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Finished #50shadesofgrey. A bit Mills and Boon. When it comes to erotic fiction you can’t beat the originals!
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Wouldnt have had you down as the sort. I didnt see my mother in law as the sort either to be fair. 
I read Fifty Shades and now about half way through the second one. I've noticed that just about all "romantic" sessions are like reruns. 
Read all 3 books good read!
I would like to get a woman's idea about these books. See what they think about them, since they were referred to as "soccer mom" genre. lol
Ahh Rachel says it's amazing.... explain...
I want a Mr Grey lets just put it that way :)
See, that's a woman's opinion from +rachel frame.  Makes sense, men fantasize about their "perfect" woman, so I don't see how this is so hard to grasp.
Come on you men must wanna all live like this man right??
Very repetitive, and doesn't tell us enough about the wonderful Mr Christian Grey "Fifty", but definately a good read.
I loved the books - I really hope the film goes ahead too! And I really hope they choose carefully. They need people who can act! Channing Tatum is lovely to look at! But let's face it he always looks so blank! 
I wouldn't mind an Ana of my own. haha. 
Maybe +Preston Lively is talking about a purely literary standpoint, I read the preview and I agree it's not well written.  But that doesn't mean that people can't still enjoy parts of it.
I enjoyed the story. I live in Olympia and am in Seattle some and I just like stories about local places. I'm originally from Arkansas and I would read books about Arkansas fiction or real.
+J. Miguel P. Tavares click through to the article, he lists "The Story of O" and Anais Nin (as well as some self promotion for Black Lace).

I'm reluctant to read Fifty Shades, the excerpts I've seen quoted so far just seem so juvenile to me. That being said, I feel like I can't properly hate on something till I've experienced it fully. I'll maybe read it someday.
...I "re enact" one Novella every tryst with my Redneck beau-WHERE ITS@! ; -*
I simply must read these!! I was curious enough before... But this dialog, in addition to Sir Richard's thoughts, are most intriguing indeed!!
My wife is reading these. She likes them, though I'm watching for their true impact on our marriage. ;-)
My lover who was 25 years older than me had me read Story of O, she was a great teacher!
We all want to know.  Just how erotic was it?
It's all about interpretation, it's a very good read, but I can also see how some people can be appalled by it.
I loved it. Recommend it fully. I think its a love story of broken, real, people and how love and perseverance and acceptance can actually triumph in life. It is really erotic and some of those scenes, well, they can be done in real life with no problems. I have no idea were those people that say that it is not a real depiction of S&M scenes... I would say that most stories of such broken ppl would end in disaster, but the happy ending is part of the romance nature of it, and it was a lovely love story! :P
anybody who says it's a true love story full of romance must read at like a 8 year old's level. The fact that a terribly written piece of trashy erotic fan fiction inspired by an equally poorly written fantasy series about waify emo vampires has somehow risen to the level of an international cultural phenomenon is a tragic statement about the state of pop culture around the world.  seriously though, watch this and try to tell me this is a beautiful triumphant love story: Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey
Don't judge a book by it's cover.  Nice to see that e-books are available at 35, 000 feet, now women can remain closet readers and enjoy some high flying romance.
An Krys
Virgin has always been shall we say spicy but that's why it stays top of the mind.  Good job Richard on doing that.  Mastermind.
I still say love stories come in all formats, it is narrow mindedness to think only love stories are vanilla and happen between a knight and a princess in a castle. Grow up. People out there into S&M are as much entitled to their own kind of love story as all of you critics are.Whether you approve or not, are into it or not, think it possible or not, reality clearly is biting you back when the book you are so bent on saying all that bad stuff about is a bestseller and women around the glove love it.
I got to the end of the first chapter and decided not to bother, I can see why some people would like it but other than that its about meh....
Now you know what all the fuss was about -- not very much at all. I congratulate on her success though, she's done very well from fan fiction on the web to this, good on her.
Franz S
I think +Richard Branson  has opened the floodgates for other men to start reading 50 shades openly
Back in school, in Bombay where I grew up, once the teachers (females) would put up problems for us to solve (in 6th grade) on the board, they would sit back down to read  their Mills & Boon book until we were done. At the time, we had no clue what was really between those pages except for the 'funny' girly covers. It was only when we hit 9th grade did we realize that our teachers were reading 'romantic-porn'  during our assignments.
+Lorena Lombardo what you're missing here is that the criticisms have little to do with the content or how edgy or risque it is to talk about S&M or not. The problem is the actual literary merits of the book(s). It is TERRIBLY WRITTEN. I'm embarassed for people that defend this series. If you want to read them, by all means, read them. If you want to say you enjoyed them for what they were then that's fine too. Don't try to tell me they're some beautifully written romance novels that portray a misunderstood world view or some bs though. I enjoyed the tv show Airwolf in the 80's but I'm not about to write some doctoral thesis on the profound impact Airwolf and Knight Rider had on the evolution of 21st century cinematography.
Barbara Cartland with knobs on :-)
It's poorly written, based off of a Twilight Fanfic story and has alienated the BDSM crowd which says it misrepresents BDSM.
Some people are addicted to these books lol...
The new erotic cook book from Bisto looks great. Fifty Shades of Gravy. Mmmm! Bisto!
So it has met expectation and "Buttons were pushed". This is an acceptable outcome for a piece of fiction. No deep meaning, plot twist or elucidation required. Unfortunately this google crowd seems to want to find deep meaning in about everything. 
P.R. B.
'autobiography of a flea' and all from that era are favorites...that 'anonymous' guy sure could write...:)
Not formula books, but Books to a formula - very boring.
My grandmother used to read mills and boon all the time >:(
Twas merely a (our) way to escape from reality for a while.
I rather read a text books and formula books so I can learn more things than read this non sense books.
I am in the middle of reading this book and I have read better, I have read worse and going in with no expectations I am entertained. It is a fast easy read and if it prompts me to be naughty tonight so be it!
TELL ME ABOUT IT Mr Branson ...... Harold Robbins ...... Sidney Seldon and the great Jackie Collins.....
This book I haven't ever brought..  think i should buy a book soon though... 50 ways to be successful lol
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