard he's a cool man and eyeryone loves him at work. Perhaps you can hire him, I will sing to your company name V I R G I N. Well done Richard . Your cool man.
Please always send update on time. The two words are often used according to context.  The adjective depicts the sense that a person is older in age not necessarily feeble while the noun form which is 'elder' signifies that a person is enlightened or full of wisdom. It also shows seniority. For instance, some churches have Elders as their advisers and some communities have "Elder Statesman".  These are persons who take vital decision that shape their community, state or country.
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