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How do you choose the best people to run your businesses? Look for people who genuinely care about others...
Look for people who genuinely care about other people...
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Look for leaders who empower others to help them develop themselves. But there must be a common goal with reward and recognition.
Look for people who genuinely care about themselves in order to care about others
Im currently looking for work.....
In my experience it is better to go with a gut feeling than with qualifications. I am currently working with a manager (who on paper had solid qualifications) who has proven himself to have failed in every aspect of running a retail store.
Very cool. Now can someone explain how the mighty East India Company corporate empire of drug-pushing, slave-trading and arms dealing worked? How was it so successful for so long? Can a corporation thrive by caring for it's people, and now giving a crap about the rest of society? Herman Kahn of the RAND Corporation in the 70s said that Corporations would become so powerful in the 21st Century they would need to change their mode of operation, as they subsumed the influence and power of governments. He was right. I think we need a new young Richard Branson, perhaps 16, to help start a digital STUDENT magazine to start Open Source Discourse on the grand challenges of Civilization, This must start with young people addressing the legal fiction hoax of Corporate Personhood - the stealthy fraud that changed America in 1886 by an un Constitutional lie, that now has changed the whole world through the quasi legal fraud of the Federal Reserve, and American Empire. Civilization cannot be saved or transitioned by Machiavellian Noble Lie deception of the Many. Period. This is not anti capitalism. This is anti capitalism that depends on legal fraud.
Like all things in life except birth and death it is a flip of a coin, look at history how many long time friends turn on one or the other. Then there are the cases where someone appears lacking skills but becomes a fantastic leader. The mind is a crazy labyrinth and you must watch every turn.
There's no point in a company increasing its 'talent pool' if it cannot or is not visibly seen as being capable of looking after its employees. The 'bottom line' is important but 'investment in people' may be more important- a company needs to retain its (expensively attained) talent as long as possible (and this will help maintain competitive edge).
I think that's right. But it's not happening in real life..shame...
+Richard Branson oh so true... Too bad this basic fact is lost on the people that NEED to heed it. +Honey Cess I agree with you as well, it doesn't happen in real life, or at least in yours and my life. :) I'm sure Mr. Branson is surrounded by people that think that way so it is true to a degree. You and I are not exposed to said people so we kind of look at it in a different light. :)
Hello Joseph Stahl,
You are soooooo right.
When I decided to stay home and homeschool my 3 daughters despite my bleak financial situation (The world went crazy )...
Please tell your wife to stay on this path, because even though it can be difficult to relate to many, people like us are the ones society needs to create an aura of love, stability and joy. 
I'm an engineer. Many engineering projects are very large and companies hire in order to staff a contract then lay off when it is done. They keep only a small core team. If you are fortunate, another company is ramping up their hiring at the same time.
This is a great tip for setting your business apart from most. Although it can be hard to find the people who really care . . . Many of them are off starting their own companies!
You are my hero Richard Branson!! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!! :-)
People who care about others is always nice to find, but I'd also want to find people who have a passion for the business. There can only be so much drive without passion.
Need more people like you and we wouldn't be in our present state....
What's the Delta of Job and Work?

What's an emergent property?
I'm currently in business with my wife. She surely cares about me so that's enough right? LOL, No actually, she is a pretty caring person. We will have more people join the team soon, already prospecting.
Richard Branson is a real business man because he has a heart...
Doing business without a loving and a caring heart, is like cooking without salt and spices.
He will work from success to success... Amen!
I think its important all the way through the business, especially in a small business where everyone interacts with everyone. Having someone who doesn't care or who has a different set of values can lead to de-motivation and discontent.
Dean P
We make our own luck! Part of that is being personable and caring.
I look for emocional quotient ( EQ) not for intteligence quotient ( IQ )
mani S
sigh. thts good to preach but hard to ap ply
Hi Richard! Where does Sir Richard spend a Monday memorial day at?
think u meant biz-ness

Or at least that's how I thought bout it ; )
Shouldn't they be like minded as well understanding the goal and mission of your business. Care for people yes is the most important part but other factors are needed as well.
Get the people things right and all else will take care of itself
There must be a psychology of some kind to determine the right characteristics for business.
I'm sorry I do not agree with you Mr Branson...Genuinely Caring about other people have only given me alot of sadness :( Sorry don’t want too be such a "happy" person.
hi we have 4 general human tip who you can found the best people from it
The big irony here being that some of the most important places to have these sorts of people is in customer service jobs (cinemas, bowling alleys, shops, all that sort of stuff) but they're always the places that refuse to pay more than minimum wage and have such a high staff churn due to the good people leaving, but they wonder why they constantly get complaints about their customer service...
... I like the thought, unfortunately it doesn't happen like that in real life. Working in a big engineering company I find myself generally sourrounded by managers who care only about their own advantages and careers. The team players, who are passionate about their work and helping the people they work with to excell in their projects do not move into management careers. Call me a pessimist and I'll tell you that I'm an optimist with experience. Cheers
I would choose positive intelligent happy people with good attitude towards others. They need to be forcused, honest and friendly towards others and not be opionionated. The staff that help improve my business, would be given good bonus. Listening to feedback from your staff improves growth. I smile all the time and the world smiles with me.
Dear Richard, hi from sunny cyprus.
wish things were as you described in cyprus organisations.
they want to become giants they need to thing just like virgin group
We need more people like you to put our point across without being defencive.
i don't. doin' it myself
--------------------------- ---- - 3:41 5-29-12 - ----

"We need more people
like you to put our point
across without being defensive."?

T.J. -

This is David Buckle. In the past
10-20 minutes some things occur
to me: Forgive me if my memory
is lacking, but Dave doesn't ever
recall meeting you, 'm in America;
now who or what have you heard
about having any sort of money?

From what you said there's some
very wrong info about David, who
told you i have any kind of money?


it says let your "friends" know about the page that I'm working with right now, "friends" are not hangers-on, whiners, liars, or people spilling disinformation to the www. I try to keep that sort away from me. Some have already lost my respect/friendship many moons ago. And to call them NOT "friends" really isn't just, it's not like they're DOING anything to cause said title as being false; no, FRIENDS may come along for the ride, that would have been welcomed; but lurkers that a wait for you or me to strike some vein of success were never too keen in my book. "FRIENDS" is a word that has been thrown into the face-book universe to denote some sort of i.d., there are not too many "FRIENDS" on my FB that actually are. That would be a truly genius ap to invent: "REAL FRIENDS AP" - not just somebody who wants to fib about knowing another.

This world-wide-web ASSumes that "friends" are what
they are not; like who are you? You're not a real friend
of mine saying: "so happy for you David Buckle" as if.

Is it very nice for you to contact a person you have not ever known, and spill that "So you made your millions"
comment, if there's any stuff like that even remotely in my possession you'd be a real pal to show me, that is what a "friend" would do. We are not even on the same continent!

friend noun \ˈfrend\
a : one attached to another by affection or esteem
b : acquaintance
a : one that is not hostile

David is not hostile, that's not saying WE are friends.

Bless your heart.
So you made your millions, so happy for you David Buckle. Perhaps you can help spread the word to improve life around the world.
Theresa Jenner
I take my hat off to you Garry Dowling. You hit it right on the nail.
This is England today !!! work less, talk daft on the phone on the company's expense and get paid more. There is no recognition these days for the generation that work hard to feed their families. Well said.
Have their been any thoughts lately on season 2? The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest for the Best
Find people who are show commitment and CONSISTENCY! Great forces to have on any team!. 
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