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Loving our +Virgin Media staff on #VMCharityDay, 1000s of costumes, 100s cakes, £££££ raised & impressive team outfits!
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This may not have been the rock of the men
+Anna Reynolds
 The idea does not become Tridn Why Men Do you respond to exercise its role
Were they singing "Like a Virgin"?
That the man of the most beautiful women in this picture?
Nothing can beat a great sense of humor:) ~ They made me smile:)
GUD BUDDY.................
hey im a steward is there any vacancy?
Just another ordinary day at Virgin Media.
Hahha, 2 guys in the front are hilarious.
Make it your daily uniform, enhance the brand. 
Anyone notice one of the girls is wearing a "Fly Emirates" shirt. Hope she still has the job. 
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